Don’t Blame The Gadget, Blame The Driver

Author xlxmarketing 8.1.2008. | 10:55

Driving can be a very risky business and the roads get no more dangerous than they do during rush-hour in the mornings and evenings, when half the working population makes their way between their homes and their place of work. You sometimes think drivers switch off their brains when they turn on the engine.

Distractions are the most frequently listed cause of accidents after alcohol consumption and speed. Gadgets, electronic and communication devices are responsible for most of the accident-causing distractions. Cell phones are a big problem themselves and the US insurance body, Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, has found that 1 in 4 automobile accidents have been caused by a person talking on a cell phone.

Anybody will know that talking on a cell phone in a car is a perilous exercise because it distracts the driver and, if the driver is not using a hands-free kit, leaves the driver with only one hand to operate the car. It is so much of a risk that it is illegal to use hand-held cell phones while driving in 53 countries and two states in the US.

Bluetooth Car Kit – Sun Visor Clip Design

Bluetooth Car Kit - Sun Visor Clip Design

This is a product to keep you safe while ensuring you are always contactable. The easily installed Bluetooth-enabled speaker with built-in microphone is incredibly easy to install. All you need to do is to clip it onto your sun visor. The microphone uses digital signal processing technology to make sure your voice comes through clearly at all times, and the impressive 10 hours of battery life and car recharge adapter mean you will never lose an important phone calls due to power failure.

Bluetooth Car Kit

Bluetooth Car Kit

If you already have a LCD screen behind your sun visor you might be more interested in the Bluetooth car kit. Simply plug it into your cigarette lighter, configure it with your speakers, or put on an earpiece and you are ready to go. It is easy to use and the system is compatible with most cell phone brands to make it easy to remain in contact with the world safely for an incredibly affordable price.

Car Bluetooth Clip On Rearview Mirror – SD + USB Port

Car Bluetooth Clip On Rearview Mirror - SD + USB Port

This rear-view mirror attachment is the ideal partner for the plug in microphone. The unit, which combines a speaker and projector, will guarantee you are never in the dark about the identity of a caller while on the road again. Be it a potential client, loved one, or telemarketer; you will be able to see their details before answering their call. This can also be plugged into a personal stereo to allow you to keep an eye on the songs you are listening to while practicing good driver etiquette at the same time.

Car Rear View Reversing Camera [CVEJS-518T]

Car Rear View Reversing Camera

Poor visibility and driver blind spots often create problems while people are out on the road. The evolution process left humans with forward facing eyes –great for hunting but not so good for keeping an eye on our surroundings. As a result backing up and overtaking are often fraught with peril as the driver is required not only to know what is in front of them, but also behind and beside them as well. With this camera mounted on the car boot (or trunk depending on which country you’re in) you will always be able to see what is behind you. The 120 degrees of vision the camera provides will prevent you from using bad visibility as an excuse ever again.

Car Reverse Camera – Reversing Aid

Car Reverse Camera - Reversing Aid

If you don’t have a boot or a trunk this camera, which is mounted behind the rear license plate, is an option. The display system even has markings that show you exactly how much distance there is between you and the Mercedes you are trying to park beside without damaging.

Touch Screen 2 DIN Car DVD Player + Parking System


Touch Screen 2 DIN Car DVD Player + Parking System

You could display images from your newly-fitted camera on this stylish dash-installed DVD player and display screen. This versatile device not only works as a DVD player and backing display system, but can also play CDs and acts as an FM/AM tuner. There will be no more fumbling for controls as the touch screen ensures you always have access the function you want. The 6.5-inch display means it is will be just as much of a hit with the passengers as it is with the driver.

7inch Rearview Mirror With Touch Button


7inch Rearview Mirror With Touch Button

However, if you don’t like looking down while you drive this rearview mirror display may be the answer to your woes. The two camera input system allows you to get 360 degrees of visibility without moving your head. The screen also acts as a mirror when the cameras are not in use and the remote-control screen will make it breathtakingly easy to switch between different camera feeds.

Anti Sleep Driving Alarm


Anti Sleep Driving Alarm

Sleepy? Driving late at night? While it is always a good idea to pull over and rest, sometimes that is not really an option. However, this device will make sure you are always awake and alert when you’re behind the wheel. Whenever you start to drop off, or whenever your head starts to tilt on a 45 degree angle an alarm will sound, waking you from your slumber. While that would be a jarring experience, it would be much more pleasant than the sound of metal crunching into metal.

Just as a bad workman shouldn’t blame his tools, we shouldn’t really blame gadgets for making driving an unsafe experience. After all, as we can see some have actually been designed to make us safer and better drivers. Happy motoring.

Author xlxmarketing 8.1.2008. | 10:55
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