Escape The Tyranny Of Wires

Author xlxmarketing 15.1.2008. | 11:57

If you asked people what the most annoying thing about their electric devices were, what do you think their answer would be? Most questioned wouldn’t say the battery; they are unlikely to name the screen or the keys. The most common thing people will list is the wire or chord.

Wires, for many people, seem to be clutter and nuisance exemplified. They wear out and become unreliable; they trip us up and can even be a danger to us through electrocution. It’s not surprising then that there is a general move away from them. While WiFi and Bluetooth products were not the darlings of 2007 – that title was easily held by MP3 players and MP4 players – they were still incredibly strong sellers with people snapping up Bluetooth headphones, car kits and MP3 players.

Most people’s introductions to the world of wireless technology, after the remote control, were mobile phones and cordless home phones. One reason for this was perhaps was the freedom it gave people to communicate anywhere they wanted to. Hands free calling kits have become equally popular over the years, with Bluetooth earpieces being especially desired. Items like the earpiece headset clip-on for glasses are likely to be in the next wave of popular items as it not only enables the bespectacled among us to use a hands free calling kit but grabs the attention of people who were wanted the convenience of a Bluetooth earpiece but didn’t want to look like an extra from ‘Star Trek’.

Car Sun Visor Bluetooth Hands free With Swivel Arm [CVASQ-HF100]

Car phone kits are also proving to be popular with consumers, perhaps because of safety, or legal reasons. It is common knowledge that talking on a handheld cell phone while driving is treacherous, so much so that a recently-completed Harvard University research project surmised that one in 20 crashes were caused by a cell phone. For this reason many countries have been banning the use of hand-held cell phones while driving, making hands free carphone kits increasingly popular. Bluetooth gadgets have been especially popular as there are no wires to hide on instillation and they can easily be removed and shifted into a different vehicle. This is especially true for the popular seller above, which fits on a car sun visor.

Bluetooth Keyboard + Dongle Set-Windows + PS3 Keyboard [CVEZY-BTK02-WHITE]
Bluetooth Portable Stereo Speaker – 2 X 1.5W Output

However, Bluetooth and wireless gadgets haven’t only been limited to communication devices with makers of equipment for computers and home entertainment systems getting in on the action as well. Keyboards and mouses were the first things to be made wireless. Some, like the one pictured above, taking it to the next level by being compatible with the PS3, increasing the functionality of the popular entertainment consol. However, consumers and manufacturers have seen the possibilities of wireless speakers and units which can pick up signals from a device across the room without the use of wires are coming on the market in increasing numbers and are increasingly being demanded by customers.

Bluetooth Adapter for Steering Wheel [CVSB-CS01]

For that reason devices like the one above could potentially be a good investment as they allow consumers to choose which audio devices they want to remove wires from.

Author xlxmarketing 15.1.2008. | 11:57
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