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Author Chinavasion Marketing 10.8.2016. | 18:34

Winner Announcement!

Congratulations to Oluwole Taiwo! He is the Umi Max Smartphone Winner of  this giveaway! Thanks for everyone’s great answer in the comment. We picked up this winner by random. Thanks for everyone Joining!

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UMI 21

UMi technology is going to launch its latest super power “Max” smartphone at the beginning of September 2016. Now, we are giving you the chance to obtain one FREE with the UMi Max giveaway on the Chinavasion’s blog. If you’re the lucky winner you will be the first person in the entire world to get this UMi Max phone for FREE.

Please follow the instructions below in order to have a chance to win this UMi Max Smartphone FREE.


1. Leave a comment on this blog

2. Comment about which feature of the Max phone attracts you the most and tell us why.

3. We will pick out one lucky winner at random.

Deadline: 31st, Aug 2016



Let’s take a look at this phone. You will be surprised by its abundant features.



UMi Max phone features a 5.5 inch LTPS (Low Temperatures Poly Silicon) which allows 1920x1080p HD with high color saturation on a small screen giving the user a richer vivid viewing experience.

The elegant design comes form an all metal frame which UMi claim uses the authentic texture of anodized, sand-blasted metal. We can see the detail around the phone from the UMi pictures which also shows that the phone comes in two color versions, Gold and Gray.

UMi 13

Super Fast Phone

With a MediaTek Helio P10 Octa-Core CPU, clocked at 2.0 Ghz and sporting 3GB RAM, this Smartphone gives you a powerful game playing and movie watching experience, so is capable of meeting all your multitasks tasking needs without any lag. The ability to extend its internal memory up to 256GB  helps you to install a ton of movies, days of music, videos, photos, and more.

With the latest Android 6.0 Marshmallow operations system, you can enjoy better shortcuts and a more streamlined UI right out of the box.

UMI 14

Powerful Battery

Battery life is considered the most important features of any electronic device. UMi Max features a massive Sony 4000mAh battery  which enhances your game playing and movie watching time without the worry of running out of power.

Thanks to its good design this phone has a sleek look even though it has been packed with a massive battery.

Umi 15

More Powerful Than Your Imagination

Dual Camera:

With its 13MP Panasonic rear camera and 5.0MP GalaxyCore GC5005 front camera you will be able to capture all your memories in breathtaking quality.

UMI 16

3D Fingerprint:

Unlock your phone in just 0.1s by using the fingerprint scanner on the back of the phone. Making it more convenient and allows you to quickly access your Smartphone.

UMI 17

2 SIM Card Slot:

Handle your person life and work efficiently.

UMI 19

OTG and USB Type-C:

Provides a convenient way to transfer all your data as well as quick safe charging.


UMI 18


Additionally, the phone also comes with Wifi, Bluetooth, Navigation Bar, FM Radio, Skylight Notification LED.


UMI 20


If you want to know more about this phone, stay tuned and pay attention to Chinavasion’s new product page. This UMi Max phone will be launched on the Chinavasion’s webshop as a pre-sale product before the beginning of September.


Win it by joining our giveaway now!

UMI 12

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author bio 2 Author Bio: Ivy Jiang working in Chinavasion as a senior marketing specialist.





Author Chinavasion Marketing 10.8.2016. | 18:34
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  1. Arvind Khurana August 21, 01:41

    There are so many awesome features about this phone, that it is hard to pick one.The HD resolution, The 13 MP rear facing camera and the battery life are all great features. For me, the battery life stands out because I am constantly having to recharge my current Android phone. Sometimes I have even been stranded as my battery has died and I have no way of accessing my contacts.

  2. Samantha Pearce August 21, 02:06

    The MediaTek Helio P10 Octa-Core CPU is one of my favourite features as my current phone is super slow

  3. scott macmillan August 21, 04:54

    The very best feature has to be tbest to be the battery.Very superior to anything ese available.

  4. Gaia August 21, 05:51

    I love this phone! His appearence is so classy! And the fingerprints is so cool!!

  5. Guy August 21, 06:18

    Wow, what great features, fast, vivid and clear, and finger print technology. Well done.

  6. vanessa keeash (@v_keeash) August 21, 07:49

    The feature of the Max phone that attracts my attention is the new 4000mAh battery, would like to see how long a full charge lasts.

