Higher Education Gets High-Tech

Author xlxmarketing 14.1.2008. | 11:11

Tertiary and secondary students have always been a strong consumer of new consumer items and gadgets so it must come as good news that the number of students is on the increase worldwide.

Tertiary education has opened up to a growing amount of people with the number of students going to universities increasing across the board. The association of Universities and Colleges of Canada (AUCC) recently estimated that enrollments would increase by 70,000 -150,000 over next 10 years in Canada alone while the number of people going straight from secondary school to university in China increasing by 10% on an annual basis. Many of those going to university are now more technologically capable, often having access to a computer, mobile phone, MP3/MP4 player along with several other gadgets.

This is in stark comparison to my days as a student, where the only computer I had access to was in the computer lab and I didn’t even have a cell phone till the final year at university.

Palm sized MP3 player & voice recorder [CVAHM-M032-2]

Recording devices, used by many students at lectures as a note-taking device, have gone through a monumental change with the advent of flash memory. Cassettes and mini cassettes are no longer needed, enabling manufacturers to make smaller recorders with more functions. Some are even so small they can fit into the palm of a person’s hand, like the model above which also plays MP3s and WMA files and has a 2GB memory.

Feature Packed MP4 player [CVEFC-W338-2]

Recording professor’s voice is often not enough for students these days: they need a visual record of a slideshow presentation, the professor’s notes, or a lecturer’s demonstration of a process.

This device likely to find a good market as it has playback capabilities, with a phenomenally high definition 3-inch screen; image and video capabilities, with a built-in CMOS camera; and a time and calendar display. It could almost be safe to say that this device could do everything except type the customers’ assignments for them.

Laser pointer PC remote control with 512MB memory [TXX-V-808-5]

Tertiary presentations are no longer limited to the whiteboard, overhead projector or pieces of paper. Many students have laptops and are now using them to produce professional presentations on the computer.

As a result there is an increasing demand for the products like this Laser pointer, with PC remote control capabilities.

EL Flashing Butterfly T-Shirt [CVEFD-EL507] El Sound activated T-shirt [CVEFD-EL906]

If universities are anything like they were when I was there, student life is often more about learning the facts of life than learning information out of a book. Anything fun that makes a person stand out is sure to be popular with students. These t-shirts ensure that the wearer will always be the life of the university socials.

Students are the leaders of future and as a result are often the fastest to see benefits of gadgets and are usually the fastest to purchase them.

Author xlxmarketing 14.1.2008. | 11:11
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