Baby Heartbeat Monitor Brings Peace Of Mind

Author xlxmarketing 17.1.2008. | 10:47

New Health Gadget From China


Baby Fetal Heart Rate Monitor and Reader Doppler [CVLT-H22]

Pregnancy can be one of the most amazing times in a person’s life. It is when a new life is being created, when a woman’s metabolism and appearance changes dramatically and they gain what is known as ‘the glow’. But it can also be one of the most worrying times of a couples’ lives, as there is a chance of losing that child before it even enters the world. While there used to be no way of checking the health of the fetus outside of the doctor’s office, happily that has now changed.

About 2.5 million children are born every week around the world, however one fertility clinic estimated that 15% of all pregnancies were likely to end in miscarriage at varying points of gestation. With figures like this it is not surprising that the health of the baby is often a couple’s biggest concern.

The Baby Fetal Heart Rate Monitor and Reader Doppler system should provide some peace of mind for expectant parents everywhere. Simply connect the device to a set of headphones (provided) or a stereo system and hear the baby’s heartbeat at any time of the day or night. While it is no replacement for regular doctor visits, it will guarantee the couple extra piece of mind which was previously unavailable.



China Manufacturer Specification

  • Operating mode: Continuous Wave Doppler
  • Frequency: 2.0MHz +/-10%
  • Control settings: None
  • Acoustic intensity: 10mW/cm2 SPTA
  • Peak Negative Pressure: 1 Mpa
  • Output beam intensity 20 mW/cm2
  • Certification:
    • IEC 60601-1:1988
    • A1:1991
    • A2:1995
  • Anti Shock, perfectly safe for everyday use
  • 3.5mm Earphone
    • Jack 2x5mW(32Ohm) Output
  • You can use sound recorder in the Windows OS to record your baby’s heart beat. Click start, select programs, go to accessory, then select entertainment, and you will see the Sound Recorder application.
  • Volume Control
  • Power Source: x2 1.5V Batteries
Author xlxmarketing 17.1.2008. | 10:47
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  1. bjingles June 14, 15:26

    Really nice post on Baby Heartbeat Monitor. I think Pregnancy Heart Monitor is a real gift for a pregnant woman. Must shop to listen your unborn baby’s heart beat.

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