5 Wildlife Apps for Exotic US Destinations

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Nowadays, more and more people are moving away from classic vacationing towards more adventurous alternatives. Modern travelers yearn to actively connect with the places they visit.  If you wish to enjoy an exotic environment, you don’t have to go to an African safari. In fact, there are many breathtakingly beautiful US destinations that are perfect for animal lovers and nature enthusiasts.  Modern travelers who want to experience nature in its purest form can use the following five wildlife apps to plan and guide them through an amazing experience without leaving the country.


Nature Viewing in Florida

A birders paradise, Florida is home to pelicans, flamingos, herons and more than 500 other bird species. The state is abundant with plants and wildlife, ranging from insects to mammals.

You can get more enjoyment from the Great Florida Birding and Wildlife Viewing Trail when you use the free Nature Viewing in Florida app on your Android-powered smartphone. The app will help you learn about and identify more than 200 types of birds, 247 flowering plants, and 491 trail sites.

Developers designed the app with novices in mind, so it supplies you with an easy-to-use interface and plenty of images that help you identify many of Florida’s plants and animals. Several prominent Florida government and academic entities contribute to making the app, so you can count on its authority and accuracy.


Rocky Mountain Scats & Tracks

The Rocky Mountains should be on everyone’s list of top exotic U.S. Destinations. Walking along one of the many mountain hiking trails, you might encounter endemic birds, moose, elk or more than 60 other indigenous mammals.

If you want to better explore the wildlife of the Rocky Mountains, you’ll probably want to download the Rocky Mountain Scats & Tracks app for your Apple mobile device. The app will help you track and identify the signs of 70 wildlife species in the Rockies. With this interactive guide that was designed specifically for the Rocky Mountains, you can learn about wildlife as you hike the trail. Find out what animals have been sharing the trail with you and learn the fundamentals of animal tracking. Priced at just $3.99, this app will allow you to measure and record the tracks and scat you find as you enjoy your outdoor adventure.


iBird Hawaii & Palau Guide to Birds

There are plenty of reasons why you should visit Hawaii and one of them is the islands’ wildlife. Scattered among the branches of Hawaiian trees, you will find more than 200 colorful bird species. Animal lovers will particularly enjoy seeing some of 70 endemic species that live exclusively in Hawaii.

If you wish to get more enjoyment from your exotic holiday in Hawaii, download the iBird Hawaii & Palau Guide to Birds. You can download this high-end app from the Apple App Store for $9.99 and then use it on your iPhone or iPad to identify the birds you see. The app covers 228 Hawaiian bird species and 169 birds from Palau.

The guide provides voluminous identification and intricate details regarding the birds of Hawaii. Also, the app’s visual matching system means you no longer have to scroll through different choices. TheiBird Hawaii & Palau Guide to Birdshas a trademarked Percevia Smart Search function that empowers you to become an expert bird identifier.


Where’s a Bear

Yellowstone National Park is the perfect choice for modern travelers who want to enjoy real wildlife, including buffalo, wolves and bears, in the vast wilderness of their natural habitat.

If you want to get the most from your time in Yellowstone National Park, you should download the Where’s a Bear app for your Android mobile device. The 99-cent app will guide you to the best places in the park for seeing wild animals. You can see where animal sightings have been reported and filter them by setting alerts for the type of animal you want to see. The app also includes extensive offline maps that help you find the closest facilities.

Regardless of whether you want to see bald eagles, grizzly bears or sandhill cranes, this app can help make your dream come true. The app also has an Old Faithful timer, so you can plan on seeing the geyser’s next eruption.


Mississippi Fishing, Hunting & Wildlife Guide

Despite the growing human population that lines the Mississippi, there’s plenty of space for you to enjoy an exotic getaway there. The wildlife of Mississippi includes animals of all shapes and sizes, ranging from Louisiana Black Bear to snakes, frogs and fish.

Unfortunately, explorers in the area can easily get lost and lose track of their traps. The Pocket Ranger Mississippi Fishing, Hinting and Wildlife Guide helps you plan your outdoor experience and then guides you as you enjoy wildlife. The app will also allow you to find the best fishing and wilderness areas while informing you about applicable licensing requirements and other rules and regulations.

Mississippi Fishing, Hunting & Wildlife Guide allows you to mark tracks and log animal sightings. You can download the app for free for either Apple or Android devices.

Now that you’ve decided to pursue an exotic destination for your next vacation, download an app that will help you safely explore wildlife and indigenous species. The apps for exotic US destinations provide you with the information needed to identify the animals that surround you and help you stay aware of your location. Your tablet and smartphone can help you have a safe, fun and educational wildlife experience without ever leaving the country.



This guest post was written by Heather Reading, an avid reader, freelance writer, coffee snob and a tech enthusiast from Aurora, Illinois. When she is not working, Heather enjoys swimming and hanging out with her friends.


Author Chinavasion Marketing 14.11.2016. | 13:27
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