5 Best CRM Tools for Sales Forecasting in 2016

Author Chinavasion Marketing 17.10.2016. | 16:02

CRM software is an amazing tool used by every respectable e-commerce. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools will give your business the power to get the most from your marketing, sales and service operation.

One of the most important features of CRM is sales forecasting. The forecasting itself is quite a tedious activity that most employees are not really looking forward to. A good CRM software will simplify the process of sales forecasting, enhance collaboration and optimize your sales results.

Keep in mind that your sales predictions will never be 100% correct. However, if you wish to improve the accuracy of your planning and get your entire team on board, use one of the best tools available on the market:

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Companies of every size can turn to Salesforce for CRM solutions. The company has a cloud-based model that lets on-premise, remote and mobile workers work together to achieve business goals.

Salesforce IQ CRM helps team members prioritize their activities to get the best possible results. The software gives you real-time leaderboards that help you track and evaluate the performance of your team members, so you can quickly take remedial action.

Sales forecasting is one of Salesforce’s strengths. The software can adapt to complex sales organizations and display overlay splits that allocate revenue and appropriately assess the value of contacts.

Salesforce gives you a real-time view of team forecasts that you can adjust as deals progress through your pipeline. Use your forecasts to evaluate your progress toward goals. You can view Salesforce forecasts by overlays to see how every part of your team impacts the total performance of your company.


Dynamics CRM

Microsoft Dynamics CRM can help you improve sales forecasting in your organization and use the information to guide your budgeting and capacity planning. The software delivers significant insights by comparing forecasts with your budgets and orders to improve accuracy over time.

Dynamics CRM allows you to create accurate, real-time forecasts. You can also track the forecasts for your products with current customers by product, region and time period.

You can choose either the on-site or cloud-based version of Dynamics CRM for your business. If you choose the cloud option, it can be easily integrated with Office 365 to capitalize on your sales forecasts by boosting productivity. The integrated software also helps you improve the quality of the customer experience supplied by your team.

sales forecasting


Small and medium-sized businesses like the powerful tools Zoho provides at a value price. You shouldn’t let the price tag fool you. Zoho CRM has sales opportunity tracking that compares well will well-known packages such as Salesforce.

Zoho has a unique way to measure the potential of your contacts, so you can always focus on the deals that have the most promise.

Using Zoho CRM to manage the entire lifecycle of your customers gives you access to forecasting tools that you can use to support your daily and strategic decision-making processes. Zoho forecasts help you anticipate upward and downward changes in sales, so you can always have the correct amount of resources on hand. The tool gives you an affordable way to optimize every part of the customer experience, resulting in significant returns on your investment.



HubSpot CRM is a cloud-based solution that can unify on-site and remote workers as part of your sales effort. The tool allows for enhanced monitoring features, as well as filtering options that provide detailed metrics.

HubSpot CRM has a user interface that is designed to provide viable sales metrics that drive accurate forecasts. Use the innovative Deal Forecast section of the HubSpot dashboard to view the total revenue at every stage of the sales lifecycle. The view lets you know what deals to focus on in order to meet your goals for the month.

The clean design and user-friendly interface of HubSpot CRM make it a perfect tool for first-time CRM users. The tool’s sales dashboard is straightforward, categorizing each stage of the sales process into deal forecast, productivity and pipeline. All in all, HubSpot CRM delivers productivity insights that help you understand your overall operational needs.


Maximizer CRM

Project future sales based on the performance of your pipeline using Maximizer CRM. With this tool, you can now stop using spreadsheets and calendars to make your projections.

Maximizer CRM enables you to intelligently generate your sales forecasts. The software gives you access to visual dashboards and robust metrics to generate precise reports and accurate predictions.

Maximizer CRM takes data entered by your sales, marketing and service teams and creates forecasts for the coming month, quarter or year, so business trends never catch you by surprise. The tool creates graphical sales reports that help your team track every sales detail and ensures that your sales team hit their targets.

In conclusion, these five CRM tools are only a small sample of what is available on the market today. Your choice of the right tool will depend on many factors, including the size of your business. In order to select the software that best fits your needs, you need to understand what your current sales forecasting methods lack.

When you have the right CRM software in place, you can generate sales forecasts that enable you to always have sufficient inventory and human resources on hand. As a result, your business can consistently supply an outstanding customer experience that builds sales and your bottom line.



This guest post was written by Heather Reading, an avid reader, freelance writer, coffee snob and a tech enthusiast from Aurora, Illinois. When she is not working, Heather enjoys swimming and hanging out with her friends.

Author Chinavasion Marketing 17.10.2016. | 16:02
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