Real Chinavasion Reviews: Phones, Cameras And Chargers, Oh My!

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One of the biggest things people look for when deciding on what to buy is a little evidence that the item is actually good and will do everything that you want it to do.

Buying from us gives you a greater chance of that than some of our competitors, thanks to:

  • Extensive testing
  • Thorough descriptions
  • The 12 month manufacturers’ guarantee
  • User reviews

However, sometimes you want just a little bit more, and thankfully there are reviewers out there that have put our products through the wringer to help the buying decision that much easier for you.

So what do they have to say about our gadgets? Let’s take a look.

1080P HD Camcorder with Touchscreen and 5x Optical Zoom By AcekillerPC


Chinavasion Customer Rating:five star average from 29 customers.

When it comes to value for money you don’t get much more than the 1080P HD Camcorder with Touchscreen and 5x Optical Zoom. Coming with 1080P resolution, HDMI output and connectors, 5X Optical Zoom, Motion Detection and Touch Display it has quickly become a favorite with our resellers.

When Patara got it she was impressed with how intuitive the interface was, how easy it was to get to everything and how much stuff came in the box.

But don’t just take our word for it, paste this URL to read the review for yourself:

Solar Battery Charger for iPhones, iPods, and USB Devices By TheIAppleReviewer


Chinavasion Customer Rating:five star average from 6 customers.

Apple products and solar chargers are hot right now (excuse the pun) so it’s no surprise our Solar Battery Charger for iPhones, iPods, and USB Devices has been a hit with customers.

It’s small enough to fit into your pocket/purse without dislodging anything but powerful enough to keep anything up to a laptop running.

Mario from TheIAppleReviewer also discovered you can synch files with the computer while charging via computer.

See his review here:

MPEG4 Digital Video Camcorder With Optical Telescope Zoom Lens By JoeTech


Chinavasion Customer Rating:five star average from 9 customers.

A video camera with 8x optical zoom for under US$100, how could you go wrong?

Customers and Joe from JoeTech didn’t think you could, Joe even discovered that it takes reasonable indoor photos with a nice clean light.

Read his experiences here:

Wireless Keyboard + Touch Pad by Dan From


Chinavasion Customer Rating:five star average from 6 customers.

The home theatre is evolving. Computers and gaming systems are increasingly becoming parts of the home entertainment system. This means that the old remote is no longer enough.

Enter the Wireless Keyboard + Touch Padwhich isn’t much bigger than a standard TV remote but has a fully working keyboard, mouse and mouse buttons worked inside.

According to Dan from Redferret it works just as well as some competitors that are twice-three times the price and doesn’t take up nearly the same amount of space.

He says it can even take over typing (but not scrolling) duties if you are running a PlayStation3 (Firmware version 3.15).

Read his experiences here:

LevelUP – Quad Band Dual SIM QWERTY Gaming Cellphone by MobileWhack

level up

One of the newest additions to our cell phone line up will probably appeal more to the older gamers out there.

Let me explain…

This cell phone comes packed with everything you’d expect to see in an unlocked cell phone two SIM cards, camera, quad band coverage etc as well as having a NES emulator and fully working D-Pad onboard.

Our very own Michael Wong raves about it in the blog LevelUP NES Emulator Phone Could Be Old-School Gamers Greatest Gift and Steve Anderson from MobileWhack was almost as impressed.

Read all about what he thought here:

Super Cool Mobile Phone Wrist Watch by JoeTech


Chinavasion Customer Rating:five star average from 17 customers.

While we have added many Cell Phone Watches over the past two years this one continues to hold a soft spot for us.

It looks good, is a solid performer and costs less than US$110, now that’s some combination of attributes.

Joe from Joetech was suitably impressed managing to do more with the camera than we thought was possible.

Read about his thoughts here:

What do people need for Christmas? Gifts!

And what’s the point in giving a geek a pair of socks when what they really want is… something they can use?

You Bent My Wookie thought so too so grabbed a whole raft of things from Chinavasion to try, including:





Read their experiences here:

So check out these reviews, take a look at the products and find something that you’d try out further. And if you’re a reviewer, get in contact with us ut at with your name, place of review and see if we can work together.

Author xlxmarketing 15.3.2010. | 10:50
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