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Author xlxmarketing 4.1.2008. | 16:23

New Cool Gadget From China

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Roll Up Synthesizer Piano – Compact Piano Design


Looking back, I’m sure my parents wanted me to become a musician; but if their musical abilities were anything to go by, I had an ice cream cone’s chance in hell of making it in the music biz.

My father played guitar and piano (badly) and my mother had a voice that only Diana Ross herself could love. Despite their musical talents being, at best, a satirical tragedy in slow motion, it never stopped them from nurturing the extremely high hope that their eldest son might have somehow got the gene that was denied to them.

Being good parents they could not come right out and say as much but during my adolescent years; they tried to hint that music might be the preferred parent-friendly outlet for my teenage angst. I recall that they sometimes placed instruments in strategic locations around our house.

Sadly they also placed hints in areas that I was known to frequent for innocent and less than wholesome reasons. You can imagine how surprised and confused I was when I looked through my favourite dirty magazine and the centerfold opened up to a picture of guitar legend ‘Stevie Vai holding a V shaped custom Fender Stratocaster!

But that was many years of therapy ago and like all good advice from your parents, I had completely ignored it until my music tastes matured and I acquired an appreciation for the music making process. It’s just too bad that they stopped making real music around the time I was wondering how in the world ‘Miss May’ had turned into Brian May.

Anyone that has listened to what’s being passed off as popular music these days will probably agree that if given even the most basic of tools, even a chimp could make a hit song.

Now’s your chance to show P Diddy who’s the boss with this Roll-Up Keyboard Synthesizer! It has 128 different synthesized tomes, 100 pre-programmed as well as MIDI and speaker out. A great item for aspiring musicians and not a bad idea for parents either.


Roll Up Synthesizer Piano - Compact Piano DesignRoll Up Synthesizer Piano - Compact Piano Design
Roll Up Synthesizer Piano - Compact Piano DesignRoll Up Synthesizer Piano - Compact Piano Design




China Manufacturer Specification


  • 61 Key Piano

  • 128 Different Synthesized Tones

  • 100 Preset Rhythms

  • 20 Demo Songs

  • 15 Hole Port Midi OUT (Midi Cord not Included)

  • 3.5mm Headphone Jack

  • volume Control

  • External Speaker OUT

  • Power Source: DC 6V or x4 AA Batteries

  • Dimension: Rolled Out- 220x980mm (LxW) Key Depth- 3mm

  • Manufacturer Ref.: 05OYU0RXLEUL


    Author xlxmarketing 4.1.2008. | 16:23
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