Understanding The Technology Behind Power Banks

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The online marketplaces give so many offers to buy power banks online that can keep you connected and safe when you have no charging source around you. Mobiles, as well as their related accessories, have been lighting up lives of consumers from a long time and as the complexity of lives is increasing so are the requirements and power demands of these products.

power banks

This is evident from the different kind of accessories offers that are on display these days like for external battery chargers, USB charging hubs, and so forth. Most of the accessories offered these days are related to charging of phones as in absence of these, all other parts will be of no use. You may buy cheap audio cables or ear plugs but if you don’t have a charged phone they will be of no use. Power banks have come to the rescue in this respect. But many people still don’t know much about these and those who do wish to know more about them. So, here we are giving a snapshot of how the technology works and how these devices can make your life simpler.


Technology, Quality, and Capacity

Power banks or the mobile rechargeable batteries (MRBs) can be classified as per their output, capacity, as well as battery type. Most of these are either based on lithium polymer or lithium-ion technology. The first one is lighter and much more flexible with respect to construction. The most fundamental form of MPBs uses a metal or plastic housing to keep the battery inside,  this battery is  internally connected with USB header so you can plug your devices into it. A distinct USB power point charges this battery either via the main supply or through a computer.


Since the major cost of an MRB lies with battery, it makes perfect sense to consider the brands that one can trust. The MRBs with most basic price are mostly manufactured by very small no name manufacturers. These people use batteries of new or almost unknown origin. The good ones or the higher ones like Samsung make use of cells that come with a longer life cycle, better safety features, and faster-charging abilities. The charging capabilities of these devices are quoted as per mAh or milliAmp-hours. The higher the capacity the better is the measure of energy in terms of watt-hours (WHr) that can be stored. Do note that the capacities of the batteries are defined as per mAh rating although it is pretty straightforward to define the WHr figure as most of these have a personal voltage of 3.6V or 3.7V. MEB size and physical batteries are directly related to capacity, so the larger the capacity the bigger the power bank will be.

You should also note the power output in Amps (A) of any power bank you wish to buy and make sure it is suited to your needs. Some power banks will just have a 1 Amp 5 Volt output whereas other may have a 2 Amp output. obviously, those with a higher output will be able to put power into your devices faster (assuming your device is rated to take such 2 Amp inputs). Power banks with a 2Amp output would be able to recharge tablet PCs. there are even plenty of power banks on the market which feature multiple outputs allowing you to recharge two or more devices at once.

Which Power Bank Should You Buy?

Budget and capacity are the main parameters for choosing an MRB. For a regular user, who find their smartphone running out of battery constantly and need to spend more hours in texting and net surfing, a power bank worth, 2000mAh suffices. This usually costs less than 20 Pounds and can be carried around easily. While those who need to use their phones all day for higher purposes, they can go for a 5, 000mAh MRB.



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Author Chinavasion Marketing 27.10.2016. | 09:49
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