How To SafeGuard iOS 10 Security and Privacy

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iOS 10 and iPhone 7 were the most anticipated updates of the year, and now both has arrived in the worldwide retail and online markets. iOS 10 and iOS 9 might seem identical in the looks, but both are very distinct in features. iOS 10 since its inception has tons of brand new features to offer to iPhone users. After the FBI-Apple debacle, Apple put keen eyes on its security and privacy features on its products. However, it is not an excuse to play your part in securing your phone from the unauthorized access of other people because your phone is the source of your personal contents and key codes to credit cards and bank details. So, you can make sure to enable those strong iPhone device security features by following some simple steps.


Encrypt your iPhone device


Although, Apple has placed strong safety and privacy features in its iPad and iPhones. An unlocked mobile phone is a door to valuable data which can be used for illegal purposes at wrong hands.However,it is sensible to encrypt it with a password, pin or fingerprints. Also, to setup Touch ID your passcode must be enabled first. To enable Passcode feature, follow this step.

  1. Navigate to Settings option
  2. Head to Touch ID & Passcode option (On older devices navigate to Settings > Passcode)
  3. Tap on the option, Turn Passcode On
  4. Enter a 6-digit passcode, or tap on the passcode options to select a 4-digit numeric pin.
  5. Enter your new passcode again to enable the feature.

Tip: Longer passcodes takes hundreds of possible combinations to crack a code. Therefore, it is advised to enter a 6-digit passcode.

Touch ID

Touch ID is a robust and smart feature of iOS 10. It elevates the need for entering passcodes and passwords with a single touch of your finger. To enable this feature, follow these steps.

  1. Clean your home button and your fingers dry.
  2. Navigate to Settings>Touch ID & Passcodes, enter your numeric passcode when prompt.
  3. Hold your device like you normally do to touch home button, then select “Add a fingerprint.”
  4. Touch the home button gently with your finger – but do not press it. Remove it upon vibration or prompted to.
  5. Continue to lift and rest your finger on the screen slowly, each time making adjustments to the positions of your finger.
  6. Upon successful adjustment, the next setup screen asks you to adjust your grip. Hold your device as you normally do, and touch the home button with the edges of your fingertip this time.
  7. If you are having trouble setting up your finger Touch ID, do the process with another finger.

Tip:It is advised not to use Touch ID to unlock your iPhone if you are concerned with law enforcement agencies.

Other Tips:You can setup these options with passcode and Touch ID to ensure more safety to your device.

  • Setup your iPhone to auto-lock, navigate to Settings>Display & Brightness> Set auto-time lock to your requirement, but do not set it to “Never.”
  • Also, Set the option of “Erase Data” to enabled. Navigate to Settings>Touch ID & Passcodes> Select Erase Data to enable the option. The data erases upon 10 pre-set wrong tries.

Enable Two-Factor Authentication

Hackers attempt to crack and steal Apple IDs of iPhone. You can place two-factor authentication and link it with your trusted devices and phone number to prompt you every time your account tries to access. To enable the two-factor authentication, you can follow this step.

  1. Navigate to Settings>iCloud option > Select your Apple ID.
  2. Select Password & Security.
  3. Select the option “Turn On Two-Factor Password Authentication.”

Tips:You should remember these things when setting up two-way factor authentication.

  • Your Apple ID password.
  • Keep your trusted devices updated.
  • Use a passcode for all of your devices.
  • Keep your trusted devices physically secure.

Doing password-protected backups on iCloud is wise. You can also make backups on iTunes and disable iCloud backup.

Use Find My iPhone Feature

Find My iPhone enables by default on your iPhone device. If it is not enabled, navigate to Settings>iCloud> Tap Find My iPhone.

Tips:Enable the option “Send Last Location.” This way, by enabling the option your iPhone device will ping your last location to Apple when your device gets off.

Handle your Location Information

You can manually select to allow or limit location information with the application installed on your iPhone device. The application request your location for better performance but also track you for targeted ads. To manually set up the apps permissions, navigate to Settings>Privacy>Location Services> Select apps to enable or disable.

Tips:You can manage to choose location information with Apple built-in apps likes Maps, Calendar, and other apps. While in Location Services option, scroll down to the option System Services>Frequent Location> Disable it, if you do not want to allow your iPhone to share location information and hit Clear History to clear previous locations data.

Prevent Third-Party From Tracking For Ads

Apple is good at limiting Ad Tracking. You can Limit Ad tracking in your iPhone devices. To enable this feature, navigate to Settings> Privacy>Advertising. Set the option “Limit Ad Tracking” to enabled and tap the option “Reset The Identifier” to set it with 0 figures which makes it hard to track.

Tips:You can always view which information Apple use for targeted ads.Select “View Ad Information” in Advertising option. Use your browser in incognito mode to prevent sharing your location information.

Limit Data Access

If your iPhone is unlocked, someone can access your messages history to check whom you are talking to or wrong text to other people. Your messages get cluttered the more you use your iPhone for everyday use. To self-destroy your messages after a set number of days and prevent others from accessing your messages, follow this step: Navigate to Settings>Messages>Keep Messages(You can select from a 30-day period). You can do this with your audio messages in the same option (Select to self-destruct after 2 minutes).

Use a VPN service

Using a VPN can give you many benefits of security and privacy. It protects your internet activities, your applications data packets by encrypting your iPhone. Most of the social sites like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube are blocked in China; you can bypass geo-restrictions in China using some guest post services. There are some best of the guest post available on Apple store.

Limit Lock Screen Notifications

One of the exciting features for many, and drawback feature for some in iOS 10 is the Lock Screen increased notification and interaction. The notification shows more of your conversation and apps notification. You can limit the notification details and frequency by going into the Settings>Touch ID & Passcode> Disable apps manually to limit lock screen notifications.


  • Disable show previews for email and messaging apps to ensure confidentiality.
  • Disable Home Control from the lock screen.
  • Disable Raise To Wake (Settings > Display & Brightness)
  • Some options might not be available,as widgets; you can change them: Go to Home Screen or your Lock Screen and swipe down to open notification center. Swipe your finger right to see widgets, scroll down to see the “Edit” option for customizing the widgets. This option is only accessible upon entering your passcode.


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This guest post written by Rebecca James is Chief Editor at Most Secure VPN. She has worked with diversified online businesses to help grow and voice their presence on Social Media. She is passionate about online security and privacy, blogging and living life in outskirts. You can reach Rebecca on Twitter (@rebecca_jeames) or directly at

Author Chinavasion Marketing 27.9.2016. | 18:06
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