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Author Chinavasion Marketing 19.8.2016. | 18:04

According to the latest announcements the new Android 7.0 Nougat Operating System will be launched on the 22nd of August – just three days from now. Android’s newest OS will be loaded with new features, each of which improving the overall Android experience significantly. Although the update does include numerous small and obvious changes, the new Android Nougat will also bring along some extraordinary updates that will greatly influence your user experience. At Chinavasion we had a look into the numerous known to come features of the Android 7.0 OS and have listed below those updates which, to us, stood out the most.

Android 7.0 Nougat


For the true multitaskers among us Android Nougat will bring along some interesting new features. Easily switch between your two most recently used apps by double clicking the ‘’recently used Apps button’’. By the simple touch of a button your phone now automatically switches between your currently opened App and your latest previously opened App, making multi tasking a lot easier and less time consuming.


Split Screen

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The possibility to use two Apps simultaneously furthermore makes your device a lot more suitable for multitasking. Samsung users have long had the possibility to use Applications in a split-screen mode but with the new Android 7.0 OS, Google is officially adding this multi-window feature to all Android devices. When using two Apps simultaneously in split-screen mode you now can easily drag-and-drop text and images between the two windows – making image sharing and text editing on your cell phone a lot more convenient.



Have you ever posted something on Social Media and within minutes your notification tray blows up with alerts of comments and likes? I certainly have not. But for the more popular people among us Android 7.0 will bring along a bundled notifications feature. With this feature you can choose to bundle all notifications from the same application into one alert. Simply sliding your finger over the notification will show the rest of the alerts of that particular application.


Notification Bundling

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Replying to your social media messages has also been made a lot easier as you will be able to answer all your messages from Apps like Facebook and Twitter directly from your notification tab. This gives you the possibility to reply without having to open each and every individual Application.


No more overpaying for foreign data connection

Did you ever come back home from a relaxing holiday only to find out that several off your mobile applications have been quietly eating away your data without you being aware of it? With Android 7.0 you no longer have to worry about massive foreign data bills created by background applications. Android Nougat gives you the opportunity to enable Data Saver to select and restrict specific applications from using data while being active in the background. From now on you’ll be in full control of your data usage abroad.


Data Saver

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New Emojis

Last but not least there are the updated Android Nougat Emojis that certainly deserve being mentioned. Unlike in the older versions the Emojis in Android 7.0 will look more like people, largely doing away with its freaky blob like Emojis. This makes all faces look more realistic and puts a lot more emphasis back on what their eyes and mouths are doing – bringing over the message in a clearer and more understandable manner.


Android 7.0 Emojis

Top: Android 7                          Bottom: Android 6


Even though Android’s previous versions had pretty horrible human Emojis we have to admit that they did have very appealing emoticons for almost everything else.  With Android 7.0 all of its Emojis are looking astonishing and, in our opinion, a lot better than that of their rivals. Let’s compare the Emojis of the three largest OS by looking at this octopus for example. Doesn’t the one on Android 7.0 look adorable? And although we have to admit that Apple also is doing a pretty good job themselves, the Emojis used by Microsoft are simply… well… you can be the judge of that.



All together Android Nougat brings along some interesting new features that definitely are going to increase our user experience. Although the new Android OS is scheduled to be launched after 3 days it will, most likely, take several months before it is available on most commonly used Smartphones – keeping in mind that some phones still have not yet been updated to Android 6.0 Marshmallow.

Author Chinavasion Marketing 19.8.2016. | 18:04
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