Mobile Marketing Automation Strategies to Keep Business Going Strong

Author Chinavasion Marketing 21.10.2016. | 16:52

Mobile messaging done poorly can turn off customers and get them shopping with the competition. A mobile messaging campaign done right, can make a growing business great. To understand what mobile marketing strategies work best with your customer base, it’s important to study the data you gather on the habits of your customers when they interact with your website or app.

Solid timing, personalizing automated messages, and building a strong customer base can get your business where you want it to be.



Don’t Spam, Personalize Your Messages

When you use a bulk text messaging service, you can create personalized text messages based on the behavior of your customers. Instead of sending out the same message to all of your customers in your database, you can track the habits of your potential shoppers and send out an offer based on what customers are searching for. Messages that are too general are going to be overlooked, while a customer who receives a text message regarding a product that they have been researching is more likely to purchase this item.


Send Push Notifications Purposely

Automated push notifications can increase sales and improve customer retention. Push notifications that let a customer know an order is on the way, or that a sale is about to start, add value to your customers and promote further sales. If you send out push notifications that don’t offer useful information or a new deal to your customers, they will quickly be sent to the spam folder.


In-App Notifications Shouldn’t Be Annoying

According to B2B Marketing Insider, “The average online shoppers attention span is 8 seconds.” This means that you have to capture the attention of your customers quickly, and in-app notifications should not be distracting. When your shopper is about to complete a sale and an annoying pop up causes your shopper to stray, you’ll lose the sale. Keep in-app notifications to a minimum to ensure that your sales go through.


Work with an Inbound Marketing Specialist

If you aren’t sure how to set up automated messages to reach your customer base, you will need to work with an inbound marketing specialist to strategize your marketing plan. While you can set up an account with one of the text message services, knowing what to send each of customers takes time and experience.


Create a Customized Sound for Your Business

When you are sending push notifications to your customer base, you want to stand out from the crowd. Create a customized sound for your business that lets your base know that they can expect an exciting text from you based on the sound that they hear. Change your notification sound to help create brand awareness, and let customers know without even looking that you are sending them a great deal.


As you search for optimal ways to utilize mobile marketing, remember that timeliness is one of the most important factors to consider. Keep your notifications to a minimum and stay away from sending generic messages that offer your customers no value.


This guest post was writtne by Sophorn, the marketing guy at Trumpia, the most complete SMS software with mass sms messaging, smart targeting and automation. Jumpstart your business by grabbing your free copy of his powerful Mobile Marketing Success Kit. Watch Trumpia’s 5-Minute Demo on how to execute an effective mobile marketing strategy.


Author Chinavasion Marketing 21.10.2016. | 16:52
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