Car DVD Players, Chinavasion’s QC ‘Sets The Bar’

Author xlxmarketing 22.1.2008. | 14:09

If somebody told you they worked for a Chinese manufacturer you would probably think their firm was a massive company that produced items for one or two customers and did not sell anything directly to consumers.


However, the reality is something quite different. The majority of manufacturing is done by small to medium companies which may have multiple contracts with multiple countries as well as their own branded products. Car DVD players are a prime example with ‘made in China’ car DVD players, manufactured by little-known Chinese auto electronic companies outselling all other competitors in the US market last year.

This doesn’t mean that China doesn’t have its’ big name producers. One such company is the Taiwanese monolith Foxconn which has massive factories all over China with the Shenzhen factory alone employing an estimated 200,000 people. But the majority of goods are still made by small to medium manufacturers who are slowly growing their own brands while making items for other companies.


This is best represented by the number of firms needed to make a product… in the US only six companies are needed but in China more than twice that number could be involved in the product’s manufacture in some way.

The number of factories mean there is good competition for western designers and consumer goods manufacturers interested in getting goods made quickly for the most cost-effective price but it can cause problems when it comes to distribution and quality control. The logistics of getting electronics goods around is not as major for electronics as it is for other goods, however with the majority of electronic manufacturers working within the Pearl River Delta, an area in southern Guangdong.

Many foreigners who originally came to China to teach have taken advantage of Western customers’ high demand for goods and Chinese manufacturers high demand for customers by acting as middlemen to help people get around these two problems. They visit factories, check the goods, arrange shipment, and generally take the blame if a customer finds fault with goods or if a manufacturer does not get their payment.


However, this only works for large brands looking for products to be re branded with their own label and large department stores like Wal-mart and Kmart. Till very recently there were few companies which could act as a go between for small to medium-sized Chinese manufacturers interested in developing their brand globally and small to medium-sized Western retailers who could not order enough goods to justify hiring a shipping container.

DVB Car DVD Players like this one are just some of the high-spec car DVD players coming from China suppliers these days.

This is a space that Chinavasion has filled. Guaranteeing medium to small retailers and eBay powersellers all over the world access to the newest products in China while ensuring customers and their customers’ customers will never have to trade off quality for price. It is this drive, and Chinavasion’s location in Shenzhen, the heart of the Pearl River Delta, which has made it possible for it to allow customers to take advantage of the trend towards Chinese car DVD players.


“The appearance and external construction of the car DVD player is tested”

And just because said retailer or eBay powerseller isn’t buying large volumes of car DVD players it doesn’t mean goods can’t be of high quality. The company’s QC department checks every item of every order, literally hundreds of boxes of goods a day, before goods are sent out to customers.


The first thing staff do is take the car DVD player out of the box and ensure that all the necessary components are there and are in the right place. The appearance and external construction of the item is checked before it is plugged in and played to make sure all the components are in good working order. Chinavasion staff don’t put it back into its box and ship it until they are completely happy that it is absolutely ready.


“The car DVD is plugged in and played to make sure all the components are in good working order.”

Purchasing department staff are equally careful when choosing a new item to be listed online on the Chinavasion catalogue. Car DVD players must have a feature which makes them stand out, or be well-constructed for a good price, to even be considered. They are then thoroughly tested in the office, and in some cases in the field, to make sure they will stand up to the rigors of everyday life. It is only then that they are listed online.

It is only 30 or 40 years ago that brands like Sony, Yamaha, Samsung and LG first started launching little-known products, which were only purchased because they were cheap and today they are the brands that people seek out as being desirable items to have.


Chinese electronics makers are going through the same process with manufacturers like Skypine and Skyworth starting to make a splash on the national and international scene, especially with products like car DVD players. A company like Chinavasion will guarantee retailers, eBay powersellers and their customers get discount car DVD players that are of premium quality.

Author xlxmarketing 22.1.2008. | 14:09
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