Giveaway – UMi Diamond Smartphone is Free Now!

Author Chinavasion Marketing 24.10.2016. | 17:03

Yes, we are sending UMi Smartphone as a free gift again!

Yes, anyone who follows our guideline can have a chance to win it!

UMi Diamond Smartphone 2

Every time we give one new free UMi smartphone while it launches on We welcome every visitor, not only our customer to join our giveaway. Chinavasion like to share good gadgets, happy with you and we hope it can bring you luckily.

UMi Diamond curved 2.5 D glass screen which makes this phone looks elegant and feels stunning in the hand. 5 inch HD display from undue damage so that it can deliver a crisp sharp image time and time again.

UMi Diamond 2

With Octa-core CPU, 1.5GHz, and 3GB RAM, it delivers a blazing performance that drives the phone to great heights. So it can easily stream media, handle intensive games and tackle all you could desire from it with perfection and ease.

Features Dual SIM card slots and dual 4G network, this phone can support a broad spectrum of frequencies and brings fast data connectivity. And its android 6.0 OS let you get access to the newest features and teaks of the Google OS.

UMi Diamond


Know more about this phone: UMi Diamond


~~~~About the giveaway! ~~~


Join giveaway? please follow as below. 

  1. Leave a comment below this blog and UMi Diamond Smartphone Page.
  2. Comment is about “Which features you like most of  this phone?”
  3. Share this blog post to your Facebook and Twitter, @chinavasion at the same time, Saying “Chinavasion Shared…#cvgive778 and #gadget”
  4. Time: Unlimited
  5. Expiration Date: 15th November 2016

Note: We only pick up the winner who follows all the steps.


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Author Chinavasion Marketing 24.10.2016. | 17:03
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  1. Auwal Turaki October 24, 17:28

    What attracts me most about this outstanding Smartphone is; the RAM that’s up to 3GB that would allow you to Install many Apps. Secondly, the Android Version that would keeps you always updated with the latest future.
    Thanks for Chinavasion for Introducing such wonderful development.

  2. Paul October 24, 18:12

    The 5″ HD display is the best features I think. Remember that those who are visually impaired can finally see the text on the screen.

  3. mazecastro October 24, 21:13

    Octa Core CPU and 3GB of RAM are my fav specs

  4. Mr S O Taiwo October 24, 21:52

    I love the design of this phone, a stunner and able to keep up with the latest smartphones on the block.

  5. dairymple mende October 24, 22:03

    this is phone is very great option for those who wanted high-end phone with affordable price. my favorite feature of this phone is the Octa Core CPU and 3GB of RAMthat bring swift processing, especially i love to stream videos and play games with my phone this feature really helps it a lot. thank you somuch for the giveaway 🙂

  6. dairymple mende October 24, 22:06

    what i like about this phone is that its one of the high-end phone available in the market but with the affordable price. My favorite feature about this phone is the Octa Core CPU and 3GB of RAM bring swift processing, especially i love to stream videos and for playing games which this perfectly suits for me. thank you so much for this giveaway:)

  7. Wilbur Ah Malen October 25, 09:28

    The smartphone comes with a glass back which combined with the front 5.0-inch HD screen coated in 2.5D arc glass give it a very redefined look. The glass features a Dual T2X-1 protection that will allow it to stay intact after accidental falls and scratches. The aluminum metal frame and dual curved edges are also claimed to improve the grip and feeling in hands and 4G LTE support, including B20. I really love it so much UMi Diamond, hands it make me feel hold a big diamon in my hand.

  8. Mizdev Kr October 25, 10:53

    Great specs with low price, just wow

  9. Vishal Giri October 25, 15:14

    the best feature of this phone is it’s design, i just love it!!!

  10. badelhas October 25, 16:19

    Another great international giveaway for a great looking and good value smartphone. And I love that UMi is using almost stock android and not some heavily modified UI, like Xiaomi and Huawei, for instance.


