7 Apps That Will Make Home Improvement Easy

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Your smartphone is probably the single most essential gadget you own. It goes with you everywhere so that you can stay connected, go online when necessary, use it as a GPS device and so much more. Considering the huge number of things the device can help you do, it should come as no surprise that you can use it in your home improvement projects as well. This is because there is a good variety of quality apps you can download and use to make home improvement easy. Here are a few of the best of those apps.

Home Design 3D

Home Design 3D is a free app that can be downloaded to your iOS or Android device. It is an absolutely essential tool if you are planning on doing any DIY home designing or redecorating projects. Create your projects and save them to the app, which allows you to create a floor plan and room layout. Use 2D mode to draft rooms, add walls, openings, change sizes of things within the room and more.

You can also use 3D mode for a small price to create rooms in 3D that can let you see what your final project might look like. Choose textures, colors and more.

Source: Homedesign3d.net


Insteon is an app that is available for iOS, Android and Amazon devices. It allows you to make your home a smart one and works along with the Insteon system. Control a whole variety of things in your home with just your smartphone, which can serve as a remote control. Turn lights on or off, adjust your lighting, set up alerts for anything suspicious going on at home when you’re not there and much more.

With the Insteon Hub, you can quickly and easily connect your home from your smartphone or tablet, regardless of your location. You will feel safe and secure in knowing that things within your home can be controlled right from your fingertips from anywhere.

Source: Insteon.com

iHandy Carpenter

iHandy Carpenter is $1.99 at the App Store for iOS and is a great app for home improvement enthusiasts. It includes a number of tools, including a surface level, plumb bob, steel ruler, steel protractor and bubble level bar, so that you can make accurate measurements when you are working on a project for your home.

Source: Ihandysoft.com

Home Maintenance by POJO

Home Maintenance is available for iOS and costs $4.99. It is a great app for keeping track of all of your home maintenance expenses. Track the expenses of any home repairs you have done, schedule reminders for your next home servicing, keep track of when you need other home projects done and more.

Home Maintenance is an app that serves as your one stop for all things related to home improvement and maintenance.

Source: itunes.apple.com


Available for iOS devices, TapPainter is a wonderful app that allows you to choose the right colors for rooms in your home. There are three different ways this can be done, namely with a color wheel, from a fan deck or via a code on your favorite paint brand.

To effectively use the app, you can simply snap a photo of a wall in your home you wish to paint and then tap on a color you are considering using. You will then be presented with a picture of how the wall would look when it is painted in that hue. It is an easy and fun way to select the right color paint for any and all of your home painting projects.

Source: Tappainter.com


One of the top apps for home improvement that you will certainly find worth having is HomeZada. It is available for free for both iOS and Android and allows you to do a number of things. Log information about any maintenance you make to your home, manage information about your home insurance, learn valuable ways to save money on upkeep of your home, or plan and manage all of your home improvement projects right from the app.

It will prove to be a lifesaver when you determine how much money to spend and actually save on costs. You can even do a home inventory of all of the features of your home by storing photos, receipts, documents and other information.

Learn how to reduce energy costs as well and save money on pricey repairs by scheduling various home maintenance appointments within the app. Perhaps the best thing of all is that you can manage multiple homes with the app.

Source: Homezada.com

Handyman Calculator

Handyman Calculator is available for free for Android and is definitely a handy tool for anyone doing a home DIY project. It is a complete construction calculator that includes a number of functions, including square foot calculation, time tracking, woodworking calculation, framing calculation, construction project calculations and much more.

The app is extremely popular with home contractors due to its full features and ease of use. It is also free, making it even more attractive.

Source: play.google.com

Each of these apps will make any of your home improvement projects easier. Where to get them? Google them, and choose your best option and platform. You can try each and determine which are must haves for your own projects. Of course, you don’t have to stop there – you can always search for more apps and find the ones that suit you best.


This guest post was written by Jeff E. Brown, a freelance writer and a self-taught handyman with a knack for lifehacking and DIY projects. Based out of his home office where his two dogs keep him company while he types, Jeff loves writing about home improvement topics and tech solutions. You can reach Jeff via Twitter: @jeff8rown.

Author Chinavasion Marketing 4.1.2017. | 12:30
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    Thank you for the article. I just loved the “Handyman Calculator”, because It is a complete construction calculator. It perfect for DIY and contractors.

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