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Author Chinavasion Marketing 10.8.2016. | 18:34

Winner Announcement!

Congratulations to Oluwole Taiwo! He is the Umi Max Smartphone Winner of  this giveaway! Thanks for everyone’s great answer in the comment. We picked up this winner by random. Thanks for everyone Joining!

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UMI 21

UMi technology is going to launch its latest super power “Max” smartphone at the beginning of September 2016. Now, we are giving you the chance to obtain one FREE with the UMi Max giveaway on the Chinavasion’s blog. If you’re the lucky winner you will be the first person in the entire world to get this UMi Max phone for FREE.

Please follow the instructions below in order to have a chance to win this UMi Max Smartphone FREE.


1. Leave a comment on this blog

2. Comment about which feature of the Max phone attracts you the most and tell us why.

3. We will pick out one lucky winner at random.

Deadline: 31st, Aug 2016



Let’s take a look at this phone. You will be surprised by its abundant features.



UMi Max phone features a 5.5 inch LTPS (Low Temperatures Poly Silicon) which allows 1920x1080p HD with high color saturation on a small screen giving the user a richer vivid viewing experience.

The elegant design comes form an all metal frame which UMi claim uses the authentic texture of anodized, sand-blasted metal. We can see the detail around the phone from the UMi pictures which also shows that the phone comes in two color versions, Gold and Gray.

UMi 13

Super Fast Phone

With a MediaTek Helio P10 Octa-Core CPU, clocked at 2.0 Ghz and sporting 3GB RAM, this Smartphone gives you a powerful game playing and movie watching experience, so is capable of meeting all your multitasks tasking needs without any lag. The ability to extend its internal memory up to 256GB  helps you to install a ton of movies, days of music, videos, photos, and more.

With the latest Android 6.0 Marshmallow operations system, you can enjoy better shortcuts and a more streamlined UI right out of the box.

UMI 14

Powerful Battery

Battery life is considered the most important features of any electronic device. UMi Max features a massive Sony 4000mAh battery  which enhances your game playing and movie watching time without the worry of running out of power.

Thanks to its good design this phone has a sleek look even though it has been packed with a massive battery.

Umi 15

More Powerful Than Your Imagination

Dual Camera:

With its 13MP Panasonic rear camera and 5.0MP GalaxyCore GC5005 front camera you will be able to capture all your memories in breathtaking quality.

UMI 16

3D Fingerprint:

Unlock your phone in just 0.1s by using the fingerprint scanner on the back of the phone. Making it more convenient and allows you to quickly access your Smartphone.

UMI 17

2 SIM Card Slot:

Handle your person life and work efficiently.

UMI 19

OTG and USB Type-C:

Provides a convenient way to transfer all your data as well as quick safe charging.


UMI 18


Additionally, the phone also comes with Wifi, Bluetooth, Navigation Bar, FM Radio, Skylight Notification LED.


UMI 20


If you want to know more about this phone, stay tuned and pay attention to Chinavasion’s new product page. This UMi Max phone will be launched on the Chinavasion’s webshop as a pre-sale product before the beginning of September.


Win it by joining our giveaway now!

UMI 12

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author bio 2 Author Bio: Ivy Jiang working in Chinavasion as a senior marketing specialist.





Author Chinavasion Marketing 10.8.2016. | 18:34
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  1. Debayan August 23, 20:24

    i just fall in love with this phone after looking all of its feature.

  2. Mohammed Amine ELFETTACHI August 23, 20:59

    Good Luck

  3. Derrick Waruru August 23, 22:52

    I would love to have this phone

  4. Leandro Mogni August 23, 23:07

    Amazing smartphone…. 4000 mAh battery??? WOW

  5. Maximilian Dinah August 24, 01:39

    i love the design and the perfomance of the UMi MAX

  6. Louis Alexander August 24, 02:02

    Am dying waiting for its release. The skylight led notification thats what gets me ticking

  7. Asia Akther August 24, 02:17

    Dayyyyyummm!!!!! The camera alone on this phone alone is freakinng mindblowing.Then there is the fingerprint scanner, which is very useful thing to have on a phone and it also means your the only person that can open this phone.The dual sim card slot with the high storage space can make business and home use alott easier. The awesome features of this phone creates an efficient and productive tool, that everyone needs in their life and I would love to get the chance to experience this.

  8. Darren August 24, 03:08


  9. Amakiri Ustine August 24, 05:55

    I like everything about the phone, the two colors are unique, especially the 3bg RAM & with 13 mega pixel camera, that’s bringing reality to the visual.

