5 Key Points to Bear in Mind When Implementing Organic Search Engine Optimization on Your Website

Author Chinavasion Marketing 27.9.2016. | 14:16

Search Engine Optimization is the great differentiator between success and failure for you and your enterprise in this day and age. To put it succinctly, if you must succeed in this day and age in which people make their purchase decisions simply by visiting a website from anywhere in the world where they have an internet connection, then you must constantly be at the top of your game. Your audience is worldwide and likewise your competition can be located anywhere in the globe, so you need to be smart in your marketing strategy.

At this point in time before we proceed to the technical details,we can safely assume the following; That you already have a website in which you are trying to sell your product, which can be a good or a service, you have created compelling content which will talk to your audience and prompt them to engage in the action that you want them to, such as purchasing your product, you have made your content social by making it easily shareable on social media and micro blogging websites.



Website Architecture

Additionally, that the structure of your website and its architecture follows the current best practices in the sense that it is intuitive, easy to navigate, clear and legible and overall, makes for good usability for your website visitors. If you have all of the above covered, then you can proceed forth into the world of implementing solid strategiesthatwill maintain your website at the top of Search Engine Results Pages, SERPs.

So, let us very quickly and without much further ado get into the deep end and look at the strategies which if well implemented will ensure that you remain at the top of the SERPs. As such, your SEO strategy remains a winner, and beats the competition hands down.

  • Update Your Web Property – Assuming that you have implemented the steps described above and have a website that is driving the audience that you need, then it is very important that you maintain a steady hand on your website’s content to make sure that you are constantly servicing the needs of your audience. The fact of the matter is that search engines and more so Google takes a very clear view of two things about your content and that is not only the quality but also the freshness of the content.


Small wonder then that most of the websites, which are at the top 100 of Alexa Rankings of any country’s websites are either news websites or social media websites. So, even if your website does not fall into any of the above categories, you must make a deliberate effort to make sure that your content is fresh all the time, both for the benefit of your human and robot readers. Make sure that your content is media rich incorporating text, video and images.


  • Speed Up Your Website–The world of search and interaction with content is predominantly mobile and as such, you must make sure that your content not only scales well on all types of mobile devices but also that your content loads up fast across the whole gamut of devices. Site speed is a ranking factor on all search engines be they Google, Yahoo or Bing. So, your website must be implemented with this in mind.


Here is a statistic to keep you thinking; every day over 2 million new blog posts are posted on the internet, that’s a big number. Now, you can imagine that if your website loads at least, say 4 seconds slower than the average, there is a high likelihood that readers will pass over your content in favor of content that is served on a website that loads faster. Make this work for you by optimizing speed through a host who serves up these pages faster or use a dedicated CDN.

  • Increase Your Link Building – Link building is the practice by which you want your content to link with other content that is out there in the internet and also you want the content that is out there on the internet to link back to your content. So, what is the value of this? Well, the whole idea of the World Wide Web, WWW, is for documents to connect to other documents on the internet and ultimately to create a web of interconnected documents.


Therefore, you must make a deliberate effort of linking with content out there that is directly related to the content on your website. That is the ideal, and in this game quality wins over quantity. Seek out authority sites to link to those which have a higher PageRank bearing in mind that content is discovered by the quality of links that it points to or that which points back to it.


  • Outbound & Inbound Links–Links within your website is what inbound links means. That means that in as much as you should strive to have your content pointing outwards to external links, which are authoritative and from pages with a higher PageRank, it is equally important to make sure that your content, within the website, points back in on itself.


This strategy of internal linking will have an impact on your keyword rankings and that is why you need to take care of this aspect clearly all throughout the lifetime of your website. This is the strategy and you need to make sure that you maintain this, as this will help your websites to be indexed better on search engines and by extension for your content to be found more quickly by search engines.

  • Social, Social & More Social – On an average month, people spend 80% of their time on the internet on Social Media websites and the good thing is that all these websites have high PageRank on Google. Therefore, the logical way to go to get this traffic flowing back to your website and making sure that you get a high PageRank while ranking high on SEO, you must put your content out there on Social Media.

Add your content out there on social media; create social media profiles for your content out there on to increase your website’s visibility on social media. Add some social media share buttons on your website to make them more shareable, use calls to action and offer free content on condition that it is shared widely.

If you take all of the above into consideration, then your organic SEO investment is bound to reap huge benefits for you, going forward.

The guest post was written by Pete Robinson who is a renowned SEO consultant in Miami. He has worked in the computing world for over 10 years across the globe. Find out more about the SEO Services Miami by visiting this website. You can follow him in his twitter handle

Author Chinavasion Marketing 27.9.2016. | 14:16
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  1. andres ponciano July 8, 05:03

    Great points! Social profile building and sharing your content is becoming more and more important. Creating links and website speed are great. I wonder how artificial intelligence will also change how search engines rate sites and rankings. A lot of this stuff can be done by machines. Perhaps it is content creation where humans will still have plenty of use and that is most likely where businesses need to focus!

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