Top 10 Android Smart Phone Problems with Solutions

Author Chinavasion Marketing 21.12.2016. | 17:56

Androids are heavy duty devices. They are meant to perform variety and range of tasks all the time. People use these devices to make calls/chats, for browsing, to take pictures, to use useful apps etc. All these functions while working simultaneously can create certain problems with Android. Let’s discuss top 10 problems with Android devices and solutions for them.

Battery drain: This is a most common problem on almost every Android device. It occurs due to various reasons like running too many apps, apps running in the background, screen brightness, and many other factors. To deal with it, you can enable battery saving mode to instantly all battery draining functions or you can set screen brightness to low so that your device can remain active for some more time.


Freeze or slow running device: This is another common problem with Android devices. It occurs due to over occupied storage space, hardware issues, junk files and due to many other reasons. To deal with it, you can clean the device manually or you can use Android cleaning apps to clean your device instantly and effectively.


Wi-Fi issues: It happens many times when you can’t able to connect to Wi-Fi. As a quick fix, you can restart both router and device so that your device again try to connect to Wi-Fi as a fresh start. Alternatively, you can put the device on Airplane mode for some time and then try to connect to Wi-Fi. Next is to try to fix the problem by heading to Wi-Fi > Settings > Menu > Advanced, now select Stay connected to Wi-Fi.


System UI not working: It happens sometimes when your device’s system User Interface stop working. As a quick fix you can try restarting your device else go to Settings > Apps > All Apps, now clean the cache and restart the device.


High RAM consumption: High RAM consumption can slow down your device performance. It can cause due to various reasons like running too many apps at a time, too many programs running in the background etc. To deal with it close all unnecessary apps which are running and feel the difference in the device performance. You can also use Android cleaning apps to clear RAM space effortlessly.


Downloads not working: It can be quite annoying when you download something important and doesn’t work or support your device. Android devices come with a dedicated download manager. This download manager cache can be corrupted due to various reasons which stop normal functions of it. To deal with the situation try to wipe these cache files by heading to Settings > Apps > ALL Apps and clean the cache and restart the device.


Google Play Store crashing: If Google Play crashes after launching it, there might be a corrupt cache problem. To clean this cache, go to Settings > Apps > All Apps > Google Play Store and clear cache and data. Simply restart your device to make it run normal. You can also try this action when Google Play won’t install apps.


Syncing error with Google: If you are not able to sync your device with Google servers to backup important data or for some other reasons, it’s time to fix the issue with some basic steps. First, check if you have changed the account password and update it with device’s account details. Next is to enable Airplane mode for few seconds (preferably 30 seconds) and try again to sync data. Alternatively, you can remove your google account and add it again.


Android won’t respond: To fix this problem you can remove your device’s battery and reinsert it to quickly fix the unresponsive device. If you can’t remove your battery restart your device by holding down the power button for few seconds and then tapping Restart the phone.


The device is overheating or turn off by itself: Battery problems can occur due to various reasons like over charging and many other technical glitches. To deal with it remove your device’s battery and cool it off for some time and again reinsert it. Keep a tab on your charging pattern else look for battery service or new battery.

You can try these simple steps to deal with many Android phone problems. In fact, you can save a lot of your time and efforts following these simple steps. You can also improve your device’s speed and performance instantly.

Summary: Androids are multitasking devices. These devices are used to perform a range of tasks effortlessly. Due to prolonged use Android devices also face certain problems. Let’s discuss certain Android problems and fixes.


Yogesh Sharma is working as a technical content writer for Systweak. He likes to talk about various threats to cybersecurity and cybercrime awareness in his blogs.

Author Chinavasion Marketing 21.12.2016. | 17:56
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  1. Laverne Robinson November 6, 04:07

    The words on my phone disappears while I am reading or typing…how do I fix this?

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