Giveaway – UMi Diamond Smartphone is Free Now!

Author Chinavasion Marketing 24.10.2016. | 17:03

Yes, we are sending UMi Smartphone as a free gift again!

Yes, anyone who follows our guideline can have a chance to win it!

UMi Diamond Smartphone 2

Every time we give one new free UMi smartphone while it launches on We welcome every visitor, not only our customer to join our giveaway. Chinavasion like to share good gadgets, happy with you and we hope it can bring you luckily.

UMi Diamond curved 2.5 D glass screen which makes this phone looks elegant and feels stunning in the hand. 5 inch HD display from undue damage so that it can deliver a crisp sharp image time and time again.

UMi Diamond 2

With Octa-core CPU, 1.5GHz, and 3GB RAM, it delivers a blazing performance that drives the phone to great heights. So it can easily stream media, handle intensive games and tackle all you could desire from it with perfection and ease.

Features Dual SIM card slots and dual 4G network, this phone can support a broad spectrum of frequencies and brings fast data connectivity. And its android 6.0 OS let you get access to the newest features and teaks of the Google OS.

UMi Diamond


Know more about this phone: UMi Diamond


~~~~About the giveaway! ~~~


Join giveaway? please follow as below. 

  1. Leave a comment below this blog and UMi Diamond Smartphone Page.
  2. Comment is about “Which features you like most of  this phone?”
  3. Share this blog post to your Facebook and Twitter, @chinavasion at the same time, Saying “Chinavasion Shared…#cvgive778 and #gadget”
  4. Time: Unlimited
  5. Expiration Date: 15th November 2016

Note: We only pick up the winner who follows all the steps.


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Author Chinavasion Marketing 24.10.2016. | 17:03
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  1. Gus Corolis October 27, 02:54


  2. Gus Corolis October 27, 02:55

    What a beautiful phone!

  3. Zsolt Pinter October 27, 04:05

    3G RAM and stunning design 😀

  4. David Millan October 27, 05:32

    I like the price of this mobile

  5. heather w October 27, 11:09

    I’m still currently using a blackberry 9900 so I love that this phone has an android OS

  6. Dmitriy Sukhanov October 28, 05:59

    I like the Dual SIM 4G feature!

  7. Rohit Dhyani October 28, 08:40

    Octa-core CPU, 1.5GHz, and 3GB RAM, it delivers a blazing performance that drives the phone to great heights.

  8. Rodrigo Bernardo October 28, 18:31

    Octa-Core and 3GB ram Amazing!!

  9. Celeste Bernardo October 28, 21:45

    I love the Octa-Core CPU

  10. Junior Bulze October 28, 22:23

    Like the dual SIM 4G feature..

  11. vicky October 28, 22:48

    woow.. it’s very great with premium design

  12. Steve October 28, 23:56

    Awesome! 🙂 Thanks!

  13. Manny Class October 29, 10:14

    This phone is beautiful! Great design!! Dual SIM!! Fast Processor!! Tons of memory!!! Expandable storage!!! What more can you ask for in a smartphone!!?

  14. Sunil October 29, 12:03

    Nice & Super with Octa-core CPU, 1.5GHz, and 3GB RAM.

  15. Sunil October 29, 12:05

    Nice & Super with with Octa-core CPU, 1.5GHz, and 3GB RAM

  16. lei October 30, 01:20

    i love the dual 4G feature~~

  17. lei October 30, 01:22

    dual 4g connection for both sims! its amazin~

  18. Andrey Miroshnikov October 30, 08:19

    Good price for this phone

  19. Alexander Mark Vladica October 30, 12:56

    I love that it has Snapdragon 821

  20. Alexander Mark Vladica October 30, 13:01

    great value, when you look at specs and price

  21. Alexander Mark Vladica October 30, 13:02

    great value, with dual 4G SIM and octa core

  22. Sinthuja Sarma October 30, 15:28

    Great Smartphone. Features are Awesome. I like most Android 6.0, MTK6753 64bit Octa Core, Processor running at 1.5GHz, and while the Mali-T720 GPU features of this phone.

  23. Klemen Cimperc October 31, 01:01

    I like the great performance and very beautiful design. The price is the best!

  24. Dmytro Shvets October 31, 03:05

    Octa Core CPU, 3GB RAM, Dual SIM 4G, Android 6.0, 5 Inch HD Screen, 8MP Camera

  25. Dan Nicoleta Valentin October 31, 05:05

    Whit its 3GB of RAM is blazing fast!

  26. alix allen October 31, 12:05

    Pretty phone isnt it ? 🙂 Only question is will i win this contest.

  27. Djoss October 31, 23:10

    J’aime le cpu 8 coeurs à 1.5ghz et aussi la mémoire e stockage de 16go et le Dual sim 4g

  28. David Kerslake November 1, 09:22

    Looks really good for the price

  29. terry calhoun November 1, 12:03

    what a sweet phone

  30. Nomis Parfitt November 1, 19:03

    Easily the best looking curved screen phone!

  31. Oluwole Taiwo November 2, 13:49

    I won the umi max giveaway smart phone recently which am still enjoying, but looking at this new umi diamond curved feature and its custom made audio chip features makes it unique. I cannot resist having one. Thanks to chinavasion team for this wonderful opportunity, i wish you more success

  32. Hamid Mehmood November 2, 20:56

    i realy like its urved 2.5 D glass screen. very nice and sleek look and stylish

  33. Sinthuja Sarma November 3, 21:45

    Great Smartphone. features are Awesome. I like most Android 6.0, MTK6753 64bit Octa Core, Processor running at 1.5GHz, and while the Mali-T720 GPU features of this phone.

    Awesome giveaway. Thanks Chinavasion for this chance. Done all steps and wish to win.

  34. Adarsh Verma November 4, 12:50

    3GB RAM and Awesome design

  35. haashim November 4, 14:04

    Diamond curved 2.5 D glass screen,5 inch HD display,fast data connectivity.Finally Amazing PHONE zING zING

  36. SanthoshKumar Manickam November 4, 17:53

    i like the stylish design n colour

  37. Vanga Bhanu November 4, 19:49


    1. UMi Diamond curved 2.5 D glass screen
    2. 5 inch HD display
    3. Octa-core CPU, 1.5GHz
    4. 3GB RAM
    5. Dual 4G network
    6. Google OS


  38. Sadanandam Vodnala November 4, 20:45

    2.5 d curved glass 3 gb ram and performance

  39. Vlada Cha November 4, 23:15

    super phone wow!!!

  40. Vlada Cha November 4, 23:28

    Super phone!!! 🙂

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