Chinavasion Goes Pet Crazy

Author xlxmarketing 3.1.2008. | 13:51

Lately here at Chinavasion we’ve all gone a little animal crazy. It started when a photo shoot involving a species of tarantula with a reckless attitude about where its next meal was coming from went horribly wrong and resulted in an emergency visit by our resident Chinese medicine healer and a rallying speech on animal welfare from our English sales manager:
“It obviously wasn’t fed properly! Damn-it people… we must start taking a proactive role in the nourishment of these animals!!”

In the days that passed our stoic Aussie photographer suffered from a noticeable limp and the purchasing department, spurred by his pain, went on a sourcing mission for animal feeding gadgets to prevent anything like it happening in the future.

While they couldn’t find anything suitable for pet tarantulas they did discover some useful gadgets to help keep some more conventional pets fed.

Automatic Fish Feeder

Not many people know that the Chinese were the first to keep fish as pets. It is said that an ancient Chinese emperor was fascinated by the way fish moved and remarked that every time he would come to feed them they would look at him with expressions of wondrous amazement and anticipation. He said they appeared to be bursting with heady excitement, almost as if they were always meeting him for the first time. He couldn’t have known that in actuality the attention span of fish could be measured in milliseconds and the fish were probably thinking:

“Hey there! Don’t eat me! Wow, there’s food….. Hey there! Don’t eat me! Wow, there’s food.”

This automatic fish feeder will let you enjoy your fish without causing them mental anguish every time you go to feed them. You simply place fish pellets or flakes in the enclosed hopper, set the current time, and then set the times you want the fish to be fed in one of the four programmable feeding time slots. A controlled portion of fish food will then be dispensed into the tank at the allotted time.

Our recovering Aussie photographer recently took one home to try out on his fish tank. He said the installation took just minutes and his fish were visibly excited even before it started working. I think he may have been visibly excited about not having to put his hand near their mouths at feeding time.

This is an excellent product for busy people who want to take care of fish but don’t have the time to feed them regularly or those who forget how much to give them. It looks nice and is easy to clean. It also has an air nozzle that aerates the pellets, keeps them from sticking together and stops them from losing their freshness.

Pet Feeder – Large Capacity

Our purchasing department also found several automatic dog or cat feeders for those who prefer their pets with legs. This one is large capacity dry dog food feeder.


The dog food feeder works in the same way as the fish feeder in that you put food in the large capacity hopper and then program up to 4 feeding times. A set amount of food is released into the feeding tray at the programmed time and it can even be accompanied by your own six-second voice message to let your pet know it is dinnertime.

We showed it our Sales Manager for approval but he was skeptical about its durability:

“How can we be sure that a dog won’t just tear it apart to eat all the food inside?”

So we brought in Guge, our office Pug with a big heart and an appetite to match to try it out. Unfortunately, we cannot show you the pictures from our durability trials but we’re happy with the impenetrable construction of this product.

Automatic Pet Feeder with LCD Clock
Another pet food dispenser we found was this rotating dry and wet pet food feeder.

This product has caught our eye because of its ability to feed a variety of meals. It has four feeding trays and a central opening that uncovers the programmed trays at the allotted times, It also has an extra compartment for storing water or ice packs which helps to keeps the food fresh and tasty (don’t ask us how we know) It is fully programmable and has an easy to use LCD display.

The men and women at Chinavasion love and respect animals and are committed to bringing you the latest and greatest in gadget innovations for your pet. Let us know what other gadgets you think might help people care for their animals better and you can be sure that Chinavasion’s sourcing staff will sniff the out the tastiest specimens for you.


Author xlxmarketing 3.1.2008. | 13:51
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