A New Refined Facebook Layout for Business Pages

Author Chinavasion Marketing 27.8.2016. | 14:58

Facebook has rolled out an updated layout for business pages. There are many significant changes that one can notice in the new format which we will talk about one by one in this article. The new layout is highly user centric and significantly eases the whole page navigation for users. Business owners can provide with a prompt remedy to the customer inquiry and users can expect swift action for their concerns with the new layout.

Facebook from the very beginning has been effective for marketing and branding purpose. The new page layout only transcends the previous image and might better those statistics which it provided for the marketers to establish their brand on a social platform.

The below screen shot can give you a clear indication of what has changed and what hasn’t. Let’s talk about the new layout in brief:




1- Easy Navigation on the Left Side

As you can see in the screenshot above, on the left-hand side the new layout has an arranged section for Home, About, Events, and Videos along with others. The new layout has an essence of the mini website which has more appeal to it.

Depending upon your business requirements you can even customize the navigation section. With “Manage Tabs” you can Reorder the sections according to your liking, Add/Remove tabs or even integrate your page with other accounts such as Instagram, Twitter or any other social platform.




2- Separated Display Picture

This is probably a much-needed change. The earlier layout left users asking for separated cover and Display picture. Well, congratulations because Facebook has listened and provided with a layout wherein your display picture does not overlap your cover picture. The display picture has been moved to the left-hand side of the page. The resolution also has been enhanced. You can upload a much better quality picture of your business enterprise.

The minimum image size is unchanged at 180*180 pixels. If you happen to notice a poor resolution picture it is time to change it with a better one.


3- Cover Image

Cover images look more prominent now that there is no display picture eating up its space. As you can see in the screenshot above it has been repositioned just beside the display picture on the right-hand side. Now that the display picture and cover image do not overlap brands can effectively use this space to appeal to their customers.

The good news is that there is no reduction in the upload size of a cover image. You can upload a cover image of a size of 828*315 pixels.


4- Clearer Like, message, Share Buttons

Like, Message and More tabs have been adjusted just below the cover picture. With the option of “More” tab, you can perform many important tasks. As you can see in the image below you can invite more followers, view insights and much more with this sorted page layout.


This also has many future aspects for e-commerce business owners. For example, an option of checkout for the customers to pay off for these services can be easily done.


5- Easy To Spot Call-To-Action with Many Features

Below the cover image, call to action button has been highlighted in blue color. You can customize this with whatever option you deem important for your page. To customize Call to action button hover the curser on the blue tab. You can find options shown below in the screenshot:


To choose an appropriate Button click on Edit Button and you will be directed to many necessary options that can provide you with an appropriate prompt call to action button. Some of these actions include:

  • Book Now
  • Call now
  • Play Game
  • Use App
  • Watch Video
  • Request appointment



6- Defined Business Category

Just below the Call to Action button a precise section for the business category is provided in the new layout. You can be rest assured that your visitors won’t lurk in the dark regarding what the page is all about.

For example, you can see in the screenshot below that once a visitor lands on the Facebook page “Clothing” provides with an exact description of what business category do the services fall in.



8- About Section

In the navigation bars below the display picture, an “About us” section is given due prominence in this new layout. Be it contact or general information it is easy for page visitors to spot and acquire necessary information regarding the company.

It is always fruitful to provide with all the necessary information to your visitors which can convert a potential customer to avail services. The more your visitors know about your e-commerce business and its products the better results it can provide for your brand. If you have got a proficient blogging channel for your services, add a blog link to direct your customers to acquire proper information regarding services or products.



9- Manage Your Top Attributes

You can showcase any of the three sections presents below the display picture on the right-hand side of your page. These can be any of your top apps, images, videos etc.

You can do so by clicking on the “manage sections” as highlighted below in the screenshot:


Next, you can choose any section which you find can enhance the overall appeal of your page. Visitor posts, for example, can be a great addition to your business pages as it can highlight the customer satisfaction or your positive side with ease.




Hopefully, the above information will provide you with first-hand information of all you need to know about the new layout for business pages. Integrating social platform into marketing strategy has been effective for e-commerce business for past many years. This new Facebook page layout works with the same ideology and is effective as it has got many appealing attributes to appeal to the social audience. You can highlight the efficiency of your services, promote your services and make it all simple for your online audience to navigate on your Facebook page. Rest, the more creative you get the more audience and followers you can acquire for your business to prosper.


11 This guest post was written by Michael Zhou, the Senior VP of Business Intelligence Development. With his expertise in web domain as a whole, he has assisted Fortune 1000 companies for their marketing efforts. A thinker, web developer and marketing enthusiast, he aims to assist small businesses in making a lasting impression in the industry. He seeks to tap the potential of companies in realizing their dreams to benefit both the vendor and the consumer.

Author Chinavasion Marketing 27.8.2016. | 14:58
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