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If you have your own drop shipping website or would like to set one up to sell Chinavasion’s products online, the easiest way would be through connecting your system to our own system by using Chinavasion’s API which allows you to use our private data feed. By using our API the products on your website will be automatically updated according to the latest product status on the website of Chinavasion whenever you request an update through the API – making the up keeping of your website a whole lot easier, time efficient, and cheaper.

Throughout the following article a short look will be given at what an API really is, what it can do for your company, how to use it, and finally how to connect Chinavasion’s own API with the systems of your online drop shipping company.

Source: www.metatrader4.com

Source: www.metatrader4.com


What is an API?

Simply put, an Application Programming Interface (API) is a set of requirements that enable two applications or systems to talk to each other without the need of human intervention. Whether it is your smartphone, laptop, or desktop PC – APIs are what make it possible that information flows between different programs or systems.


Source: www.bulksmsservicesprovider.co.in

Source: www.bulksmsservicesprovider.co.in


When using the internet, APIs make it possible for large service websites such as, for example, Google Maps to allow other, smaller, applications to ride along on their offerings.

As an example one could think about Yelp. When you are using Yelp to search for nearby restaurants the application uses an intergraded Google Maps feature to display instantly where a certain restaurant is located.  Therefore Google’s services are intergraded within Yelp’s application, allowing you to see the restaurants location without needing to close the App and open Google Maps separately.

APIs are what make this automatic and instant data sharing between different application systems possible.

Source: www.screenwerk.com

Source: www.screenwerk.com


APIs make all this instant communication and data sharing possible by exposing some of a program’s internal functions and code to the outside world in a limited fashion. By doing so an API makes it possible for an application to share data and to take actions on another’s behalf without the need of having actual human interaction.

To ensure that not all valuable data and protected code gets shared with outsiders, APIs exactly define how a program can and will interact with the rest of the software world. This guarantees a safe and automatic data sharing technique that helps people to save their time and resources.


How does an API work?

In today’s world APIs play an especially important role in the mobile Application and E-commerce industry as here they dictate how developers can create fresh applications / e-commerce websites that tap into the services provided and shared by the big players in their industry.

Dropbox’s API, for example, can now be used by smaller game developers that allow their users to store their saved games in the Dropbox cloud instead of personally creating their own, private, cloud-storage option. As one can imagine, this does save a lot of time, resources, and money alike – giving small developers the possibility to create more complex Applications without the need to worry about data storage.


Source: www.cloud-elements.com

Source: www.cloud-elements.com


In a more broader sense APIs are what make possible an extremely wide range of web-services in which modern day developers mix and match APIs form different major websites such as, for instance, Google, Facebook, Dropbox, or Twitter to create completely new applications and service unknown to the web before. Therefore it is fair to say that the open access and widespread availability of APIs for all the major service websites out there is what makes the modern web experience possible.

When getting back to our Yelp example form above we can see that, when you search for a nearby restaurant, the application will plot the restaurant’s location in its intergraded Google Maps feature instead of creating its own ‘’Yelp Maps’’.

When you would search for a particular restaurant in Yelp the application passes on a request for the required information, which in this case is the restaurant’s address, to Google’s API which then, in return, delivers a Map object with restaurant pins in it at the proper locations. This ‘’map object’’ will then be shown inside Yelp where users can easily find the restaurant’s address thanks to Google’s services.


Source: www.technologytipsy.blogspot.hk/

Source: www.technologytipsy.blogspot.hk/


In the e-commerce industry similar APIs are often used by large foreign wholesale companies that allow smaller domestic drop shippers to automaticall copy product information and prices from their website.

At Chinavasion, for example, we offer our own API so that e-commerce companies globally can connect their own system to Chinavasion’s system. In this way all our product and price updates will be directed and shown automatically on their webshop whenever this information is requested through an API call without the need of human interaction – thus making the upkeeping of your drop shipping website a whole lot easier and less time consuming.


How do I use / setup an API

Setting up an API or implementing the API of another website with that of your own system is quite a tricky and complicated process. Unlike a plug-in or application that has already been programmed an API just sets out the parameters needed. Therefore a skilled programmer is still required to write code and generate the application that you require.

Only with advanced programming skills will you be able to implement the API code of another website into that of your own. If you find yourself in a situation without the needed IT knowledge the best thing to do is either ask support from an advanced programmer or simply decide to leave it for the time being.


Chinavasion’s API

We at Chinavasion have set up our own API parameters that our customers can use to implement into the system of their own e-commerce drop shipping website. By using Chinavasion’s API you can simply mirror certain information on our website and ensure that new Chinavasion products get updated automatically on your website whenever this information is requested through the API.

chinavasion API

For more information on our API and how to implement it into your own web store please have a look at our frequently asked questions section with respect to our Chinavasion API.

Author Chinavasion Marketing 10.11.2016. | 13:55
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    It would be amazingly helpful if CV developed their own WordPress plug-in for dropshippers to utilise on their web sites.

    I for one would be happy to pay for the plug-in.

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    I have to agree with Ian. I for one would support this

  3. Babs September 26, 11:33

    I supported both Ian and Stephen,that if CV can develop API for wordPress.

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