Giveaway – The Newest UMi Flagship Smartphone “UMi Plus” Has Just Been Launched!

Author Lado Jovovic 13.9.2016. | 15:10

During this special month, UMi just launched its latest flagship smartphone named the “UMi Plus” on 7th September which is the same release day as that of the iPhone 7. How is it possible that UMi has so much confidence and dares to compare its new UMi Plus smartphone to iPhone 7?  Let’s figure it out together!

Before we get deeper into the details of the UMi Plus we would like to share the good news with all our readers that Chinavasion is also giving out one free UMi Plus as a giveaway gift. Everyone can join this giveaway by leaving a comment below this blog and by telling us in that comment “Which feature of UMi Plus catches your attention the most?


How to join this giveaway?

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  2. Comment is about “Which feature of UMi Plus catch your attention most?
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  4. Share the UMi Plus video to increase your chance to win it.

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Slimmer, Lighter with Curved Body

Let’s take a look at the UMi Plus’s appearance first.

Compared to previous UMi smartphones, this flagship UMi Plus phone adopts an aluminum alloy and slightly curved body along with a large 5.5 inch FHD 1920x1080p SHARP LTPS display, which makes it look similar to the iPhone6/7 plus. With a combination of a 2.5D Arc screen, this Umi Plus seems elegant and features a refined design. When you hold it in your hand, this beautiful smartphone feels smooth and lighter than most comparable smartphones. Two color versions, gray and gold are available at Chinavasion now!

Another big improvement is the real front home button at the bottom of the screen that now features a fingerprint function. This makes it a lot more convenient to unlock your phone.

UMi Plus




Big Battery with Fast Charge

Equipped with a Sony 4000mAh battery and PE+ quick charge technology, this phone is able to give you a full day of usage even when dealing with the most demanding of tasks. As we know, the biggest problem of the iPhone is its shortage capacity of the battery. To the contrary, UMi Plus can give you a great experience with up to 10 hours of game playing, 20 hours of continuous phone calling, and almost 6 days of standby time. This allows you to make big use of your cell phone time!



Helio P10 Octa Core Processor

Beneath the premium seamless body lays the MTK Helio P10 octa-core processor, a massive 4GB RAM as well as 32GB internal storage. With an additional external memory up to 256GB, this smartphone offers plenty of space to store all your files, pictures, and media alike.


Super 13MP Samsung 0.1s PDAF Camera

Capture stunning professional-quality images with an amazing 13MP rear camera. Featuring ultra-fast focusing and PDAF Technology this magnificent camera allows you to capture photos with exceptional image quality. With its high color saturation and sunlight-readable display, this Chinese smartphone delivers vivid colors and portraits sharp images that are clearly visible no matter you’re inside or outside. This provides you with a perfect smartphone to snap and edit your photo’s at any given moment.



Big Promotion

Please note that this phone has a big promotion and is selling at $179.99 starting from 12th September until the 17th September. To find out more about the features of the UMi Plus smarphone please click here: UMi Plus SmartPhone




author bio 2 Author Bio: Ivy Jiang works in Chinavasion as Senior Marketing Specialist.

Author Lado Jovovic 13.9.2016. | 15:10
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  1. Jim Tough September 13, 15:18

    Looks like a fantastic phone with great features and a fab battery life.

  2. Martin Cenek September 13, 17:02

    5.5 inch FHD 1920x1080p SHARP LTPS display

  3. Joshua Santolaja September 13, 17:55

    A love the fast charging and big battery feature that takes my attention, I think it is more better than s7

  4. Josh Santolaja September 13, 17:58

    The fast charging and big battery feature attracts me the most and I think it is bbetter battery life than s7

  5. Josh Santolaja September 13, 18:03

    the fast charging and big battery is the feature that takes my attention, I think it is better battery life than S7 and note 7.

  6. Josh Santolaja September 13, 18:04

    the fast charging and big battery feature takes my attention, I think it is better battery life than note 7 and s7.

  7. Alexander Genvarev September 13, 18:19

    5.5 inch display

  8. dairymple mende September 13, 18:52

    The battery life would be my most favorite feature because it make able to fully utilize the other feature of the UMI plus

  9. Vishal Giri September 13, 19:10

    great product, really want to have it, it is good that UMI ditched the Panasonic camera and took the ISOCELL sensor instead!!

  10. Vishal Giri September 13, 19:13

    great product from UMI again, it is good that UMI got rid of Panasonic camera and took the Samsung ISOCELL camera intead!!

