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Don’t you hate it, when you finally build up momentum for a product, it’s selling well and then, after you have sold a whole batch, it appears to have disappeared from your supplier’s shelves?

So do we.

To remedy this one of the very clever programmers, who has a little bit of a thing for XML, had a brainwave. Why not use RSS?

So a RSS feed was duly set up solely for stock updates, so that no matter if something went off for a few weeks, or permanently, or came back, you knew immediately.

stock update

But what exactly is a RSS feed? And why, should you, as ecommerce operators and eBay resellers care?

RSS simply stands for “Really Simple Syndication”.

What does it do? Simple, it tells you each time that a websites updates its page without you having to go to the site.

There are two parts to the RSS feed, the feed itsef and the reader. To learn more about how they work there’s a quick explanation at this page Getting Chinavasion Stock Updates by Email or RSS. But, unless you’re a regular blog reader, or you’ve got a whole raft of sites you want to keep in contact with you’re not going to want an extra device/site to visit every day just for one service.

Thankfully there is a way to get the RSS feed sent directly to your email.

Here’s how…

For Those With Gmail

Go into settings and click on the setting that says labs. You know the labs features, it’s the thing that allows you to supercharge your Gmail with all those fancy gadgets that Google Engineers have been working on.

Go down to the gadget labeled Add any gadget by URL Click Enable and then select “Save Changes”.

Gadgets from labs

Go back to settings and go to the menu “Gadgets” copy this URL and paste it into the box like so:

gadget URL

You should see a box like the one below and you should be able to go back to your inbox:

Gadgets from labs

Once you’re in your inbox you’ll probably notice that the feed reader has the CNN RSS in there by default. To change that hold your mouse over the left hand side of the frame and click on the spanner that appears on the side:

RSS Gmail gadget step 1

Paste the URL into the space that appears and then hit OK.

For Those Without Gmail

Go to paste the URL into the “Website or Feed URL” section Paste your email address into the “Your Email Address” section. Hit enter.

But what about when you’re on the road? Would you like to be informed then?

Thankfully that’s possible with a tool called Twitter.

Updates Through Twitter

You must have heard of Twitter before. It’s a microblogging service which limits posts to 140 characters. This makes it good for people to keep each other updated on current events, share links and that is all.

Setting up and using a Twitter account is easy and it has and advantage over RSS feeds in that tweets can be delivered directly to your cell phone as a SMS making sure you never miss any important developments.

There are two ways to set up your cell phone so it can get tweets.

The first is through Twitter. If you didn’t do it at the sign up stage then all you need to do is to go into settings, select the mobile option, put your details into the boxes and hit verify. You should receive a message from twitter and you’ll be ready to go.

settings location on twitter copy

twitter on your cell phone

But what happens if your country isn’t on the list? (China isn’t, and neither is Hong Kong or a lot of other places)Then all you need to do is to take the following steps:

  1. Send the message START to the correct phone number To get that number paste this link into your browser
  2. Twitter will send you a message asking you to reply with your username, or sign up
  3. Send your username

That’s it. Now, providing you live in a country that has a two-way code you should be able to receive twitter updates on your mobile phone.

Now all that is needed to do is to follow our Twitter stock update and you will know exacty what is going on, even if you are away from the computer.

So, what’s the next step? The next step is to check out our Twitter stock update or RSS stock updates and ensure that you are always in the loop.

twitter banner

rss-feed/RSS explained

Author xlxmarketing 17.3.2010. | 10:58
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