Top Electronic Videos Of The Week: Rethink The Way You Travel With The Maxfind Electronic Skateboard

Author Chinavasion Marketing 19.11.2016. | 14:02

Maxfind Electronic Skateboard

The Maxfind electronic skateboard truly lets you steal the show while you are cruising down the streets in style. Very similar to any regular skateboard out there but with the extra addition of two powerful 360W motors, this motorized longboard allows you to reach speeds and distances likes never before. Coming with a small sized hand-held remote control this E-Street Board can be easily controlled, making it a fun motorized gadget for teenagers and young adults alike. Both advanced riders and beginners will enjoy countless hour’s worth of fun with this cool motorized skateboard.


Xiaomi Mi Mix Smartphone

This Xiaomi Mi Mix is an amazingly gorgeous phone, and that is in large part to its spectacular bezel-less 6.4 inch display that boasts an impressive 2048×1080 resolution. With a 91.3% body to screen ratio the only thing you see when you look at the front of this phone is the display, which certainly takes center stage. In fact when holding the phone in your hand the display totally fills up the front of the phone and makes it feel like you’re just holding the display in your hand. This puts the Mi Mix is the upper echelons of smartphones when it comes to design and attractiveness and is certainly the future of Smartphone design.


Xiaomi Mi Piston Air Earphones

The Xiaomi Mi Piston Air Earphones feature a truly remarkable design, giving them a futuristic look fit for any high-grade audio device out there. Not only do these noise canceling earphones look absolutely stunning, they also provide mesmerizing sound quality that is fit for any audiophile out there. Listen to your favorite tracks or make hands-free phone calls – with these modern headphones at hand, you can be guaranteed to attract the attention of people passing by.


CHUWI HI10 Plus Tablet PC

The Chuwi HI10 Plus is the latest offering to the Chuwi HI10 Series, with its large FHD display and 8.5 mm slim built this metal framed tablet looks and feels similar to the HI10 Pro. However, on closer inspection, there are some distinct differences. The screen is a little larger at 10.8 inches so you get to enjoy a little more room for visual entertainment and with Cherry trail processor is also a little more advanced using the later Z8350 Quad Core processor, with its ample 4GB of RAM this new Chuwi H10 Plus is one of the more powerful tablets around and the Intel HD Graphics ensures smooth visuals when watching films and playing games.


Xuanwheel S1 Bike Wheel LED

The Xuanwheel S1 allows you to pimp up your bike in a stunning and fashionable manner that is guaranteed to grab the full attention of your friends and people passing by. Featuring 96 high-quality RGB LED lights the Xuanwheel can be easily attached to your bicycle wheel. Supporting 8 different colors this cool gadget allows you to portray beautiful images at any time that are guaranteed to impress any person in your surrounding.


Aosder Magic Mirror Portable Bluetooth Speaker

The Aosder Magic Mirror is an impressive Bluetooth speaker that lets you enjoy all your favorite tracks in Audiophile-grade music quality. Coming with an extraordinary design this portable speaker features built-in LED lights that display stunning 360-degree visuals – allowing you to impress your friends not only with great audio quality but with a built-in light show as well. With its compact size and light weight design this Bluetooth LED speaker is extremely portable and can be easily carried around, making it the perfect audio device that can be used both inside as outside, providing you with the perfect portable Bluetooth speaker on which to enjoy your music no matter where you are.


Ulefone Tiger Smartphone

Ulefone has done it yet again with their new Tiger 5 inch smartphone, this well built and stylish design features 2.5D arc glass and a brushed metal rear that certainly sets it apart from the competition of similarly priced Chinese phones

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Author Chinavasion Marketing 19.11.2016. | 14:02
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    I am Bangladeshi I have interest to bring electronic items from China but I am new and I don’t have ideas where I should go china .what is the procedure to bring items to Bangladesh. Kindly reply.

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    You can b uy many items online at shops such as chinavasion. Many small items can be sent as gifts while products purchased in bulk may need to have tax paid on them. However, as each country has different import tax rules it is best to check directly with where you wish to import the products.

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