  7. Cathleen King August 21, 07:59

    I like all the features, but mostly importantly the battery lasts long.

  8. Rafunzel Biyaya Medina August 21, 09:20

    I love the camera feature. I love taking pictures to save memories 🙂

  9. Sara Brooks August 21, 12:59

    Looks Like this phone is going to have great HD video display to be able to watch videos on

  10. Carlos Brito August 21, 17:44

    I love the design and the 4000 MhA battery, plus a good octa-core processor and 3Gb will be my perfect partner for every day usage.

  11. dairymple mende August 21, 18:34

    what i like about this phone is that it has all the features of every high-end phone but it can afford by the many.. thumbs up for the umi max!!

  12. Damian August 21, 19:36

    Would be really nice to test such a phone 🙂

  13. ???????? ???????? August 21, 20:26

    I like the giant battery

  14. Sebastine Swamynathan August 21, 20:27

    Attractive design
    Awesome camera
    Fingerprint Reader
    Overall Awesomeness

    I would really love this phone as it would help so much in my life

  15. Jemuel Reyes August 21, 20:45

    wanna have it! i need it badly hahahha

  16. ichrak Braham August 21, 22:52

    First thanks every body for the giveaway and second I like the features of this phone looks amazing with gorilla glass ,max storage capacity and amazing Panasonic lens a Sony battery I think I’ll enjoy having this phone .though iknow I have no luck but I’ll try cause I’m impressed with the quality of this mobile.

  17. ichrak Braham August 21, 23:00

    How great this mobile big storage metal body gorilla glass double sim what else you want?

  18. Alexey Petrov August 22, 00:03

    I like 4000mAh battery and 3D Fingerprint…

  19. Laila August 22, 00:38

    This is really good looking phone + I love the camers

  20. Laila August 22, 00:40

    I love everything about this phone. How it looks, great camera, dual sim. Everything is just perfect.

  21. Augusto Capote August 22, 00:58

    I like the powerful battery!

  22. A Y (@AuhYes) August 22, 01:27

    I like the design

  23. Lillian August 22, 03:02

    I love the Ram size, the dual Sim card and the camera

  24. Sonia Rodriguez August 22, 03:38

    I’ve never had the pleasure of using your product but I’d love to try it.I’ve never seen a battery so big.I hope I win.I’d love to brag about being the first to ever win your product.thanks for giving me a chance because I’ve never ever won anything in my life.

  25. Bila S August 22, 03:49


  26. Daniel Raris August 22, 04:38

    I really like this phone,it has pretty good specs and design!

  27. g. leong (@keen9000) August 22, 04:57

    MediaTek Helio P10 Octa-Core CPU for the fast gaming

  28. Hellie August 22, 06:30

    Absolutely got to have. I love the powerful battery-powered more anxiety about being caught out and about with a dead phone 🙂

  29. Vanuja Hewapathirana August 22, 06:51

    Love the finger print scanner and the battery too

  30. Redzuan Karim August 22, 10:16

    free phone for me…

  31. axel ballesteros August 22, 10:50

    Lovd that massive battery

  32. Sagat August 22, 18:44

    The stunning looks and features……..attract me the most towards UMI

  33. Ng Yen Zhi August 22, 22:19

    Battery most important. This is more obvious when recently start playing Pokemon Go

  34. Andrija August 23, 04:14

    Even tho hardware is great, the camera is good and powerful battery is inside i like the design the most.

  35. Destiny Litaoen August 23, 05:59

    I like the whole phone. It has a monster CPU, a cool sleek design, fingerprint scanning and well, the sorts.

  36. Untung Waluyo August 23, 10:50

    The battery is so incredible, I was experienced by my currently phone that have battery 1500 mAh (Galaxy Fame) in capacity. This fact make me can’t do a lot with my phone.

  37. Teena August 23, 11:59

    As someone who always has a flat phone, the huge battery power is awesome and the dual SIM rocks 🙂

  38. Joseph willis August 23, 17:47

    With 13 mega pixel front camera and 3 GB Ram this phone promises to be a treat

  39. leon August 23, 17:58

    i got a test smaple, but it doesnot looks as thin as the picture. Its kind of thick. comparing to the other option, the maya max from bluboo, that one looks more nice

  40. Debayan August 23, 20:22

    all the features including the camera, 4000 mah bettary, 3GB RAM, rear 13 MP camera and dual 4G slots its the bestest phone ever in the world.

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