Top 5 Best Selling Chinese Android Phones Of 2016 At Chinavasion

Author Chinavasion Marketing 5.1.2017. | 13:32

Throughout 2016 Chinavasion had the privilege to add some of China’s most amazing and latest Android phones to its collection. Many extraordinary phones have been launched by Chinese smartphone manufacturers throughout the year including rugged phones, budget phones, and straight flagship killers such as the OnePlus 3T Gunmetal and UMi Plus E that outperform all competitor devices created by large players in the global cell phone industry.

Previously, Chinavasion already introduced the world to the best Android smartphones from China under $400. This time we will have a look at what were the most popular Android phones of last year among our own customers. Below you will be able to find the top 5 Chinese smartphones sold by Chinavasion that were the most popular in 2016.


Check out below the top 5 most popular Chinese smartphones of 2016!


No. 5 Xiaomi Mi Mix Android Smartphone

At number 5 of Chinavasion’s best sold Android smartphones throughout 2016 you can find a device that truly shook the global smartphone industry, the Xiaomi Mi Mix Android Smartphone. Famous for being the first large screen bezel-less 6.4-Inch smartphone, the Xiaomi Mi Mix is an extremely gorgeous device that is guaranteed to turn some heads. Watch movies, play games, and enjoy the latest applications like never before – this Chinese Android phone provides you with stunning visuals like no other.



With the Xiaomi Mi Mix, it is not only about its display. When looking at its performance, this stunning smartphone really shines thanks to its top of the line hardware that features a Snapdragon 821 CPU, 6GB of RAM and not to forget the Adreno 530GPU. Packing all this state of the art hardware, this Chinese smartphone allows you to enjoy the most demanding of media, games, and applications without dropping a frame. Thanks to its 256GB of memory, you should never be short of storage space. So simply head out to the Play Store and download your favorite media and games alike. With this Android phone at your side, you’ll be able to carry along year’s worth of media in your pocket.



Another feature that really sets apart this magnificent flagship device from its competition is its stunning 16MP camera that allows you to shoot beautiful pictures and capture 4K video. From now on not a single special moment in life will pass by uncaptured as, with the Xiaomi Mi Mix, you will always be carrying along a professional grade camera that allows you to take your mobile photography skills to entirely new heights.


No. 4 Blackview BV6000 Rugged Android Phone

Meet the Blackview BV6000, an Android 6.0 smartphone that ranks fourth on the list of Chinavasion’s most popular Chinese smartphones in 2016. This fully rugged smartphone features an IP68 design, making it resistant to water, dust, drops, and a whole lot more. Built to withstand the toughest of environments, this nearly unbreakable smartphone is perfect for outdoor enthusiasts and for people that are working a heavy and labor intensive job.



The Blackview BV6000 is not only tough from the outside as it features some of the latest hardware and software available. Packing a powerful Octa-Core CPU that has been clocked at 2.0GHz; this power horse allows you to enjoy the most demanding of media, games, and applications. Along with its 3GB of RAM, you will be able to enjoy multiple features simultaneously as nothing will slow this rugged phone down. Simply head out to the play store and download the latest media and applications. With its epic hardware and beautiful HD display, this Chinese smartphone will provide you with an absolutely stunning mobile media experience no matter where you’re at.



The Blackview BV6000 is the perfect smartphone for all people out there that like to enjoy the outdoors while, simultaneously, enjoying the latest Android features and staying connected to friends and family back home.


No. 3 YotaPhone 2 Dual-Display Android Phone

The third place in our list of best sold Chinese Android phones goes to a beautiful smartphone that has truly left a great impression on everybody at Chinavasion; the Yotaphone 2 dual-display Android phone.



What sets this remarkable smartphone apart from its competition is the fact that it features two, yes you read it correctly, TWO fully functional displays. From the front, the Yotaphone 2 looks like any other regular 5-Inch Smartphone, but flip it over and you will be greeted by a second all-touch display in the form of an e-ink screen as the ones found on e-readers. This secondary EPD that can be found on the back of the phone is powered on constantly but consumes significantly less energy than a regular FHD display. Being fully customizable you can create your own dashboard on this always-on-screen to ensure that you will always be up to date about the news, time, and your latest notifications without the need to unlock your phone’s front FHD display.



Besides its extraordinary design, this dual-screen smartphone also packs some stunning hardware that allows you to enjoy all your favorite media to the absolute most. Packing a Quad-Core CPU that has been clocked at 2.26GHz and 2GB of RAM, this Chinese smartphone is capable of dealing with the most demanding of tasks without dropping a frame. Whether you like to watch a Full-HD movie, play the latest online games, enjoy the most demanding mobile applications, or simply like to read a book on its E-ink display – the Yotaphone 2 will not let you down.


No. 2 UMi Super Chinese Flagship Smartphone

At number two of our best sold Chinese smartphones, you can find the UMi Super – an exceptionally sleek and beautifully designed Android phone that packs a stunning5.5-Inch display which portraits all media in breathtaking 1080p resolution. Along with its Android 6.0 operating system, this Chinese smartphone is guaranteed to deliver a smooth and powerful user experience that is sure to meet the demands of all smartphone users out there.

In order to assure that you will undergo nothing but the best experience, the UMIi Super packs an epic Octa-Core CPU. This processor that has been clocked at 2.0GHz is capable of handling the latest games, movies, applications, and more without dropping a frame. Added to its powerful processor comes a stunning 4GB of RAM that opens up the doors to excessive multitasking sessions without you needing to worry about slowing down your device. No matter what you throw at this flagship phone, it will take it like a pro.



With its Dual-IMEI numbers and 4G connectivity, the UMi Super takes your connectivity to the next level. No matter where you’ll be located, with this Android phone at hand, you’ll always be reachable on two phone numbers simultaneously – making it a perfect device on which to separate your work and private life. Along with its 4000mAh battery, this flagship Android phone allows you to use all its amazing features for up to 20 hours continuously – providing you with enough juice to get through multiple days without needing to recharge your device. No matter what kind of smartphone user you are, the UMi Super is guaranteed to meet your demands.


No. 1 Blackview BV5000 Fully Rugged Android Smartphone

Topping our list of the best sold Chinese smartphones in 2016 is the Blackview BV5000 Rugged Android Phone. This fully rugged IP67 smartphone features some amazing specs and comes with an extremely affordable price tag, -making it a popular device among any type of smartphone user.



With its beautiful 5-Inch HD display, the Blackview BV5000 provides you with a great platform on which to enjoy all your favorite media. Moreover, with 16GB of internal memory and up to 32GB of additional external memory through micro SD card, this phone provides you with lots of space to stock up all the media and apps you want. Simply head out to the Play Store where you will be able to download the latest Applications, games, and movies alike. With this Chinese rugged phone in your pocket, you’ll never have to be bored again.



Featuring a fully rugged IP65 design, this durable Android phone is fully protected against water, dust, drops, and more – allowing you to use it in the roughest of environments without needing to worry about breaking your device. Perfect for all outdoor lovers that like to enjoy nature while at the same time staying connected to their loved ones back home – this affordable Chinese smartphone truly is a device to keep in mind while searching for a durable Android phone. Thanks to its rugged design, high-end hardware, and affordable price tag – the Blackview BV5000 has proven itself to be the best sold Chinese smartphone at Chinavasion in the year 2016.

Author Chinavasion Marketing 5.1.2017. | 13:32
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