Chinavasion Choice: Conquer The Skies With the Xiaomi Mi 1080p Video Drone

Author Chinavasion Marketing 21.12.2016. | 17:05

This week we at Chinavasion are proud to introduce you to one of our latest cool electronic gadgets, the Xiaomi Mi Drone. This exceptionally high-end drone comes packed with the latest hardware and software alike, making it one of the true crownpieces of the drone industry.



With this beautiful video drone from Xiaomi, you’ll be able to take off and conquer the skies with the latest video and drone technology – allowing you to shoot stunning footage from above and letting you experience your surroundings from a totally different perspective.

Featuring a top-class 1/2.3-Inch CMOS sensor, the FHD camera with which this drone is equipped is capable of shooting sharp and detailed images at 60fps – allowing you to capture stunning recordings and shoot breathtaking images from above. Additionally, this video drone allows you to follow moving objects for photography purposes and furthermore supports stunning 360-degree photography through which it enables you to take your drone photography skills to entirely new heights.



Thanks to the latest GPS technology, you can be assured that you’ll never lose track of your beloved Xiaomi drone. Not only are you able to plan pre-set flight routes and follow moving objects, the Xiaomi 1080p video drone also returns back instantly to its controller when contact is lost or the battery is running empty. The latter is, however, not an issue to worry about as this stunning RC drone packs an epic 5100mAh battery that lets you enjoy 27 minutes of continuous flight time – truly setting this beauty apart from its competition.



Featuring an ultra long-distance flight distance and height, this Quad-Copter allows you to reach mesmerizing distances of 500 meters and stunning heights up to 120 meters. With a take-off speed of 6m/s and a regular flying speed up to 18m/s you can be assured that, with this extremely fast video drone at hand, you’ll be able to reach any point of interest in your surroundings in absolutely no time.



The Xiaomi video drone features an extremely durable design and is easy to operate – making if the perfect Quad-Copter for advanced drone pilots and beginners alike. Thanks to its high maneuverability, this video drone can be used in narrow spaces and the wide outdoors alike – allowing you to take off to the skies and capture stunning video no matter where you’re at. Additionally, this Xiaomi Quad-Copter features one-key automatic take-off, return, and lading features that significantly increase your overall user experience.



Simply pair your Xiaomi Mi Drone with your smartphone or FPV goggles through its wireless connection and enjoy a first person view while flying through the skies. Thanks to its latest software and hardware alike, the possibilities for entertainment with this video Quad-Copter are limitless. With all its features and video capabilities, this RC drone from Xiaomi will bring along hours worth of joy and entertainment that is guaranteed to spice up the lives of advanced and beginning drone pilots alike.

Author Chinavasion Marketing 21.12.2016. | 17:05
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