Chinavasion Giveaway – A Free Blackview R6 Smartphone!

Author Chinavasion Marketing 2.12.2016. | 10:51

Time is flying! Today is the first day of the last month in 2016. Looking back over the year, what made you laugh, what brought you the best remember, what make you insist to the end? Maybe it is the time to make a list of every precious moment you have in this year. If you like, you can share your happiness with us. Chinavasion will always be with you and we would like to hear from you.

Taking this chance, we want to share a giveaway with you. In this time, we are going to send out one Blackview R6 smartphone as the free gift. Blackview R6 is a budget smartphone, but it features high-end specs and hardware of the latest phone. Coming with a stunning 5.5-inch FHD display that holds an extremely narrow bezel, this smartphone is capable of displaying outstanding media quality – truly providing you with a breathtaking visual experience. So head out to the play store and choose from the latest free to download Applications and more – with the Blackview R6 there will never again be a reason to be not entertained.



Featuring a powerful Quad-Core CPU that has been clocked at 1.5GHz this Chinese smartphone is more than capable of running games, playing movies, browsing the web, and a whole lot more. With 3GB of RAM, the Blackview R6 offers the perfect platform for all your multi-tasking activities, letting you enjoy a smooth and ultra-fast user experience. Having 32GB of storage at hand that is expandable with an additional 64GB, this Android phone offers oceans of space for you to store all your files and media that can now be carried along where ever you go. Packing a massive 2900mAh battery that offers up to 10 hours of continuous usage time, this phone allows you to enjoy a day’s worth of entertainment without needing to worry about battery life.


Know more about this phone here: Blackview R6 Smartphone

~~~~About the giveaway! ~~~


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8. Find out winners in those previous giveaways here: Chinavasion Giveaway Winners



Watch Unboxing Review Youtube Video to know more about it!





Tips about Blackview R6 smartphone.




We shared our Giveaway below:
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Author Chinavasion Marketing 2.12.2016. | 10:51
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  1. Dubina Serghei December 2, 15:05

    Respect from me, really wonderful phone, I really apreciate your efort for this phone, good amount of RAM, good processor, 5.5 inch. 5 stars from me, shared at all social sites.

  2. Michael Concha December 3, 10:00

    Living in fast-pacing world of technology, I guess it’s no secret that everyone dreams of having the latest gadget which can give them satisfaction. As for me, I really like Blackview R6 bcos i know they giving me a satisfaction and I know it can cater my everyday needs efficiently. it’s no doubt that I need to have this gadget since it can accommodate long hours of working. Also it will be my very good buddy for photography and selfie. From its sexy design great quality and specs, I know this phone will never let me down. Thanks for this generous giveaway chinavison

  3. Dmitriy Sukhanov December 4, 03:09

    Awesome smartphone with ? nice price and good features!? Thanks for this giveaway!

  4. Steve December 5, 00:45

    Love the metallic look of the phone and it’s specs. Thanks for this awesome giveaway!

  5. Hamid Mehmood December 11, 20:49

    very impressed with this is beautiful in design and powerful in performance.the metal look feels very stylish and strong.features are great for any task given to it.and the price is very low indeed which makes this device easily one of the best.

  6. bob tombs December 14, 07:33

    a phone that makes sense great product

  7. Daryl December 18, 22:12

    looks like a great phone.

  8. Sandy Weinstein December 20, 07:38

    love this phone, like the camera, the 2 light tone, how the pages expand, great specs, 4g sim, 32 gb ram

  9. Sandy Weinstein December 20, 07:48

    completed all of the 7 steps above, liked, shared, commented, Chinavasion shared

  10. Waluhyo (@waluhyo) December 20, 08:27

    Are this phone sell in Indonesia ?

  11. James Mash December 20, 10:39

    We can send to Indonesia if you buy it from us. Chinavasion has global shipping options for our customers.

  12. James Mash December 20, 10:40

    Super, Good luck Sandy.

  13. Bogdan Sebastian December 21, 03:51

    intersting phone

  14. Décio Henriques December 25, 22:55

    Awesome phone with excellent features, thanks for the chance :)?

  15. hez15 December 28, 10:59

    I followed all the step, but the product page only allowed me to leave a review not a comment. Thank you for the wonderful giveaway! Good luck everyone!

  16. Cristina Elena December 29, 08:23

    It looks great and has a big display, as I always wanted my smartphone to be like.

  17. Michael M. Concha December 31, 11:41

    Great opportunity to have this looking forward to win thank you very for this generous giveaway chinavasion.

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