How to Find Your Xiaomi Phone’s IMEI number

Author Chinavasion Marketing 11.11.2016. | 16:56

Recently we have had several inquiries about the IMEI number on the smartphones we sell so we decided to put this little blog together to answer the most common question, What is IMEI and how can I find my phones IMEI number

So what is IMEI?

It is short for International Mobile Equipment Identity. Which is a number, usually unique, to identify mobile phones, as well as some satellite phones.

In this blog post I am going to introduce 3 different methods to find the IMEI numbers on this Xiaomi Mi5.


A. From Setting Menu

Go to Setting>About Phone>Status>IMEI information, you can check your Xiaomi Phone’s IMEI numbers. After you can see from the screen, there are two different IMEI numbers shown on the screen. It is simply because Xiaomi Mi 5 is equipped with dual sim card slots.


B. From Dial Pad

Enter “*#06#” from your dial pad and the IMEI code will be retrieved easily. This universal code works well no matter what phone you use. so wether is a Samsung, Xiaomi, Lenovo, UMI, Bluboo, Doogee, THL or other smartphone you should be able to use this method to get the IMEI number.


C. From the Packaging

For all the Xiaomi Phones bought from Chinavasion, there is a bar code label to the back cover of the phone box. You can see the IMEI, MEID and Serial number on it. This is generally the case for many other phones however some may be printed on the user manual or a card inside the phone packaging. On some phones wioth a removable back the IMEI number could be on a label on the inside of the case, sometimes below the removable battery.


Author Chinavasion Marketing 11.11.2016. | 16:56
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  1. Jorge Mero November 15, 00:44

    Very good article, I served much

  2. fantush kumar June 4, 11:52

    my xiomi redmi 4 lost imei no 866248037318266/8274 stolen helping us my contact 9910779446

  3. Aman singh July 13, 14:23

    But what to do if i already lost my cell phone ,box is also missing .. Is there any option?

  4. SARAVANAN S August 21, 21:14

    My phone display bbroken is there is any manual method to find it

  5. AKM Abul Bacher November 28, 10:51

    I lost my Xiaomi phone set. I have only last 4 digit of IME number. How can I get full IME number, pleasee?

  6. shalender kumark May 18, 17:05

    my xiaomi imei no. 867024041126915 please find it

  7. Vnod Kumar September 30, 15:53

    867871036840870 my xiaomi redmi y1 plz find it

  8. Sajjad November 30, 15:59

    I lost my IMEI number & baseband version xiomi redmi note 6 pro.i am a student & i bought my phone by very hard working.please back me my phone.

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