How to Rev Up Your App Download

Author Chinavasion Marketing 28.8.2016. | 15:34

Every day, close to 1000 new apps are introduced to the mobile app market. Making the presence of your app felt in such situation is an uphill task and an even tougher job is to boost its download. Mobile apps have undoubtedly become quite popular over these years, thanks to the advanced and cost-effective smartphones. However, the number of apps has also kept pace with the rising popularity. A result is an overwhelming number of apps on all major app stores.


Despite the tough competition and other odds that apps have to face, we know that there are apps that do very well. So, what exactly are the ingredients that rev up the download of the apps? Well, the answer to this question is not as easy as it seems because there is no fixed formula for success. There are a lot of factors that have to be present in an app combined with the right efforts that push the downloads.

Developing an app, backed with an innovative idea executed to perfection, is not enough. It is, however, the first step to success. If you have a good product in hand, marketing it becomes easy. There are a number of ways, using which, apps can be promoted that include app optimization for search engines, CPI (cost per install) ads, social media advertisement, Google AdWords and a few others.

The real problem is that most app owners are aware of these promotional strategies and platforms and they are already using it. So, how do your outperform them? The answer is creativity and the ability to be different in approach. A few tested methods have been discussed here that would let you increase the number of downloads for your app.


  • Develop a Crash-Free App With a Smooth UI


First and the foremost, your app must be high on quality and performance. If you have a mediocre app, no amount of marketing can save it from being discarded. You must focus on creating an app that does not crash and has a great UI.


  • Keep An Eye On The Users’ Review


Negative reviews from the users can be quite detrimental for the app. Most users go through the reviews and download the app only when they find enough favorable reviews. If users have put bad reviews, make sure you reply to them and ensure all actions.


  • Social Media Promotion


Social media platforms have become a part of our lives and influence our tastes and preferences in many ways. The number of people these platforms reach out to, make them the most potent promotional platforms. Promotion can be both free and paid, depending on the budget. More than just promotion, social media platforms let the apps build a community of loyal followers.


  • Smart App Monetization


Whether you offer your app free or charge a price for it, can affect the number of downloads for your app. Only if you really think that your app has got features that are worth the price, you should make it a paid one. In-app purchase is a better way of generating revenue from your app. You can offer certain premium content at a price.


  • Referral Programs


It is one of the most tested ways of promoting your app and boosts the word to mouth publicity of an app. The users often lap up such referral programs as they are quite rewarding and thus promote the app in the process. Apps like Uber and Amazon have made great use in-app referral program.


  • Content Marketing


The content that you offer your users, needs to be marketed because it is the content that people look for, on search engines. When you promote your app through content, you are not only sharing information with the users but also marketing it without pissing the users off with pesky ads.


  • Closing Thought


We see new apps rising to the top despite all the competition. This makes us believe that new apps can overtake the existing ones in terms of a number of downloads. It is just about how creatively and innovatively you promote the app and what unique your app has to offer. You can take the mentioned facts into account while promoting your app.

This guest post has been authored by Ashni Sharma who works as a senior app developer at AppsChopper. Apart from writing code for engaging apps, she also shares her thoughts and skills about app development and related concepts.

Author Chinavasion Marketing 28.8.2016. | 15:34
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