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Author Chinavasion Marketing 22.11.2016. | 16:12

At Chinavasion, we aim to ever increase the online shopping experience that we are offering to our customers. For this reason, our web shop has undergone some useful updates throughout the past 4 weeks that have been implemented to deliver a smoother experience to all our loyal customers.


Not only has Chinavasion made its website more user-friendly by implementing these updates, we have also lowered the prices on all of our products. This means that, from now on, you will be able to find your favorite Chinese electronics for an even more affordable price in our web store.


As for our website updates, below a general look is given at the most essential  updates that Chinavasion has implemented throughout the past four weeks. Although many other smaller updates have been implemented simultaneously that all together enhance the experience of our customers, the ones listed below are the updates that can generally be considered as the ones most useful to our visitors while using the Chinavasion web shop.


Main Chinavasion Website Updates:

Chinavasion wishes to deliver the best possible online service experience by letting its customers enjoy a smooth experience right from the first second they land on our website. This is why the Chinavasion website has gone through some updates that make it easier for our customers to find products online and to navigate through the website.

By updating our search bar we allow customers to make more advanced and precise searches based on product category, making it easier to find the exact type of product you are searching for.  At Chinavasion we put a high importance on the user experience of our customers and hope that, with our latest search bar updates, you will be able to easily find the precise product of your liking.




In order to further improve our home page, we have implemented a drop down category bar and colorful sidebars that introduce customers to our latest and most popular products. By adding these visuals we aim to make our homepage more user-friendly and appealing to the eye.

Additionally, to allow our customers to move around more smoothly throughout our web shop, we have improved the way in which customers can manage their online shopping cart. By adding an ‘’add to cart’’ button to each of our products you will now be able to easily add any product of your liking into your shopping cart without the need to head to the actual product page of each individual item.




Next to this ‘’add to cart’’ button that can be found below each product, we have chosen to also insert a video play icon. By clicking this icon you will be able to watch the video of each of our products – giving you an idea of what the product is used for without needing to read the actual description on the product page.




Finally, while visiting one of our product pages you will notice that the side banners have been removed, leaving more space for the product description. By doing so we hope that our customers can fully concentrate on the specs and details of this one particular product of their liking without being distracted by other flashy banners and deals.

Representing only a hand full of many updates that Chinavasion has implemented throughout the past, we at Chinavasion aim to ever increase the online experience of our customers. For those of you that are curious what our, or any other, website looked like in the past there is a fun tool called the WayBack Machine that allows you to go back in time and experience what your favorite websites looked like before. As a little sneak peek we’ve added a picture below of what our website used to look like back in 2005.




Author Chinavasion Marketing 22.11.2016. | 16:12
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  1. Michael November 22, 23:51

    After dealing with several other companies,and in the spirit of good business ethics shall remain nameless, and having a dreadful experience to the point where we just had to eventually walk away from them, everything from communication, to completely non-functioning drop-shipping and affiliate solutions on their site, and waiting 24 hours only to get completely useless answers and pathetic tech support, ChinaVasion is a breath of fresh air(no pun Intended) an awesome company and we will be with you for a long time, thank you for all your help and support.. The only concern I had was that the support people I deal with didn’t have enough web-based experience and didn’t know what ” alt text and alt tags” were, I think it’s important for ChinVasion to provide more training on website and SEO related issues… Thank you again ChinaVasion for all your support and a great service and opportunity…

  2. James Mash November 23, 09:05

    Thank you for the feedback Michael, I will be sure to pass this on to our CS team so as we can integrate this into their knowledge and provide a better service in future. Thank you for your support and we look forward to working with you in the future.

  3. e November 25, 22:49

    I have been trying to access your site using password reset but to no avail. The system keeps on telling me wrong password.

  4. James Mash November 28, 09:03

    Please contact our customer support, they can help assist you with this.


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