The Most Affordable 3D Printers Now Available At Chinavasion For Less Than 170 US Dollar

Author Chinavasion Marketing 25.1.2017. | 09:48

3D printing is an art that has left people in awe for several years now. Being able to create anything the mind can imagine truly is a skill that grabs the interests of many. The lack of cheap 3D printers, however, makes the world of 3D printing very difficult to enter for regular every-day artists, hobbyists, and tech-enthusiasts.

While materials to make items are getting cheaper by the day, 3D printers themselves do not drop in price. People who are looking for a home 3D printer can expect to pay anywhere from a 1000 US Dollars up to 5000 US Dollars.

With the aim to open up the doors to the world of 3D printing for regular people, Chinavasion has of late added several affordable 3D printer kits to its already large assortment of cool electronic gadgets. These budget 3D printers come in the form of a simple DIY kit, allowing regular people to built and enjoy all the fun provided by these printers for themselves. And hey, if you are interested in owning an amazing 3D printer for yourself then don’t let the ‘’Do It Yourself’’ part of these 3D printers withhold you from buying one. Each kit comes with a clear manual and can be assembled without the needs of any prior technological know-how.

Take the ANET A8 3D Printer Prusa i3 DIY Kit for example. This highly affordable 3D printer provides you with all the features and possibilities a professional 3D printer would yet, it is available for a fraction of the price. Holding a price tag of merely 139 US Dollar, this 3D printer certainly is one of the most affordable models available to the market.

Featuring a 220x220x230mm printing volume, this remarkable 3D printer is capable of producing decent sized objects in up to no time. No matter what you have in mind, this budget3D printer will be able to turn your thoughts and imaginations into a tangible object. With an extreme printing precision of 0.04mm, you can be assured that the Prusa i3 DIY kit delivers a great result.



For the less artistic people among us that do not wish to design their own objects but still would like to enjoy the fun of 3D printing cool objects and gadgets, this cheap 3D printer supports both STL and G-code data formats through which it allows you to use one of the thousands of freely available 3D printing designs and models that have been previously created by 3D printing enthusiasts. Allowing you to work with PLA, ABS, Nylon, Flexible PLA, PVA, and Wood-Polymer, this DIY 3D printing kit is guaranteed to support the right printing material to create whatever object you currently have in mind.



For those of you that are willing to spend a little bit more on their personal 3D printer, Chinavasion has the ANET A2 DIY 3D Printer Kit and the ANET A6 DIY 3D Printer Kit.


Both these affordable high-end 3D printers come packed with an abundance of features that provide you with a top-notch printing experience. Being able to produce relatively larger objects in a shorter period of time and at higher precession than the ANET A8, the ANET A2 and ANET A6 certainly can be seen as the flagship devices under the budget 3D printers.

Being compatible with all the latest Windows systems, Linux, and Mac – these 3 DIY 3D printer kits support all the major operating systems, making them a great tool for anybody out there. Along with its intelligent modeling software, these printers can be used efficiently by both professional 3D printing artists and beginning hobbyists alike.



Perfect for designers, hobbyists, artists, and classrooms – these DIY 3D printing kits offer a great and affordable way to enter the world of 3D printing. Instead of buying an expensive pre-assembled 3D printer, these DIY kits provide the added enjoyment and achievement of assembling a state of the art electronic device yourself. Whether it is used for entertainment, business, or education, a DIY 3D printer kit offers the perfect way for creative minds to get involved in the unlimited world of 3D printing.

Author Chinavasion Marketing 25.1.2017. | 09:48
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