Is Your Household of Devices a Disaster Waiting to Happen?

Author Chinavasion Marketing 25.10.2016. | 13:47

Look around and things really don‘t look too much different than they did 20 or even 30 years ago, except for personal technology. We have gadgets and gizmos galore, ranging from smartphones to tablets to now virtual reality enabling accessories. These devices are built by a variety of companies, feature apps, and programs designed by an even wider spectrum of enterprise, and generally provide portals through which users fulfill a wide range of daily wants and needs.

In short, the trade-off for this proliferation of personal technology are the risks associated with its uses. Whether financial, personal, or a combination of the two, it’s important to try and prevent device-related disasters from occurring. Here’s how:

Data Protection

Whether by ransomware or less malicious means, the risks of losing data are increased when there is a multitude of different types of personal devices accessing the same cloud accounts and local networks. Consumers are increasingly being advised to seek out business-grade integrated data loss prevention for protecting their diverse array of devices. This umbrella approach to securing private data is becoming necessary due to the runaway rate in which new hardware and software are being unveiled and made available for purchase. Peace of mind comes with knowing your digital security solution is not only updated around the clock but cloaked over all types of devices.

data security

Hardware Protection

Of course, sometimes data damage comes not from malicious code or mistaken deletion, but classic physical destruction. In short, there isn’t much which can be done if a device’s memory unit is battered beyond repair. Not to mention the loss of the device itself can be financially agonizing, as today’s smartphones and tablets are typically priced upwards of $300. The solution is of course to make the investment in reliably resistant cases and protectors for your household gadgets. Furthermore, promote a culture of responsible electronics care within the home.


The ability to make a purchase has never been easier thanks to smartphones and tablets. We swipe the screen to look at products, pick what we want, selected a shipping option, and click “submit.” Yet this all too easy way to buy can lead to headaches if you aren’t careful where you do your online shopping. Ensuring safe money transfer during online shopping is essential for preventing fraudulent transactions and unsatisfactory products. Read reviews, be skeptical of ratings, and generally, practice due diligence before going forward with an online purchase.

data security


Old Fashioned Theft and Misplacement

Similar to the unavoidable pitfalls of physical destruction of hardware, not much can reverse the damage of a stolen smartphone or tablet. Fortunately, smartphone theft is on the decline and tablets with it thanks to “kill switch” remote deactivation software. It’s important to make sure all devices within the home are enabled with such service. However, it’s far more likely a phone or tablet will be misplaced rather than stolen, in which case a GPS locator feature comes in handy to prevent having to shell out hundreds for a replacement device.

As far as the technological progress of the last several decades goes, the most visible change has been the evolution of personal devices. Many of us are carrying around computers in our pockets and purses. Yet these tech marvels come with a caveat: increased risk of personal data being stolen, lost, or destroyed. Take appropriate measures to ensure the devices in your household don’t end up being the gateways to personal and/or financial disaster.

This post was written by Laura Johnson, if you would like to write for us then please visit our write fo us page and view or guest post guidelines.


Author Chinavasion Marketing 25.10.2016. | 13:47
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