Monitoring Apps Gaining Recognition as Essential Enterprise Tools

Author Chinavasion Marketing 3.11.2016. | 14:17

Web-connected devices such as smartphones and tablets have gotten themselves recognized as essential business tools. Their integral role in keeping the operations running smoothly and boosting employee productivity is undeniable. However, there is substantial documented evidence to establish the fact that improper use and inadequate supervision of mobile devices can have detrimental effects on a company and its interests.

Various tech blogs like TechoMag have been touting monitoring apps as a viable solution to the potential pitfalls of technology in the workplace. Such claims have certainly struck a chord with a lot of companies, which is why so many of them are actually beginning to invest in tools that allow electronic surveillance of employees’ digital activities.

If the growing popularity of monitoring apps is any indication of how the corporate minds are thinking, then it’s safe to assume that the said tech is considered an essential business tool. This is hardly a surprise considering what it’s capable of delivering.

Monitoring Apps Gaining Recognition as Essential Enterprise Tools

Protecting Vital Data

For any company to survive and thrive in a competitive market, it is essential that it takes strict measures to keep its data from getting compromised. This, of course, has become much harder than before due to the prevalence of internet-enabled devices in workplaces. There’s no telling when an employee would change loyalty and stab the company in the back by selling its sensitive data to an outside party through web channels.

Monitoring apps do an excellent job of curbing this threat by allowing companies to keep a watchful eye on how its employees are using their digital privileges. Everything from mobile communications to browsing history is made visible to the concerned management personnel, thus discouraging employees from engaging in crooked practices and working against the interests of the company. Those succumbing to their greed or vendetta against the company are easily identified and dealt with.

Maintaining Productivity Levels

The purpose of internet and web-connected devices in the workplace is not to keep employee entertained or in touch with their personal lives, but rather to help them perform their work tasks more efficiently. Unfortunately, many companies find the very technology that was meant to benefit them become an obstacle in their progress instead. Employees are found to be juggling work tasks with their personal lives and entertainment during work hours, losing their productivity in the process.

This, of course, is easily prevented through the use of monitoring apps as it allows companies to clearly see how their workforce is using their time while at work. If anyone is sharing cat memes on Facebook, watching highlights of a recent baseball game on YouTube, or resolving a personal matter on WhatsApp, the management gets to know about it right away. This not only helps in sniffing out chronic time-wasters, but also encourages employees to set their priorities straight.

Ensuring a Safe Work Environment

It’s a company’s responsibility to provide a safe and healthy work environment to its employees. If any employee experiences bullying, harassment, or any other such incident while at work, the company is rightly handed the blame for it along with the actual perpetrator. In many cases, victims file a lawsuit against their employers for failing to provide them with adequate protection, and perpetrators take their employers to court for wrongly accusing and punishing them for an infraction.

Monitoring apps enable companies to supervise every email, message, call, social media post, picture, and video to reduce the likelihood of undesirable incidents taking place within workplace premises and mitigating the risk of litigation. Red flags are identified easily and necessary managerial action is taken immediately.

The recorded communications and other evidence of harassment can also be presented in court, provided employees were informed in advance of company’s monitoring policy.

Author Chinavasion Marketing 3.11.2016. | 14:17
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