3 Best Dual-OS [Android + Windows] Tablets Available in 2017 At Chinavasion

Author Chinavasion Marketing 17.1.2017. | 17:55

For many people among is, choosing a new tablet PC can be a difficult decision. One of the most important questions asked by the vast majority of people that are searching for a new tablet computer is; ‘’what operating system should I choose?’’ Luckily, for everybody that really can not make up their mind, the tablet market currently offers a wide range of Dual-OS tablets. These Dual-OS tablets feature both Android and Windows in one device, allowing you to take the absolute most out of the features offered by both systems. Perfect for combining the unlimited entertainment features of Android and the office features of Microsoft, Dual-OS tablets are great for those who wish to have all their office and media features stacked in one device.

Previously we introduced our readers to the most popular 10-Inch tablets available at Chinavasion. The following blog post will focus on the best Dual-OS tablets – introducing you to the top 3 of best available Android + Windows tablets at Chinavasion.


No 3. CHUWI HI10 Plus Tablet PC(off sale)

One off the best cheap 10 inch tablets you shouldn't miss

Being the latest offering by Chuwi, the Chuwi HI10 features an absolutely stunning 10.8-Inch Full-HD display that has been packed into a remarkably sleek and stylish metal framed housing – giving it a truly amazing and high-end look. On its large FHD display, this Dual-OS tablet lets you enjoy the latest Android applications, Windows tools, games, and media in absolutely stunning detail and vivid color. No matter whether you use this little beauty for work or entertainment, it is guaranteed to deliver a first-class user experience.


With its powerful Quad-Core CPU that reaches speeds up to 1.92GHz, the Chuwi HI10 Plus is capable of handling the latest and most demanding of media without dropping a frame. Added to its processor comes 4GB of RAM that opens up the doors for excessive multitasking sessions. No matter what you throw at this Dual-OS tablet, nothing will slow it down. Along with its huge 8400mAh battery, this high-end tablet provides you with a mind blowing 6 hours of continuous usage time – letting you play the latest games, watch movies, browse the web, or type up documents for study and work for hours in a row without needing to worry about battery life.


Thanks to its magnetic connection at the bottom of this tablet PC, you will be able to connect the device easily to the Chuwi keyboard – allowing you to turn this tablet computer into a full-blown 10.8-Inch portable laptop. It furthermore comes with a Type-C USB, micro HDMI port, SD card slot and micro USB port, as well as OTG and Bluetooth 4.0 support so it is easy to connect this tablet to all your peripherals be they wired or wireless.



No 2. Onda OBook 20 Plus Tablet Computer(off sale)

The best budget standard 10 inches screen tablet

The second Dual-OS tablet PC found on our list of best Android + Windows tablet computers is the Onda OBook 20 Plus. With Windows 10 and Android 5.1 installed, this remarkable tablet PC is guaranteed to deliver a smooth and powerful user experience to anybody out there. Coming with a stunning 10.1-Inch IPS Full-HD display, the Onda OBook 20 Plus provides you with a truly cinematic experience wherever you’re at. The option to attach this tablet PC to a separate keyboard gives you the possibility to turn the Onda OBook into a sophisticated laptop – truly making it a multifunctional device that is perfect for entertainment and business purposes alike. 

Packing the Intel Atom X5 Z8300 processor, this Dual-OS tablet computer is capable of handling the latest games, Full-HD movies, and the most demanding of mobile applications without dropping a frame. Built for speed and efficient usage, this Quad-Core CPU that reaches speeds up to 1.84GHz is sure to handle whatever you throw at it. Just like the Chuwi HI10 Plus, The Onda OBook 20 Plus furthermore packs a stunning 4GB of RAM – allowing you to use multiple of its features at the same time without slowing down your device.  With 64GB of internal memory support and the added possibility to slide in 128GB of storage via its TF card slot, this tablet PC is guaranteed to pack enough space to store all your media and files alike.With its high-quality 2MP camera, the Onda OBook 20 Plus lets you engage in video calls with all your family and loved ones no matter where life will take you next. With this beautiful tablet computer at your side, you never have to miss your friends and family again as they are only a Skype call away. Packing an epic 6000mAh battery, this tablet PC holds enough juice to get you through the most demanding of days.



No 1. Teclast X98 Plus 2 Dual-OS Tablet(off sale)

A Fast Tablet Which Screen Closed To 10 Inch

The number one Dual-OS tablet from China that is currently available at Chinavasion certainly is the Teclast X98 Plus 2. Holding a price tag less than 170 US Dollars, the Teclast X98 Plus 2 certainly is one of those extraordinary and rare high-end tablet PCs that, despite its affordable price, outperforms the vast majority of tablet computers on the market. With its powerful hardware that includes the Intel Atom X5-Z8300 Quad-Core CPU which is capable of reaching bursts speeds up to 1.84GHz, as well as 4GB or RAM – this amazing Dual-OS tablet PC is capable of handling whatever is thrown at it without dropping a frame. The latest games, demanding applications, FHD movies, or hours worth of office work – there is nothing this Teclast tablet can’t handle.

 What truly sets this stunning Dual-OS tablet apart from its competition is the absolutely mind blowing 9.7-Inch display that portraits all your favorite media and files in mind blowing 2048x1536p resolution. Featuring the latest IPS technology, this 2K display delivers amazing detail and vivid color – allowing you to take the absolute most out of your mobile media experience.  Its epic 8000mAh battery furthermore packs an unbelievable amount of power, letting you write documents, play games, browse the web, or watch movies for up to 7 hours in a row. Even the most excessive tablet users out there will be able to get through a full day of tablet usage without needing to worry about running out of juice.

 Supporting 64GB of storage, this Dual-OS tablet computer holds enough space for you to save all your media and files. Additionally, the Teclast X98 Plus 2 allows you to insert up to 128GB of external memory – assuring that you’ll never run out of storage. From now on you’ll never have to be bored again as, with this beautiful tablet at your side; you’ll always be able to carry along years’ worth of mobile entertainment. Additionally, its ultra-fast Wi-Fi connectivity lets you browse the web, download files, and stream online movies at lightning speeds – providing you with unlimited ways to stay entertained and connected throughout the day.

Author Chinavasion Marketing 17.1.2017. | 17:55
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    I ordered the Teclast X98 this week and am excited to receive it! I ordered it UPS and it was scheduled to arrive today. But my order has been stuck in Japan for 2 days marked “exception.” I have emailed support but haven’t received a response yet. Please help
    Thank you

  2. James Mash February 6, 10:04

    Hi John, you should have been contacted by our CS team already, i will contact them now and ensure they follow up with you.

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