Why Small Businesses Must Have a Mobile Application by 2017?

Author Chinavasion Marketing 5.12.2016. | 10:19

Finally, small businesses are realizing the worth of having a mobile application for their business. A feature-rich application helps small enterprises and businesses to gain more customers and boost sales. Clutch, a leading B2B research company, conducts a new survey, and it has been found that more than 50% of small businesses will have a mobile application by 2017. It is quite interesting to know that more than half of businesses will have an application for their business. However, there was a time when people use to feel that there is no need of mobile applications as people were capable of browsing through the websites and Google search anything that they wanted to know. Talking about the current scenario, it is completely different, where every user feels a need of splashing into the sea of mobile apps. As per the report, mobile users are devoting 80% of their time in using mobile applications.

Therefore, having only a website for your business could be considered as a weak marketing strategy for your business, so it is must have a mobile application that can deliver enormous benefits.




Go through this blog and find some of the impressive reasons to have a mobile application by 2017:


Spreads the News About Your Business Practices

Having a mobile application brings something new and unique to the table and help in developing awareness of the brand. Today, companies are comprehending the real value of an application from across the world. Small business can get a high-end application to deliver their customers with rich services. And this is one such strategy that is paying off. So, how can an application will help out to build brand and increase consumers:

  • It provides a platform to engage with your target market.
  • It also provides an opportunity to show your brand and app’s value.
  • You can give and notify your customers about special offers and discounts through push notifications and in-app messages. It is definitely true that your customers will come back to your app for making purchases.
  • If you provide an app to your customers, they will refer their friends as well that would build brand awareness and boost app downloads.


Allows to Demonstrate Your Product Well with Mobile App

In this highly technological world, the constant growth of smartphone users has made the word application the most common and heard. By having an application for your business, you can demonstrate your products and services among your customers. It will also help you to declare any news, offers new schemes, etc. in a much easier way.

The application can describe and show your product and its features along with pictures, videos and important information that you wanted to show. Moreover, it also has one more benefit – once you lured your potential customers through your apps, they can see and purchase more products from your online store.

A Simple Way to Boost Your Sales

Are you looking forward to increasing your sales? The applications are specially designed to boost your business sales. The application is a completely best way to make online purchases and it considered as the most accurate to browse the products and services and shop.

In short, we can say that mobile orders are a right way to increase sale with an application. It allows your customers to purchase products from anywhere and anytime. Moreover, it enables companies to send important alert messages, so it can increase sales in various different ways.


Build Strong Brand & Increase Awareness

A mobile application for your business will greatly build a strong brand and increase awareness about it among your customers. If your business will opt for a feature-rich mobile application, it can benefit you in many ways like:

  • Brand: A mobile application considered as a blank billboard sign that allows you to do what you wanted to do with it, so you can make it more functional, informative and creative. Above all, you need to have one such app that has features your customers will love, while at the same time is well branded and beautifully designed.
  • Recognition: With your application, you can make your customers more involved and the sooner they will be inclined to purchase your products and services.


Make Revenue Through Mobile Applications

Even though, developing a mobile application can cost you lots of money, but when it comes to talking about the long run, you can get even more money than you ever invested while its development.  You can check the popularity of it that it has gained through its review once it launched. If the impact of your launched app is good, you can try to launch its advanced versions.  Moreover, you can customize this version with some of the paid features like in-app purchase and services. To earn more money through the app and increasing your business profitability scale, you can also incorporate in-app advertising. It is expected that digital marketing is will drag nine-billion-pound retail traffic to a business by 2017. By this way, it will be easy for you to expand your business, so develop app compatible with all the mobile operating system platforms.


Open and Clear Communication

The mobile application also considered as the most convenient way to communicate with your customers as it is the only way by which customers can directly contact you from you anywhere and anytime. By this, both company and the customer can take the benefit.

Apart from this, push notification feature in the app also serves as the best medium of communicating with your customers. It will give you an opportunity for an open discussion with your customers and enhance your relations with your customers as it is an open and clear communication channel.

Therefore, small businesses must have a mobile application by 2017 for above mentioned reasons. They should hire a leading mobile app development company to discuss their project as one professional company will comprehend their requirements and give an exclusive solution.

This guest post was written by Sohel Ather who is content marketing strategist and IT consultant working with  a mobile app development company that offers mobile app solutions.

Author Chinavasion Marketing 5.12.2016. | 10:19
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