  11. Rafunzel Biyaya Medina October 25, 16:59

    I read blogs about this phone and all i can say this is awesome. Thank you for the giveaway. 🙂

  12. Martin Cenek October 25, 19:38

    5 inch HD display with 2.5 D glass screen protect, 3GB of RAM, Android 6.0 Marshmallow

  13. Vitaly Batyrev October 25, 19:50

    I’m most like in Umi Diamond stylish design and 3Gb Ram capacity.

  14. Alexandru Rusu October 25, 20:17

    Great smartphone with awesome design , performance , caracteristics , conection 4G,Wi-fi, 16GB of internal memory , 3GB RAM , octa-core processor 1.5GHz at price 91 euro .I like this and i will be happy if i have an smartphone like this.

  15. Richard Green October 25, 20:32

    The 3gb and octacore cpu make this phone a contender to keep up withe latest flagship handsets

  16. Ricardo Bastos October 25, 20:33

    Great giveaway. Thanks

  17. Richard Green October 25, 20:48

    The 3gb of ram, and octacore cpu are the main things that attract me to this phone but overall the specs are pretty good and it stsnds up well against the major brands

  18. Mohammed Ninopi October 25, 21:28

    The features I like most of this phone is : Octa Core CPU and 3GB of RAM

  19. Angelo Joseph Vargas Vibal IV October 25, 22:16

    Cool. I wish I could have one.

  20. Eugene Yaschenko October 25, 23:51

    Lovely phone with great features, I like its RAM size, big enough to run most apps without problems.

  21. Robin Van Limbergen October 26, 01:40

    The Design is beyond anything. It fits my classy style.

  22. leon October 26, 06:11

    3GB Ram is really good!

  23. shin October 26, 06:52

    2.5D curved screen , can’t wait to see it.

  24. texasinak October 26, 07:05

    I really like all the features, but I especially like the look of the phone. The curved glass feature makes it look so sleek.

  25. Sandy Weinstein October 26, 07:08

    i like that it has a lot of ram, 3gb which allows for apps, also the android version is always updated, i like the slim style. i like that it is broad 6.0 OS and has dual sim slots and dual 4g

  26. Sandy Weinstein October 26, 07:16

    liked that it has dual sim slots, and dual 4 g network, also android so faster updates, also like the large 3gb ram so lots of room for apps

  27. Erin Ellis October 26, 07:48

    How awesome! Thank you for the wonderful giveaway.

  28. Pankaj October 26, 08:20

    ?Best thing i can say is it supports dual SIM card, dual standby, 4G LTE network, and music box speaker with customized audio chip its go to phone at the price …perfect gadget to carry …

  29. Dante vargas October 26, 09:06

    What attracts me most is the 3g ram and dual 4g sim

  30. Raymond Wong October 26, 10:11

    I love the features of dual 4G network so that I don’t even have to switch the sim cards. Thanks to Chinavasion!

  31. Mohammad Ridhwan October 26, 11:49

    First of all thanks to Chinavasion for making this giveaway.

    What I really love about this phone is its design that looks really nice and fit for everyone. And also, it has dual 4G network enabled on this phone so it would be great for me to get faster connection.

  32. Jakub October 26, 12:26

    I actually like the screen size & dual-sim

  33. Samuel Tai October 26, 13:35

    Love the design of the phone, 4G,Wi-fi, 16GB of internal memory , 3GB RAM and a beauty.

  34. Adrian Ranga Tamasel October 26, 14:16

    Very beautiful phone!! and powerfull!

  35. Mandeep Singh Chahal October 26, 14:23

    really very nice cell phone
    I like it
    stunning design

  36. Tiago Martins October 26, 15:32

    Nice giveaway

  37. Ray Llora October 26, 17:45

    I love the design of this phone and it’s Octa Core CPU and 3GB of RAM. It’s a great looking phone.

  38. Rajeeva Jayaratne October 26, 18:41

    great phone. i hope i win it.

  39. zukaakazux October 26, 22:38

    Great phone, UMi is getting so much better and better with every smartphone they make.

  40. Gus Corolis October 27, 02:53

    I cant wait to get this beautiful phone, I’ve never seen a mobile phone that has ALL of the features I like in the same phone.
    Thank you.

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