  11. Victor V. Tran September 13, 19:32

    What interests me the most is the presence of high-capacity battery with included fast charging! Not to mention the great design and beautiful space grey color! Hope I get lucky and win this one!

  12. Saikumar September 13, 19:54

    Great phone, I have been following this phone from 15 days. The camera and battery are stunning features which I am impressed a lot, besides the design is very attractive.

  13. David Lee Bing Wah September 13, 20:58

    As much as I like the rest of the features, the big battery is must have.

  14. mazecastro September 13, 22:57

    Helio P10 Octa Core Processor catch my attention, love to try it out!

  15. Sam. Mukherjee September 13, 23:51

    I like the overall appearance, especially the screen-to-body ratio. Other pluses are the high capacity battery and the P10 processor.

  16. Gabriel A Santiago September 14, 01:54

    This phone is Amazing, I wish I had the money for it tho…. Oh well… Dreams are just dreams

  17. Gabriel A Santiago September 14, 01:55

    I thought left a comment

  18. Gabriel A Santiago September 14, 01:57

    UMi Plus has an amazing battery and statistics for the price! LOVE IT

  19. Dmytro Shvets September 14, 01:57

    large 5.5 inch FHD 1920x1080p SHARP LTPS display

  20. Dmytro Shvets (@dmytro_shvets) September 14, 01:59

    large 5.5 inch FHD 1920x1080p SHARP LTPS display

  21. dabsky design September 14, 03:47

    what attracts me the most is the fast charging SONY BATTERY battery battery ….plus the scarbourough shoal is ours not china…

  22. dabsky design September 14, 03:50

    what attracts me the most is the SONY BATTERY battery battery… plus scarborough shoal is ours not china…

  23. Dmitriy Sukhanov September 14, 04:27

    Sony 4000mAh battery and PE+ quick charge technology

  24. Ray September 14, 04:51

    The 5.5″ screen and the battery.

  25. Ray September 14, 04:52

    The screen and the battery

  26. Eunisha Yvette Emerson September 14, 06:21

    13 MP Samsung Camera! @chinavasion

  27. Robert September 14, 08:53

    Hello ne hou
    Is the Charger for Aust elect outlets , and what size SIM card

  28. Robert September 14, 08:55

    I love the arc screen , and the phone is so light :

  29. Rak Ramozano September 14, 10:57

    Umi Plus is an outstanding product, built using quality components. Its “6000 Series” Aluminum alloy design coupled with an anodic oxidation process makes the UMi Plus feels incredible in the hand. With a perfect combination of a 2.5D front panel and a metal unibody design, the UMi Plus offers an elegant and refined design while feeling smooth to the touch. A brand new internal structure following the concept of symmetrical aesthetics which makes the unibody concept not only unique, but also lighter and more elegant. #UMiPlus

  30. John Jose Aniceto September 14, 11:45

    I like that 4000 mAh battery, quick charge, Android 6.0, 4GB Ram and MTK Helio P10 combo, but all other specs are cool too. Great smartphone in a more great price, make us to turn our heads from way too expensive phones to these devices

  31. Michel September 14, 11:58

    Good Screen, fast 8 core CPU, huge Battery, great screen, all features are as they should be.
    So a great replacement for Iphone 7 for for a very nice price!

  32. Michel September 14, 12:01

    Iphone 7 equal phone, love high quality for this low price.

  33. Turaki Auwal. September 14, 13:35

    The Battery is the most attractive facility that makes the phone very OUTSTANDING to my interest.

  34. Turaki Auwal. September 14, 13:51

    This Phone is more outstanding than the iPhone 7, especially its battery, capacity of the RAM, the screen size, etc.
    But the most attractive facility that makes it OUTSTANDING to my interest is the battery. Because in our country, the most effective feature of a SmartPhone is the Battery capacity.

  35. Catharine September 14, 15:19

    can’t wait to have this awesome phone ? please don’t stop creating wonderful phone smile emoticon more power UMi

  36. Santi Bano September 14, 16:49

    I love 4GB, metal design and SONY BATTERY battery battery.

  37. Vishal Giri September 14, 17:40

    new samsung camera!!

  38. Antoine van der Heijden September 14, 18:17

    Love the design, and love the accu/ batterypower

  39. Igor Strelnikov September 14, 18:44

    I like design and big clear screen.

  40. Alex September 14, 19:57

    great specs for the money.

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