Kick Smoking In The Butt The Electronic Way

Author xlxmarketing 16.1.2008. | 10:47

New Health Gadget From China

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E-Cigarette – Anti Cigarette Nicotine Replacement Therapy
E-Cigarette Refill Pack – 20 Extra Carcinogenic Free Cartridges

Smokers’ lives are becoming increasing difficult with high tobacco prices, smoking bans and health issues. Unfortunately, quitting hasn’t been getting any easier, or has it?

Before it seemed smokers just had to deal with the health hazards related to smoking: emphysema, lung cancer and throat cancer to name a few. But now smokers are finding themselves barred from an increasing number of places as well. Tax on cigarettes has always been high but now an increasing number of countries have forbidden smokers from lighting up at their places of work, in bars and even in some cases in every public space. The Australian city, Adelaide is even considering banning the smoking of cigarettes in the entire state.

The majority of smokers are a dedicated bunch and have taken a line best stated by Dennis Miller on ‘No Cure for cancer’: “I smoke 10,000 packs a day and I am never giving up.” But an increasing number are giving up the fight.

The battle to kick the habit for those who have chose to do so has got no easier, and many people say they have tried to quit but found themselves going back to cigarettes in social situations or moments of stress and some psychologists attribute these failures to an oral fixation while others say it is the combined effects of breaking hard-wired habits and a dependence on chemicals, like nicotine, specially designed to get people hooked and keep them that way.

Gum and patches offer a remedy to wean people off the addiction to the substance but do nothing for the habit itself, it gives them the nicotine they needed but are no comparison for the process of taking a cigarette out of the pack and lighting it when at a club with friends or going through a traumatic period. However help is at hand for those attempting to quit in the form of the E-cigarette.

The E-cigarette looks, and in many cases, acts just like a normal cigarette without delivering the harmful toxins and other carcogins in the cigarette. To ensure smokers don’t become addicted to the E-cigarette a measurement device is included in the dispenser which monitors the number of time the cigarette is ‘smoked’ and gradually limits the amount of nicotine dispensed. The cigarette tip will flicker if the device is used more than 16 times in a minute, indicating to the smoker that they should stop using the device. With each cartridge delivering the same nicotine as a 30 pack of cigarettes this economical product is sure to become a popular item for those looking to kick the habit.


E Cigarette – China Manufacturer Specification

# E-Cigarette Components:
Stainless Steel Shell
Micro-computer control Circuit
Atomization Chamber/ Cartridge
# Atomized Cartridge: High Purity liquid Nicotine (based on WHO recommended nicotine replacement therapy)
# Cartridge Duration: 400 Smoke Mouthfuls (Aprox 30 cigarettes)
# LED Light Tip to simulate cigarette glowing tip
Tip will blink repeatedly if smoke inhaled 16 times or more in a minute
# Power Source: Rechargeable built in Lithium Battery
# Dimension: Components Together- 153x10x10mm (LxWxD)
# Manufacturer Ref.: 84FAUAA2Y74X

E Cigarette refill – China Manufacturer Specification

# Refill Pack for E-Cigarette
# 4 Packs With 5 Cartridges Inside (20 in all): Each Pack Includes-
x2 High- 1/6 nicotine content of normal cigarette
x1 Medium- 1/10 nicotine content of normal cigarette
x1 Low- 1/12 nicotine content of normal cigarette
None- No nicotine, but real tobacco flavor
# Manufacturer Ref.: 80Q8C4IPGXRF

Author xlxmarketing 16.1.2008. | 10:47
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