Top 10 Student Gadgets in 2017

Author Chinavasion Marketing 20.12.2016. | 10:27

If you are gearing up to begin a life in college thinks about these 10 gadgets that not only assist you in learning but can also make your dorm living more comfortable.

Graphing Calculator

This is a must have for those studying science and mathematics at the college level. Doing graphs can be made easy with this calculator that is capable of statistical analysis with one and two variables and comes with several preloaded. 10 graphing functions can be saved.

Laptop Lock

There cannot be anything more frustrating than to find your laptop missing on your return to the library table when you might have left it for a while. Make use of notebook locks that are available cheap. The lock is in the form of a 6-foot cable with a digital lock.

Power Usage Monitor

Living costs in a dorm can add some burden to the already overloaded costs of books and tuition due to uncontrolled electricity usage. A handy device for monitoring power usage that helps to detect the devices that cause high power consumption can be used to keep costs under control.


This device is never outdated even though some students might feel so but later lament not having it. A Dictaphone can substitute the note taking process in class or even back it up if required for slow writers. Pick a device that is cheap but has a clear sound reproduction. It can even be used when you are taking lessons from a tutor hired through Smile Tutor.

Apps that Complement Note Taking

Note taking can be done in a more organized way. By using an app and a pen, audio and written notes can be recorded and synced with many other devices.  The arrangement is reliable and the set up easy.

External Hard Drive

Despite the reliability of PCs and laptops, an external hard drive is a must for students in case some eventuality makes data access from the devices difficult. It can give good sleep to students.

High Tech Back Pack

Handling too many gadgets can be worrisome for students to ensure that these are always charged up for uninterrupted service.  A back up loaded with batteries that can even charge micro USB devices is a boon for students.

Digital Reading Device

For the ease of reading e-books, a reading device is much more advantageous than a tablet. These devices come with e-ink and inbuilt lighting facilities that ensure glare-free reading for long hours.

Bluetooth Speaker

Enjoying music for relaxation in the dorm is best achieved with a small 5W Bluetooth speaker that is just made for your place. A bright LED front display can show the time and pop up social media notifications by using apps.


For work or relaxation, earphones are a must have for students. Choose one that’s cheap, stylish and lightweight. The aluminum casing can make it look very stylish.

While gadgets make for smart learning processes it cannot substitute the tutor.  For identifying weak areas and overcoming the deficiencies in learning the one on one learning system is still unmatched.

About the author–Trevor Southey is a school inspector and has been working in the education field for more than two decades. In his earlier assignments, he also served as a tutor and has been associated with Smile Tutor. Creating awareness about the developments in education and learning is what motivates him to write on the subject. He is also a recognized blogger.

Author Chinavasion Marketing 20.12.2016. | 10:27
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