Looking to Develop On-Demand Services App? Read Before You Begin

Author Chinavasion Marketing 24.10.2016. | 10:01

In the last couple of years, on-demand services have gained the huge attention of many businesses.

Are you also wondering how to exploit on the trend of on-demand services by developing your own application?

On demand

It is expected that there will be an army of applications in order to get things done on demand. Moreover, the on-demand application economy will also enable you to order anything on exact time when you are looking for it.

No matter which industry you belong to like food delivery, transportation, package delivery or anything, developing an application for instant on-demand service becomes easily possible as you just need a professional mobile app development company that comprehends your requirements.


Do You Know Why On-Demand Apps Are Such a Rage?

When it comes to talking about the on-demand application, the whole idea of it was built on sustainability and mobility; therefore, it was quite clear for the mobile apps to take a center stage.

In addition to this, the on-demand application business models got authentication with the huge popularity of Uber. A lot of investors have placed their bets on this sector and attained the growth.

Now, you would find dozens of new companies that are popping up with every day, allowing people to order whatever they like – a taxi, groceries, food delivery, beautician, etc. with a single tap of the smartphone button. With this, many new investors are also joining in.


Characteristics of Fruitful On-Demand Services

The costs point for the level of convenience promised is highly striking.

Do you know that successful on-demand services be in such sweet spot, where they charge more than the cheapest option? Well, the cheapest option is often free; however, less than the dominant suppliers in the marketplace.

The reasonability of on-demand services also keeps things that once sound luxurious within reach, giving an extra happiness to users. Let’s take one example, TaskRabbit saved the world from assembling their own Ikea furniture.

But now, we all have on-demand housecleaning services from Exec, HomeJoy, and more that allow us to book different kinds of home-related services. They take care of your home that is completely been new.


Technology plays a crucial role in delivering transparency and incredible customer service.

To serve and facilitate on-time services, on-demand services require reliable and advanced technology. Technology makes it easy yet convenient for users to access price information, customer reviews and communicate with employees before and while serving the service.

Let’s take another example of Washio that was delivering on-demand laundry and dry cleaning service to its customers. It was picking up your dirty and uncleaned clothes and return them clean and folded. It delivered a rich service that most associates with the fancy hotel stay.

According to Jordan Metzner, CEO at Washio, explained in an interview with Bloomberg Business, “The amount of technology that happens in real time for your clothes to get picked up and delivered back to you in 24 hours is really immense.”

Apart from this, there is one of the leading companies that make use of technology in a very unique and customer-oriented way is Wag, a startup that delivers certified dog walkers on demand.

The application of Wag! Enables its users to track their dog’s walk in real-time. However, this unique feature of the Wag! is not significant to Wag’s core offering. It also validates that the startup also comprehends how much users care for and missing their pets.


Flexibility Needs to be a Keystone of your Business.

The most defining characteristic of on-demand service is that these services are only obtainable when users need them. There are many successful on-demand services that flourish because they are providing flexibility in markets, which traditionally need a commitment from the user.

For example, rather than having an interview, hire, and develop a long-term relationship with a provider, users can press a button in order to get help instantly without any duty to use the service again. TaskRabbit demonstrates this principle, allowing shoppers, cleaners, and administrative taskers, who only show-up when required.

Do You Know What are the Key Features of an On-Demand Delivery Application?

Generally, an on-demand application has a complete range of features, allowing users to enjoy enormous benefits. The app should deliver a quick access to goods or services and a simple way to book them. Following are the key features of an on-demand application:

  • Scheduling a Delivery
  • Making Orders
  • Making Payment for Delivery
  • Product Search
  • Shopping Lists
  • Wish Lists
  • Rating or Providing Feedback About Deliveries
  • Real-time Messaging or Calls


Minimum Viable Product for that Kind of Application

Here, we will give an instant look at how to begin with developing an application of every single type and prepare the base for the further phone app development. It is advisable for you to create an MVP first in the context of the app.

Creating an MVP is extremely necessary as you can find out how feasible your app is and which mobile app development tools are considered as the most suitable for you and which are the features that need to be enhanced.

Doing all this at a very early stage and at a lower cost is highly important. Once you ensure it that your application becomes popular, it is essential to implement some extra features, which can make it a flagship.


Therefore, you should know that which features you should implement in your app so that you can safely run it and attract various users:

User Registration: It is a must for users to be registered in order to begin using the application. There are numerous options obtainable:

  • Registration Through Email or Phone Number
  • Authorization Through Social Networks
  • Using Both Methods

Settings: By including this feature, you will enable the user to customize your app and hence, make the usage of it simple.

Message Exchange: This feature is not important for all types of on-demand apps, but it is necessary for some of the apps, including healthcare and fitness category. In this application, the user should communicate directly with the experts.

Geolocation: Through this feature, it will be easy for you to regulate the user and where he is located. By searching, you can make results more accurate. Moreover, it can be used to define the delivery point as a current user’s location.

Filters: Implementing Filters is must if you have varied products or services to offer to your users. With this, users will be easily and quickly get to the desired product.


So, these are some of the things that you should know before you opt for an On-demand services application. You can also develop your own mobile application that loaded with your desired features.



This article was written by Sohel Ather who is content marketing strategist and IT consultant working with SpaceOtechnologies.com, a Mobile App Development Company that offers mobile app solutions.

Author Chinavasion Marketing 24.10.2016. | 10:01
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