How Mobile Application is changing our Life

Author Chinavasion Marketing 9.11.2016. | 17:59


Mobile applications, better known as ‘apps’ are the application software designed exclusively for smartphones. These small software units are not that small when asked about its significance in anyone’s daily life.

Mobile Application

The usage of mobile applications begins with waking up itself
– ‘the morning alarm app’ and the list is so long that it ends nowhere. This shows how the world of mobile applications has become an intrinsic fragment of our lives and its impact on us is cosmic. Though what seems perplexing is that they only became mainstream in the last decade but the way its success graph escalated is exemplary.


As mentioned earlier, even the mornings begin with an app meaning that there exists an app for almost everything. YOU NAME IT AND YOU HAVE AN APP FOR IT. Be it for messaging (WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger), watching videos (Youtube), listening to music (Google Play Music) social networking (Twitter or Facebook), gaming (City Racing), watching T.V. (A&E or Watch ABC), reading news (BuzzFeed) or even for maintaining health (Calorie Counter) – there exists a number of apps for everything.
One cannot even estimate the number of apps on the ground as of now, as it keeps increasing every day. According to stats, apparently, there exist 2.2 million apps for Android users and 2 million for Apple users – this did stagger your vision and left you awestruck, right?

The world has become habitual app user, from forecasting weather to confirming train status or delay; people use an app for it, which is even worth it because of the preciseness. The Mobile Applications have changed the lives of many in the easiest and best possible manner. Because of the prodigious figure of app users it has resulted in creating its own micro economy.


Not all are free to constantly watch Series. Many people come across situations where they miss their shows or serials. One had to wait for the repeat telecast.
At one point there was no solution to it but today there is – LIVE TV APP.
What can possibly be more pleasant than the fact that you can watch Live T.V. anytime from anywhere in the world. Many Live T.V. Apps for example, A&E comes up with additional feature of watching movies in various languages.‘Watch ABC’ is yet another trending Live T.V. app.


Most of the people love watching movies. If not an obsession, at least it turns out to be the best of time pass. Heading to a PVR can be a costly affair and also if you have an old movie in your mind then even a PVR or a theatre can do nothing. Waiting for it to telecast someday, out of the blue, on television can be a bizarre idea. What to do then? Then comes to rescue –MOVIE APPS. You get to watch movies of almost all the genres on these apps and that too, FOR FREE. Tubi TV and Snagfilms are some of the famous movie apps to watch online movies.



Not all are lucky to get to watch ESPN all day. You might end up missing the big game especially the one you had been waiting for ever since you heard of it. And a sport lover cannot afford to do that. That’s when you have a sport app with you. ESPN and Sports Feed are one of the best sport app in today’s date. They also provide all the exclusive sports news update for you to know.

2. NEWS APP’s:

Remaining updated with what is going around you or in the world is very important. Gone are the days of watching news on television. Clinging to television for the kind of news you want can be very tedious. News App’s turn out to be a great help. It lets you choose the exact kind of news you want to know about. The New York Times and BuzzFeed have been fighting with each other for the first position. From Viral Headlines to Fun content, these have it all.


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Author Chinavasion Marketing 9.11.2016. | 17:59
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  1. Jorge Mero November 11, 06:12

    So is the use of these applications more and more frequent

  2. Annie Lobo November 24, 14:20

    Totally agree with you smartphones and applications are really changing our life style and they are making us really slow. Now everything is automated and we just want to relax ourself. Thats not good.
    Thank you
    Annie Lobo

  3. anne December 27, 14:40

    Now a days, every business has app. As mobile users are growing like anything these days, mobile apps are playing vital role in both Entertainment and Business. Thanks for wonderful article.

  4. mark January 7, 13:35

    Hey Ivy Jiang,
    As a app developer I know the value of mobile application in business. Thanks for the wonderful article.

  5. Peter March 31, 07:42


    The super article on the internet is a lot of information on technical news but on your blog it is very understandable, good job Ivy Jiang 🙂

  6. hari May 2, 15:10

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  7. jigarjaan June 1, 15:45

    With the help of mobile application ore life is very easy. its very helpful to our regular life. EPFO UAN Login

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