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Sometimes there can be something patently hellish about the morning and night-time commute. Crowded buses, grumpy children, sweaty people, a lack of security and delays can make the trip to and from work the most unpleasant parts of the day.

People in the middle and upper income brackets are becoming increasingly reluctant to relocate for work meaning US citizens usually spend an average of 100 hours commuting a year and people in the UK spend a staggering 132 hours a year traveling between their home and their job. It is not surprising then that personal media players and similar gadgets have been an increasingly popular item in shops and on eBay.

Music is a major distraction for people, so it comes as no surprise that MP3 players are a constantly strong seller for Chinavasion. The ability to program music that the listener likes, in many cases set the parameters that the person interacts with the world in, as well as store the information needed at work and in the home have made the MP3 player as essential as a person’s keys, wallet and cell phone. The shape of MP3’s have been constantly changing with watches and even sunglasses becoming MP3 capable.

For those interested in listening to music and having conversations on cell phones without holding anything, the Bluetooth MP3 sunglasses with cell phone capability is a good option. They don’t only have the very marketable aspects of providing handsfree calling and enlisting an MP3 player, but they also do so in a stylish lightweight frame which is sure to stand out from the ‘Star Trek’ clone headsets that have permeated the market.

Bluetooth MP3 Player Sunglasses – 2GB Flash Memory [CVDLZ-10MY-2-BLACK]

However sometimes wearing sunglasses at night or in an enclosed space can be slightly conspicuous, so perhaps an MP3 watch is more of an acceptable option? Not all MP3 and MP4 watches come with a digital face, with this stylish analog watch hiding a 2GB MP3 player with Bluetooth headphones.


Original Watch MP4 Player 2GB Black – 1.5-inch Screen

Often now it seems that listening to music is not enough, MP4 players have become increasingly popular for many people as a way to watch movies and TV shows while they are traveling to and from work in a device that is as small and convenient as an MP3.

You would be hard pressed to find a more stylish entry-level touchscreen MP4 than this 4GB model, especially as its 2.8″ screen offers such excellent clarity and allows users to alter almost every part of the display.


Touch Screen MP4 Player 4GB – 2.8 Inch TFT Display

These video glasses work by using the left and right eye display to produce a 40 inch virtual cinema screen that will make you feel as if you are actually sitting in a real movie theater, even if you’re on the bus or train!

The video glasses connect to a powerful handheld media player that is capable of handling a wide variety of media. Everything from movies and photos to eBooks or even your favorite videos games by Nintendo and Sega can easily be played by the handheld media player. The player also features 2GB of internal memory for storing all your favorite media files as well as a SD card slot that can accept up to an 8GB SD card.


Video Glasses – Movies, Games and More on 40 Inch Virtual Screen

Nothing is worse than being half-way through a song or video which ends abruptly due to a power shortage. This coupled with a gradual shift towards green gadgets should make items like this solar powered cellphone charger a popular seller. Put the charger on your desk during the day with the gadget you want charged and your customer will never run out of power when they are on the move again.


Portable Solar Panel Cellphone Charger

Just because a person has chosen to live a long way from where they work doesn’t mean the commute between work and home needs to be a tedious and painful experience. It can be made all the sweeter by adding a few gadgets to daily life.


Author xlxmarketing 12.1.2008. | 09:54
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