Giveaway – UMi Diamond Smartphone is Free Now!

Author Chinavasion Marketing 24.10.2016. | 17:03

Yes, we are sending UMi Smartphone as a free gift again!

Yes, anyone who follows our guideline can have a chance to win it!

UMi Diamond Smartphone 2

Every time we give one new free UMi smartphone while it launches on We welcome every visitor, not only our customer to join our giveaway. Chinavasion like to share good gadgets, happy with you and we hope it can bring you luckily.

UMi Diamond curved 2.5 D glass screen which makes this phone looks elegant and feels stunning in the hand. 5 inch HD display from undue damage so that it can deliver a crisp sharp image time and time again.

UMi Diamond 2

With Octa-core CPU, 1.5GHz, and 3GB RAM, it delivers a blazing performance that drives the phone to great heights. So it can easily stream media, handle intensive games and tackle all you could desire from it with perfection and ease.

Features Dual SIM card slots and dual 4G network, this phone can support a broad spectrum of frequencies and brings fast data connectivity. And its android 6.0 OS let you get access to the newest features and teaks of the Google OS.

UMi Diamond


Know more about this phone: UMi Diamond


~~~~About the giveaway! ~~~


Join giveaway? please follow as below. 

  1. Leave a comment below this blog and UMi Diamond Smartphone Page.
  2. Comment is about “Which features you like most of  this phone?”
  3. Share this blog post to your Facebook and Twitter, @chinavasion at the same time, Saying “Chinavasion Shared…#cvgive778 and #gadget”
  4. Time: Unlimited
  5. Expiration Date: 15th November 2016

Note: We only pick up the winner who follows all the steps.


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Author Chinavasion Marketing 24.10.2016. | 17:03
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  1. sunitakatyal November 5, 00:03

    wish to win this wonderful phone

  2. Riti kapoor November 5, 02:16

    In like the camera/mega pixels of the phone as I am really very fond of phones.

  3. Rak Ramozano November 5, 11:22

    UMi Diamond is the super strong smartphone, it is the killer of dropping. That was built with 64bit Octa-core M, Dual T2X-1 3GB RAM and Glass toughen smartphone that make it more and more stronger. I love UMi Diamond it is the super strong smartphone for us.
    Chinavasion Shared…#cvgive778 and #gadget

  4. Saurabh Jain November 5, 12:09


  5. jonathan pasion November 5, 12:57

    i like the curve 2.5 glass screen. it rocks

  6. Vishnu Arun November 5, 20:59

    Wow this is the best giveaway I have seen.
    It is not a fake one.
    Thanks a lot.

  7. Deepti November 6, 12:20

    i love this octa core cpu and anroid 6 os feature the most . Its totally a HD phone.

  8. Rashid MH November 6, 15:49

    i like this phone.very nice

  9. Maebule November 7, 03:40

    I like the camera of this … Great phone really like it ….

  10. Maebule November 7, 03:46

    I like every part of it

  11. Sadanandam Vodnala November 8, 17:34

    This is a super phone, i like the following features

    1. UMi Diamond curved 2.5 D glass screen
    2. Octa-core CPU, 1.5GHz
    3. 3GB RAM
    4. Dual 4G network

  12. Antonio Margiore November 9, 14:33

    Bellissimo come design, la struttura, e la potenza degli hardware interni…pazzesco!!!!….vorrei tanto vincerlo un UMI Diamond, da far invidia ai miei amici che hanno gli IPhone……

  13. Antonio Margiore November 9, 15:28

    telefono pazzesco!!!!!!!

  14. jime November 9, 17:20

    Very great topic about water heater thanks for this and I have make new blog after watching your blog so please guide me for this: That how i improve my site more. I already published lots of informative article with nice design but I think you are the most experience person from my opinion in this topic.

  15. Audrey Stewart November 11, 07:49

    This would be the Christmas present, ever.

  16. hant (@Callahan7) November 11, 09:03

    I like these features: UMi Diamond curved 2.5 D glass screen, 5 inch HD display, Octa-core CPU 1.5GHz, 3GB RAM, FM Radio, Dual 4G network

  17. Abid November 12, 20:43

    I love to use this phone. Amazing features. To excited for having this And i hope everybody should like this one.

  18. Robyn Bellefleur November 14, 04:20

    I’ve got my fingers crossed! I would love to win this awesome phone!

  19. Alexander Genvarev November 14, 18:57

    Cool smartphone

  20. sihem November 14, 21:12

    amazing phone thank you for sharing

  21. pawan kumar sharma November 15, 02:45

    its nice

  22. Yaroslav Vishnyak November 15, 10:02

    the most features o like in UMI Diamond are powerful CPU, 3GB RAM, and attractive design. beautiful phone!

  23. Anthony Russo October 30, 10:57

    It doesn’t look that great. You’re comparing it to the IPhone 7 which is outdated already. It’s a cheap phone for cheap people.

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