How To Choose Your Right Headphone?

Author Chinavasion Marketing 27.12.2016. | 10:31

In the current mobile technology era, most of us are often tethered to their devices for a significant part of the day, watching movies, playing video games or listening to music on our tablets, laptops or phones. Moreover, while everyone now has their own devices, it becomes reasonable to make what we do with or own devices discrete. This will often involve the use of headphones or earphones. The headphones have become an integral part of our lifestyle, not just a mere accessory. However, not every pair of headphones will suit our listening needs based on either style, comfort, listening experience and many other factors. With regard to this, selecting the right pair will allow you the joy of watching that late-night movie or listening to that favorite track without disturbing others. Below is an infographic by List Enthusiast that can help you choose right headphones for yourself.

Step 1: Lifestyle

Firstly, while most of our choices end up being influenced by financial capabilities. That being said, most of the choices you made reflect your lifestyle. As such, some of us will buy various types of the headphones for different uses. For instance, one would but a pair for working out and another for watching movies and listening to music. However, these trends are fading, and nowadays it’s usual to see people on the train or on the streets wearing the large sized models that they should use mostly indoors. Others will be seen wearing earbuds all day, even while they watch movies and TV. The reason for this is apparently lack of knowledge about headphones.

Step 2: Small Size

One major essence of the use of headphones is the portability aspect. Generally, all headphones and earphones are portable. However, the term portability is often used to describe the small and lightweight models, with most of which are foldable and be tucked in a purse or pocket when not being used. When you need to choose, a pair based on this aspect, you would most probably choose the earbuds for use with your mobile phone. Often, this kind comes with in-line remote controls and a microphone for call answering and control. Moreover, you should note that, while this kind of smaller and lighter headphones are usually more comfortable than the full-size headphones, you might have to trade the sound quality with comfort.

Step 3: Large Size

The larger and bulkier models of headphones are often related to better qualities of sound output. We usually refer to these models as home or studio style. These models look like earmuffs and have two earpieces that are connected to an adjustable headband. A majority of these models have wires with lengths ranging from 3ft to 8t long so that we can connect that to any audio source, be it a smartphone or a TV. Some of them are foldable for easy storage and usually come with storage and portable pouches. Also, there are those that are battery-powered and have Bluetooth connectivity, which makes them more portable and comfortable to wear and carry.

Step 4: Sound Quality

Similar to sound systems such as speakers and home theaters, headphones so emphasize various parts of the audio spectrum, where one may have to prefer one sound over others. It is recommendable that you try out the headphones before buying. When you buy online, you could check the return policies in order to ensure that you could return or get an exchange for another model, should the one you bought not meet your expectations. For the best sound quality, I would recommend the corded model. For most listening experiences, corded models have been better rated than the wireless headphones. Although For the best sound quality, I would recommend the corded model. For most listening experiences, corded models have been better rated than the wireless headphones. Although modern wireless headphones have improved qualities, they still cannot match the quality produced by the corded models.

Step 5: Expected use

It is recommendable that, when you are shopping for headphones, you choose a design that best suits you expected uses. The over-the-ear design is known to be great for listening experiences from home and could be regarded as too large to be easily carried when traveling. On the other hand, the smaller, compact, and more portable models would sacrifice some audio experiences from home and could be regarded as too large to be easily carried when traveling. On the other hand, the smaller, compact, and more portable models would sacrifice some audio ould consider headphones that have active noise-reduction capabilities. Another hybrid category called “Bluetooth headsets”, which consists of a mono earpiece for making calls and listen to music, are even more compact than earphones category.

Step 6: Types

Your choice of headphone types is regarded as highly personal. A majority of listener say they are more comfortable when they wear the insert-style headphones that go inside the ear canal or even the earbuds that sit on the ear’s bowl. However, some people find hem irritating. Thus, some will prefer the over-ear or on-ear headphone models. Others will critic their business and complain about their interference with our earrings or eyeglasses. Depending on what and how you will use them often, you would most likely have to consider the wireless models or the noise-cancelling headphones.

Step 7: Durability

Headphones should never be treated as disposable accessories. Unlike a majority of consumer electronics, a pair of headphones is most likely going to last years from when they are purchased. Actually, if well maintains, a good pair could last for a better part of a decade. Thus, you should be sure to assess your prospective headphones’ build quality. You would probably assess if the headphones fold up for ease of storage if their hinges are robust, or whether they would be broken in a few months. Also, do not forget to consider whether the earpads or earbuds may get extensive tear and wear over the video games headphones’ life.


In summary, your preferences for the best pair of headphones is based on the above-discussed aspects. Most importantly, you should choose a pair depending on where and how you intend or prefer to use the headphones. For a majority of us, we buy headphones for outdoor use or nighttime use. Over-ear and on-ear models are preferable for indoors listening while insert type and earbuds are best suited for outdoors listening. While headphones tend to last long since purchase, one may prefer to buy a pair with a quality build for durability.


Author Chinavasion Marketing 27.12.2016. | 10:31
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