Top Geeky Gifts For Every Electronics’ Geek’s Wishlist

Author Chinavasion Marketing 21.12.2016. | 15:28

Christmas is right around the corner, which means that the holiday shopping season is well on its way. While most of us have, by this time, sorted out what present they will get for their loved ones, there are always those people that are left clueless on what gift to get for their friend or husband during the upcoming holiday season.

Gift giving during the holiday season is meant to be a selfless act, however, it is easy to become overwhelmed and frustrated when you find yourself in the situation where you have to buy a present for a person that has interests and inclinations entirely opposite of your own.

We at Chinavasion are aware of the fact that finding a suitable present for our kind – the electronics’ geek – might be a frustration for many people out there during the holiday season. Geeks often tend to know way too much about a certain topic or product, making it difficult for an ‘’outsider’’ to find a suitable present that will meet the geek’s Christmas wishes.


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So, how can you possibly find a great and satisfying gift for your geek friend or husband that is totally obsessed with the latest gizmos and gadgets? Well, that can be a tough task! That is why Chinavasion has put together the following list of four cool electronic gadgets that are sure to meet the liking of each and every geek out there. Have a quick look through the four cool electronics that we’ve selected below as we at Chinavasion are sure that at least one of these cool gizmos and gadgets will suit the liking of the geek in your life.


OnePlus 3T Android Smartphone

An important part of being a geek is owning a slightly obscure boutique bit of technology that is as good, of maybe even better, than what the mainstream people out there are carrying around. The majority of the people might be happy with their Samsung and Apple smartphones, but the real smartphone geeks out there know that when it comes to marquee Android phones, the company to go to is OnePlus.



With the Launch of their latest smartphone, the OnePlus 3T smartphone, this Chinese smartphone company shook the global smartphone industry. Running on an Android 6.0 operating system this Android phone comes packed with the latest features the industry has to offer. Additionally, it features an extremely sleek design and absolutely stunning 5.5-Inch Full-HD display that lets you enjoy all your media and games in mesmerizing beauty. 4G connectivity and Dual-Band Wi-fi further enhance your user experience by providing you with the fastest data speeds out there and, added to that, the phone’s exceptionally powerful hardware allows you to enjoy the latest applications and most demanding software without dropping a frame.



The OnePlus 3 is known for blowing away its competition in terms of performance yet it is available at a fraction of the price. This remarkable Android smartphone features an epic battery that lasts longer than that of its competitors and furthermore packs a stunning 16MP camera that allows you to snap breathtaking images. For all the geeks out there that are searching for a unique smartphone that outperforms the majority of mainstream devices – the OnePlus 3 is the ultimate device.


iClever 3 Color Backlit Bluetooth Keyboard

This lightweight and sturdy build keyboard holds an absolutely stunning design. Coming with numerous of programmable key functions and an excellent battery life, this wireless Bluetooth keyboard is perfect to be used on any occasion. Compatible with iOS, Android, and Windows – the iClever 3keyboard is sure to suit the needs of all geeks out there no matter the operating system they’re in love with. Allowing you to set different backlighting modes and featuring an extremely compact and portable foldable design, this keyboard can be easily carried around and allows you to steal the show wherever you go.

Source: iClever

Although small in size and weighing no more than 300grams, this portable Bluetooth keyboard features relatively large keys – allowing you to efficiently use it for typing documents, playing games, or simply browsing the web. Supporting Bluetooth, this wireless keyboard can be easily paired with your smartphone, tablet, or PC – allowing you to use it and take advantage of all its benefits right out of the box. Simply pair it with your Android, iOS, or Windows device and you’ll be ready to start typing right away – leaving forever behind the annoyance of typing long messages and documents on your miniature smartphone or tablet keyboard.


MoreFine M1+ Windows 10 PC Stick

Sometimes it’s nice to take a moment and really think about it how far technology has come in this day and age. Take a look at the MoreFine M1+ Windows 10 PC Stick for example; a miniature Windows PC stick that manages to fit a powerful computer complete with Windows 10 OS into a stick smaller than a candy bar. Simply insert this PC dongle into any HDMI-capable display and you’ll be able to turn it instantly into a full-fledged computer.

Thanks to its fully licensed version of windows 10, this HDMI smart TV dongle provides you with access to all the latest Microsoft OS features. Now you can turn your TV into a personal computer. With the Android 4.4 OS also available you can do away with the limitations of most smart TV’s and enjoy the perfect all in one PC and multimedia center that lets you edit documents, browse the web and enjoy movies and games at your leisure.

Small enough to fit into your pocket, this lightweight TV Dongle takes up hardly any room at all and at just 49 grams lets you carry a powerful PC in your pocket. Welcome to the next generation in compact computing with the Morefine M1+ finger PC that gives you an economical solution to portable computing. This revolution will do away with noisy computer towers and heavy laptops.

Allowing you to enjoy the benefits of a true Windows 10 computer at any time of the day – the MoreFine M1+ Windows 10 PC Stick is the perfect present that is guaranteed to put a smile on the faces of all electronic geeks out there.


D-Link AC5300 Ultra Wi-Fi Router

An essential part of every geek’s life is a fast and sturdy internet connection that allows him or her to browse the web at lightning speed. There are tons of wireless routers out there; however, not many are good enough for the true geek. Luckily there is the D-Link AC5300 Ultra Wi-Fi Router – a magnificent internet router that features the looks of a spaceship and boasts some of the fastest data speeds that were ever tested.

Source: D-Link

This cool electronic gadget is considered to be the ultimate router for FHD streaming and gaming – delivering an exceptionally fast performance that is capable of dealing with the most demanding of tasks such as 4K video streaming, online gaming, and multiple device usage. Delivering amazing combined wireless speeds of up to 5,332Mbps and featuring an extra long reliability and range – the D-Link AC5300 Ultra Wi-Fi Router is guaranteed to deliver the fastest imaginable data speeds throughout your entire house or office.

Source: D-Link

This ultra-fast Wi-Fi router is the perfect accessory for powering multiple devices – making it an ideal gift for users who are tired of competing for bandwidth with their friends, family, or roommates. Supporting all the imaginable geeky needs out there, the D-Link AC5300 Ultra Wi-Fi Router is the ultimate gift for all electronic lovers.

Author Chinavasion Marketing 21.12.2016. | 15:28
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