How To Find My Phone – A General Guide On How To Find Your Lost Android Smartphone

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Losing your beloved Android smartphone does not necessarily mean that your device will be gone forever. Luckily there are plenty of easy and smart ways for you to locate a lost or stolen phone. In order to be able to do so, however, you will need to make some preparations up front as it will be necessary to configure your smartphone in order to find it back. Below we will have a closer look at how to set up your smartphone’s tracking features and how to find a lost Phone back.





Before continue reading through the following guide it is important to notice that all the solutions offered in this tutorial require your smartphone to be charged and switched on in order to find out its exact location. If for some reason your smartphone has been turned off or if it’s out of battery then you may be out of luck as in that unfortunate situation the solutions below may offer no further help.

Now, in case you have lost your Android phone the easiest way to locate your smartphone is by using Android Device Manager. In order to use this service there will be no need to have the app installed onto your phone; however, you do need to make sure that your phone settings are correctly configured. It is essential to configure your phone’s settings in the correct manner before you lose it.

In order to start using Android’s Device Manager you first have to open the Google Settings App on your smartphone. Once you have opened up your device manager, tap on Security and make sure that the options ‘’Remotely Locate This Device’’ and ‘’Allow Remote Lock and Erase’’ are both enabled.





Next, you need to make sure that you have switched on the ‘’Location Access’’ feature on your smartphone in order for Android Device Manager to work. To do so you first have to go back to the home page in the Google Settings App and choose tap ‘’Location’’. Once in the Location tap select ‘’Google Location History’’ and make sure it has been switched on.





Now, after selecting the right settings, you will have two different ways to track a lost or stolen Android phone.

In case your smartphone is switched on and has signal, it will be possible for you to easily track it in Android Device Manager. Simply grab another electronic device and head to and sign in with your Google account. Once you have done so the Device Manager should automatically find your Android phone and display its location on a map, allowing you to see its current location. Additionally, Device Manager gives you options to ring to your lost smartphone or to lock / reset it remotely if you expect your device has been stolen.





If your smartphone has been switched off, the above-mentioned method of tracking your device will, sadly enough, not work. Luckily this does not mean that all hope is lost as there is still a second method that can be used to get a lead on the current location of your Android phone.





In this case, the easiest way to get a lead on its current located is through checking its location history in order to find out its last reported location. To do so, simply visit and navigate to the ‘’Manage History’’ tap. Once you have done so a map will be displayed that shows all the locations at which your phone has been located during a specific time period. If your phone has been turned off, or in the case of a dead battery, Google will show you its ‘’last reported location’’. With any luck, your smartphone might still be there.


Alternative Method, Simply Ask Google: ‘’Google Find my phone’’

Not many people know that, nowadays, Google’s ability to help you find and ring your Android phone has gone far outside of its original Android Device Manager Support feature. Instead of opening up and using the Google’s Device Manager to locate your lost Android device you can now simply go to Google’s main search page in your web browser and search for ‘’Find my Phone’’. Once you have done so the top search result will show a map that displays the current location of your Android phone.

Additionally, it will also give you the option to call to your cell phone just like the original Device Manager lets you. One limitation is that you won’t be able to lock or erase the phone straight from this menu, however, when you click the map you will be automatically forwarded to the original Android Device Manager page where you’ll be able to fulfill these actions.





Please note that, in order for this Google feature to work, you’ll need to be logged in to your Google account before entering the search term into the Google search engine.


Useful Gadgets

Losing your beloved smartphone is, of course, never a laughing matter and needing to spend countless hours of your valuable time to find back your Android phone is not how most of us like to spend our time. For those of you who find themselves often in a situation where you have lost your smartphone there are, luckily, some useful electronic gadgets that can help you locate your smartphone.

At Chinavasion, for example, we sell miniature sized key ring trackers that can be attached to any electronic device. This wireless key / smartphone finder uses the latest electronic wave search technology to locate your item and will work up to 20 meters. Inferior technology utilizes clapping or whistling, but with this key finder, it’s just a matter of pressing the “find” button on the remote. With this useful gadget, you can be assured that you’ll never lose your phone at home again.

Of course, the gadget mentioned above will not be of much help in case of thievery or when you have lost your smartphone outside. Luckily, for those of you who are afraid to lose your smartphone outside of your home, there always are GPS tracker stickers that can be easily stuck to any electronic device. With this sticker attached to your smartphone you can be assured that you’ll always be able to find your smartphone, no matter where it is located.

Author Chinavasion Marketing 15.11.2016. | 16:52
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    As you know you have to have VPN to connect to google map etc in China.
    How will this work if finder does not turn on the VPN?

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