Giveaway – Yotaphone 2, One phone, Two Displays Free in Chinavasion Now !

Author Chinavasion Marketing 1.9.2016. | 11:36

Congratulations to Angelo C who is our winner of this Yotaphone 2. Welcome to join our giveaway, if you want to join our new giveaway, please check here: THl T9.



September, a season that resembles harvest and gain in China! So what is it that you would like to have, a romantic love, full score performance in your study, a successful career or a Free Yotaphone 2?

Previously Chinavasion held a monthly giveaway; however, due to the increasing popularity and overwhelming number of requests for more giveaway actions we have decided to increase the number or product giveaways to two per month! And Yotaphone 2 free giveaway has been started now! Subscribe to Chinavasion YouTube Channel and leave a comment to tell us “What is your budget for your next Smartphone”, then you can have a chance to win it. If you share with your friend and @chinavasion on Facebook and Twitter, you can enhance the chance.

  1. Winner, pick on random
  2. Expiration Date: 2016-09-15



Now, let me show you how this amazing Yotaphone 2 the really is!

Yotaphone 2 – One Phone, Two Displays

Yotaphone 2 has two displays which make this phone so special and unique, a normal 5 inch LCD Corning Gorilla Glass 3 front screen and a 4.7 inch E-ink back display. What’s more! This sleek device is no thicker than 9mm that is truly a remarkable engineering achievement within the Smartphone industry. Hold it in your hand, and the Yotaphone feels smooth yet solid. As an Ebook reader, it will give great convenience and enjoyable to have this phone.

This phone features Android 4.4 OS and is using a Snapdragon 800 CPU clocked at 2.26GHz, 2GB of RAM and 32GB ROM which make sure this phone runs your Apps, Games, and FHD movies smoothly.

The preinstalled Apps YotaHub helps you customize panels or covers. The rear E-ink display, called Always-on-screen shows the notification, such as calendar, clock, weather, message, E-books, music or cover images as you wish in the dashboard.

Enjoy your cartoon or Ebook for hours in a row with this EPD screen without harming your eyes or watch FHD movies on its main 5 Inch screen, with the Yotaphone 2 the possibilities are endless.



author bio 2Bio: Ivy Jiang, Chinavasion Senior Marketing Specialist, Tech blog writer, SEO expert

Author Chinavasion Marketing 1.9.2016. | 11:36
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  1. Dmitriy Sukhanov September 1, 22:07

    My budget is 150$

  2. bob tombs September 2, 06:48

    great article

  3. Manuel Vizcaya (@MARIOLOIS) September 2, 22:12

    My budget for my next smartphone is $300

  4. Doug Cull September 3, 06:44

    My budget is $200

  5. Johnny D September 3, 07:09

    My budget is around $250.
    Two displays-interesting

  6. georgechan September 3, 18:11

    Excellent Chinavasion!

  7. Alexandru Rusu September 3, 19:38

    My budget for a new smartphone is $250

  8. Bogdan Sebastian September 4, 02:59

    My budget 170 $

  9. Ioana Mohora September 4, 03:00

    My budget is $190

  10. ??? September 4, 21:25

    Excellent Chinavasion! $150

  11. Fabian S September 5, 16:36

    I could see myself using the unique features on this new Yotaphone 2 – Dual Display.
    My budget would be $150 ( or USD $100)

  12. Bart de Nijs September 6, 01:00

    My budget is 200 dollar. Great phones in the range between 150 & 200 dollar, like the Yotaphone.

  13. Regan September 7, 06:44

    My budget is $500

  14. heather w September 8, 02:04

    What a great phone, I love the second display! I have had the same BB9900 for 5 years, so I haven’t fit a new phone into my budget yet, but I would say around $300 CAD preferably. Thank you for the giveaway, and good luck everyone!

  15. richard baylis September 8, 17:47

    My budget would be maximum £180

  16. Thelma September 9, 13:51

    My budget is $150

  17. Thelma September 9, 13:53

    My budget $100

  18. brendan September 9, 19:31

    Sounds very good for my budget of $150

  19. Tony September 10, 04:35

    My budget would be about $200 to $400

  20. filiponi September 10, 15:36

    Budget is 250 $

  21. Wendell Chavez September 10, 16:36

    My budget is $150

  22. Wendell Chavez September 10, 16:37


  23. José Manuel Izquierdo König September 11, 03:47

    My budget is £130 only

  24. Tiziano September 12, 13:25

    My budget ZAR 1000

  25. pawan kumar sharma September 12, 14:26

    its good

  26. Iain September 12, 20:11

    Yotaphone 2 looks like a contender in a global market.

  27. S Mukherjee September 13, 00:06

    My budget is probably $250 or so, but my expectations are quite a lot (3Gb/32Gb, SD430-650proc)! As an avid reader, I am however very intrigued by the dual display on the Yotaphone – can it be set for specific apps like Kindle?

  28. Cjf Brand September 13, 11:24

    Nice! Really good price!

  29. Jorge Silvestre September 13, 18:41

    My budget is 150€

  30. Jorge Silvestre September 13, 18:44

    My budget 150€

  31. Robyn Bellefleur September 14, 03:04

    My budget is $200.

  32. Turaki Auwal. September 14, 13:15

    My budget is $175 to $250

  33. zukaakazux September 15, 04:50

    My budget for smartphone is from 120$ to max 150$ everything more expensive than that won’t be even considered for purchase 😀

  34. Brandon Sparks September 16, 04:41

    Sounds great. My budget is about $150 to $200

  35. Chrissy McPherson (@Frm1Mom2Another) September 16, 16:06

    I refuse to pay more than $100 since I love to upgrade ofen.

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