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We are living in a global village and it’s all thanked to the Internet. With a laptop, a tablet or your smartphone, you can easily get in touch with people overseas or hundreds of miles away. You can shop online and receive your items at your doorstep. Thanks to a connected world, businesses can reach a market of millions. The question is, who reaches them first? The business that has its link at the top of the first page of search results is the one that reaches them first. It does this by optimizing its website using SEO.



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What is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It is a series of steps that are conducted upon a business website to help it rank high in the search results. SEO makes a website more popular on the Internet. Internet users almost never click on the second page of search results. Therefore, it is most profitable for a business to be in the first page. SEO is able to accomplish this through a number of strategies. They include:

1. Link building
2. Utilizing Google AdWords
3. Using social media
4. Content Marketing
5. Using keywords
6. Optimizing the tags and headers in the webpages
7. Using press releases

Using social media

Social media is an important platform to use for SEO. Millions of people log into social sites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram every day. You can use these sites for SEO by first of all creating a page for your business. On this page, you can post information about your business, your industry, your products or your services. You can also post links to your website. People who visit this page can click on your links and view your official website. This makes it more popular. In addition to that, the links can be shared across social media. This makes the platform ideal for promoting your website and improving its rank at the same time.

Using keywords

According to professional SEO companies such as Youth Noise, keywords are an important part of this effort. These are words or phrases that uniquely refer to your website, your product or your service. These are the words that the users are most likely to enter in the search engine when searching for products in your niche industry. To help them find your website, keywords are placed in the content of your webpages. This way, the search engine robots can find your website and refer it to the users in the search engine results. Keywords are an effective method of SEO. However, they should not be abused. Use them sparingly and strategically in your website content. For best results, maintain logical flow of content as you use keywords.

Using press releases

Today, companies can release press releases on the Internet. They can reach a wide market by doing this. These are news reports about the state of a company, a new product or service that they have or their response to a market condition. Press releases contain self-promotion. Therefore, they can be used for SEO. There are a number of advantages that you can enjoy when you use them for this purpose.

They help you to perform robust link building

It is not easy to create a good network of links to your business website. Normally, you have to interact with the owners of other websites and blogs and request that they post some inbound links to your website in their own. You would also have to really lobby in social media by posting links and encouraging other people to follow them and share them. Press releases are a very effective way of creating this network of links with minimal effort.

You can simply join or approach an online community of news reporters. They are always looking out for the latest story. Present your press release in this community and within minutes it will be distributed in multiple websites across the Internet. Post links to your website in the press releases and the news reporters will create a network of inbound links for you. They all have their own unique websites. Therefore, your network will be robust and legitimate. Press releases are a great idea to help you conduct SEO link building.

You can use them to create a link between your brand and the keywords of your choice

When you write and present an original press release, you are bound to insert some keywords in the content. They mostly refer to your business, your products or your services. If the press release has multiple instances of a keyword such as wine, then your brand will become associated with the wine, vineyard and beverage industry. If a person on the Internet makes a search for wine, your press release and subsequently your website will appear in the search results. They can go ahead to click on it and you will have a brand new visitor and future customer.

They assist you to create and maintain an online reputation

You should protect and maintain your brand on the Internet. By indicating its name and presenting favorable content in the press releases, then you can control how the online community perceives your brand. When they look up your brand and read your press release, they will see what you want them to. In this way, you can create value for your brand and protect it at the same time. This goes a long way in fostering and maintaining a good reputation on the Internet.


It is very important and absolutely necessary to optimize your website. There are many ways to do this and one of them is through press releases. You can utilize them as part of your SEO campaign and enjoy the advantages described above.


This guest post was written by Evelyn Verna, an SEO consultant. She has worked with influential SEO companies such as Youth Noise and now has her own firm. She is always at the forefront of how to conduct SEO in unique and innovative ways. One of the methods that she always points out is using press releases and she has shared her reasons in this report.

Author Chinavasion Marketing 25.8.2016. | 10:16
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