6 Reasons to Implement Live Chat on Your E-commerce Site

Author Chinavasion Marketing 30.12.2016. | 10:20

If you are willing to put in some serious thought into your e-commerce business and work on growing your online business even further in the future, then this is the right place for you. Entrepreneurs must analyze their business at all times, see their strengths, flaws, work on fixing bad aspects and improve the areas they are already good at.

E-commerce businesses are a popular online business model and there is a strong competition out there. The stronger the competition, the better your business must be in terms of making it attractive to customers. When talking about online businesses, customer service is very important, especially when it comes to e-commerce stores.

However, customer service is really one of the greatest barriers in the online world. There is simply no real life interaction between people and the options are much slimmer for delivering your customers with a service they will remember.

One of the core tech solutions for delivering amazing customer service on your e-commerce store is live chat. And this, in turn, can allow you to achieve amazing business results.

1. Watch conversion rates grow

Having a live chat implemented in your e-commerce store will help improve conversions by a great deal. So how does live chat help here? One of the biggest problems e-commerce stores have is that customers leave their carts and simply stop in the middle of their shopping and leave your website.

So why does this happen? There are a lot of factors, but some of the biggest include confusion about how they check out or not having the information they need about the products. Getting the required information usually lasts too long or it’s simply impossible to find.

For modern consumers, this is a major red flag and they will immediately leave the store. Live chat removes these obstacles, as potential buyers can easily get the accurate answers they need almost immediately. This gives them the confidence to close the deal and order something.

2. Amazing user experience


The fact that customers can ask anything anytime and get either short answers or detailed suggestions and analysis promptly is something that greatly improves their shopping experience. An online live chat tool simulates shopping in the real world, when you are at the store and having a conversation with a salesperson.

This is an area where e-commerce stores usually fall behind, but with live chat a customer can get all the answers needed no matter if they are related to the product details, payment methods, shipping, discounts or pretty much anything that usually interests customers. There are a lot of live chat tools that have translators and even people that don’t know English can talk to your customer service and get concise answers.

There is no need for them to contact you via email or phone, as both might require a lot of time both for them to ask questions and for your customer support to answer. With live chat customer support, the interaction is very fast and the whole process is highly simplified.

3. Live chat improves customer loyalty

When you have great customer service people will cherish that and they will become loyal customers that will come back to buy products from your business again. When people talk about your customer support directly in real-time not only will they be able to understand each other better and share relevant content that can help them get to the final solution, but they will also feel a lot safer knowing that behind this whole website there are actually real people trying to help improve their experience. Because of this, people prefer e-commerce stores with online live chat and always remember them fondly.


4. Improves your branding

During the conversations your potential consumers and the people in your customer support department might talk about various topics. Usually, most of the topics will be concerning your business, services, policies etc. This gives you an amazing opportunity to showcase your business’s values, culture and policies through your employees.

Most live chat tools can change colors and you can adapt them to your brand so that people get reminded of your business. Some of them can even include your company logo. However, this is not the most important thing; it’s essential to teach your customer support team to be brand ambassadors and represent your brand to the fullest in order to create a better perception in people’s minds about your whole business.

5. Mobile users will love it

Modern consumers who buy products online like to do this via mobile phones. This is a target group of people that you simply cannot neglect if you want your business to grow. Even if your website is optimized for mobile users, they still might have had a tough time finding what they need. What I’m trying to say is that these consumers are more likely to have questions that need to be answered quickly.

Modern consumers don’t like to use their phones to call someone and talk to them, instead, they want to chat with someone and get quick answers. This is where they feel the most comfortable and you should always try to give them this option. It’s a reliable communication channel that offers instant communication.


6. Helps you learn more about your customers


For most business organizations, and especially online businesses such as e-commerce stores, there is a big problem of not being able to reach out to clients, as you don’t really know what they like or dislike. This information is essential for any business, because it allows it to adjust its offer and change so that customers can feel like they can trust that company to deliver excellent products and services.

Live chat is a medium where people usually feel like they can say anything about your service or your business. This is a direct channel through which you can organically harness valuable customer feedback that will point you in the right direction. Simply put, you will learn what changes need to be done and what needs to stay in your business.

It’s quite obvious that there is a lot more competition in the e-commerce market each day and that business organizations need to do whatever they can to make themselves more unique. In order to become a competitive force, you should always try to make your store functional and visually appealing in order to offer the best customer experience possible.

When you implement this software into your e-commerce store, you will start to see drastic changes and your customers will love having people from your business available for a chat whenever they need them. Still, you should make sure that you train your employees to do their jobs well and offer them great support when they need it.


Author Bio:

Jason Grills is a writer and a technical support executive currently associated with Live2Support – a live customer and sales chat software by ProProfs. He enjoys writing about emerging software products, new designs, and trends in content marketing. He lives in Los Angeles, California. In his spare time, Jason enjoys pampering his pet dogs, shopping, and doing all things creative.


Author Chinavasion Marketing 30.12.2016. | 10:20
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    This information is useful to me, as I do plan on having my own drop-shipping e-eCommerce business. Thanks for this info.

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