2008 For Chinese-Made Electronics, Chinavasion Gets Out The Crystal Ball

Author xlxmarketing 10.1.2008. | 16:56

Gadget lovers and retailers from all over the world have been converging at the Annual Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas to see what will be on offer for 2008, so we asked our own Sino-Gypsy to stare into her crystal ball and make some predictions on what the year of the Rat could offer for the company, import wholesalers and EBay dropshippers.

One event, the national two week shutdown during February, has become so predictable we didn’t even need to ask her about it. As is customary, all of China stops for two weeks in February to celebrate Chinese New Year. Some factories stop shipping goods as early as the last week of January using the remaining time to tidy up affairs before workers make the long trip to their home towns, which will go from February 6 to February 14 this year. An estimated 2 billion people are likely to be traveling this year, according to Xinhua, putting big strain on China’s internal transport system. It’s worth repeating that it would be a good idea to place your orders for February during early to mid January to guarantee you will get goods on time.

Unsurprisingly perhaps, the 2008 Beijing Olympics, a global event everybody has been highly anticipating, also appeared in her premonition, leading her to predict a massive increase in the number of people doing business with China. Millions of people could be expected to flock to China to watch the games, with many being likely to discover the benefits of importing from China, especially as dropshipping gains popularity as a distribution method.

She also saw Chinavasion growing with the increasing number of customers, with an expanding warehouse better serving customers by guaranteeing them improved reliability and delivery speeds in 2008.

Super Mini 2GB MP3 Player - Water ResistantSuper Mini 2GB MP3 Player - Water Resistant
Super Mini 2GB MP3 Player – Water Resistant [CVAAL-B18-2]

MP3’s and MP4’s also appeared strongly in visions, to be big sellers again in 2008, particularly as highly-visible MP4 players like the iPod are likely to be so expensive that they create a strong niche market for more economically priced China branded MP4’s. Flash memory would probably be more available and more affordable this year, meaning consumers should see MP3s and MP4s with bigger memories on the market for less cost.

Traveler’s MP4 Player 2GB Red – 2 Inch Screen + Built in USB [CVAAL-N1-2GB-RED]

Our fortune teller also told us that car DVD player, car monitor and home display aficionados would also be well catered to in 2008 with prices for LCD screens falling dramatically worldwide as screen sizes grow. Panasonic’s new 150 inch television was launched at the Consumer Electronics Show, while no price was put on the device, industry experts stated it was likely to be the same price as the company’s 109 inch television, last year’s marquee offering. While most people don’t have the kind of loose cash needed to buy such a monstrosity, it will mean 6.5 inch and 7-inch car displays and 3-inch MP4 players are much more affordable.

2Din Motorized Wide 6.5-inch TFT Monitor, 16:9 Touch Screen

2Din Motorized Wide 6.5-inch TFT Monitor, 16:9 Touch Screen [CVEJS-6522]

Some other predictions made were a gradually increasing appearance of Vista and Mac OS capable gadgets, a slow shift of DVD players to Blue-ray technology, in line with game and media content providers and the increasing appearance of gadgets that are cell phone capable, such as watches and MP3 players.

Walkie Talkie Watch Set – Backlit LCD [CVEAT-007-BLACK]

The trend for blue tooth gadgets should continue. 2007 saw everything from Bluetooth headphones and speakers to Bluetooth car displays on offer and our seer predicted that this should be an increasingly common factor this year, much to the delight of consumers.

Our prophet told us that car display gadgets would continue to be popular, especially with more people covering longer distances in their commute to work. One company went as far as producing two Intel processor powered, Vista driven car computers, which were put on show at the Consumer Electronics Show. Most customers are unlikely to want to upgrade their cars to that extent but GPS, car videos and hands free calling kits are likely to be big sellers in 2008.

Environmentally friendly products should also do well with the public this year. Consumers are becoming more environmentally aware and companies producing goods to satisfy their needs. An increasing number of solar powered and alternate powered gadgets appeared at the show a sure sign they will become more popular this year.

Solar Powered MP4 Player 2GB - Mobile Power StationSolar Powered MP4 Player 2GB - Mobile Power Station

Solar Powered MP4 Player 2GB – Mobile Power Station [CVEAB-S828-2]

Touch screens emerged en force in 2007 should and continue to appear on an increasing number of gadgets next year with software giant, Bill Gates predicting the mouse and keyboard will be a thing of the past in the near future, replaced with touchscreen technology.

6.2-inch Touch Screen Car DVD Player With Bluetooth Function [CVEZJ-CD16]

While the Consumer Electronics show is a good indication of what retailers and customers can expect in the future, it will be interesting to see the new wealth of opportunities our fortuneteller told us at the Canton Trade Fair. This is a great gauge of what China has to offer, and it is held in Guangzhou in April.

However, no matter what the future holds, Chinavasion will continue to work for you to make sure you profit from China-made electronics in 2008.

Author xlxmarketing 10.1.2008. | 16:56
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