  10. Amakiri Ustine August 24, 06:08

    Great smartphone, everything about it is attractive, I’ve not owned a phone with 1GB RAM, I’m imagining if I becomes the lucky one to own this phone with 3GB RAM……. 13 mega pixel camera, that is bringing reality to the visual. I think is the best smartphone in the market for now.

  11. muhilan murugesan August 24, 07:52

    the phone is a complete pakage ofawesome features specially the octa core and 860gpu was a awesome spec all other features are the best of other phones in the market

  12. Peter L Dezsery August 24, 16:18

    I think the best feature it has is the 4000Mah battery because so few phones these days let you use for over 24hrs. If you are travelling this would be a very useful feature coupled with the high quality camera and large storage capacity…..a backpackers dream phone.

  13. Sandra August 24, 16:25

    Really amazing, I love this phone, the best price with the best performance.

  14. Josh Santolaja August 24, 18:45

    The best feature of this phone is the battery that makes my fullday happy and I think this would be Best for gaming ,movies and camera and best design than iphones

  15. dairymple mende August 24, 19:48

    the battery is amazing for gaming and surfing..

  16. Anang Fathoni August 24, 20:58

    ohh men,, i want to try that fingerprint with my own finger. 😀 and just WOOW with the giant battrey

  17. Dmitriy Sukhanov August 25, 04:20

    I like the powerful battery!

  18. Gavin J Clarke-Roache August 25, 04:30

    Looks like a truly amazing phone, with great specifications ensuring you are not left behind the competition! My personal favorite feature is the fingerprint scanner and battery life!

  19. Louise M August 25, 09:56

    Looks enticing!

  20. Pandu sanjaya August 25, 11:01

    I love the design and the chipset

  21. ahlam charai August 25, 12:30

    Amazing Smartphone!

  22. Protea Stock August 25, 13:18

    UMI Max has a really good design. I think that the aluminium touch will feel nice in my hand. I also love the 3gb RAM and the MTK Helio cpu, which will provide a wide range of multitasking and seldom lagging. I also appreciate that UMI has put the speakers on the bottom and for adding a radio receiver. It means a lot to me. Great job UMI, I really wish that I can have the UMI Max.

  23. Ian Bacanov August 25, 15:12

    It seems a greater device. Mega battery that allow you to use phone long time. Another interesting thing is dual sim and choice to use large size micro sd. I loved to get this UMI.

  24. Van Day August 25, 19:13

    The phone is beautifully designed, it’s got a lot of power, and a 4000 mAh battery is always appealing. It looks like an all around great phone!

  25. Mohit August 25, 22:36

    5.5inch, 6.0, 3gb ram, 4000mah. now a days its hard to find a phone with all these specs in a single unit. mostly all the high end phones misses one of these specs. i think that its a combo of high specs at generous price.

  26. Mohit Kumar August 25, 22:45

    5.5HD, 6.0, 3gb ram, 4000mah. now a days its hard to find a phone with all these features in a single unit. almost all the high end phones misses with one of these features. i think that this is combo of all high end specs and this makes it a unique one from the rest.

  27. Nigel August 26, 02:47

    High mah battery and massive expandable storage, meets the needs of today’s memory Hungary apps, like a lot more high end than the price it’s selling for. Who needs samsung and apple now the world is finally seeing expensive don’t always mean best

  28. Moosa Ebrahim August 26, 03:52

    Almost everything about this phone attracts me! From the gorgeous look and design to the amazing camera and battery life! Have to admit, the battery is what attracts me the most.

  29. Patryk August 26, 07:43

    Great battery, nice LED light and fingerprint sensor. It seems to be a good phone, isn’t it? 😀

  30. Md. Sabbir Ahmed August 26, 08:15

    It is elegant in design, android marshmallow, nice sharp big display, 3gb ram, expandable memory, 2 sim slot, OTG & Usb Type C, finger print scanner, 4000 mAh battery.

  31. Md. Sabbir Ahmed August 26, 08:35

    Elegant in design, Sharp display, 3gb Ram, Expandable Memory, Dual sim, Finger Scanner, Otg, Usb type C connector, good battery thats why I love it.

  32. Md. Sabbir Ahmed (@bdsabbir2004) August 26, 08:36

    Elegant in design, Sharp display, 3gb Ram, Expandable Memory, Dual sim, Finger Scanner, Otg, Usb type C connector, good battery thats why I love it.

  33. Adarsh Verma August 26, 12:55

    Dual Camera b’coz dual camera clicks clear picture.

  34. Merijane September 26, 06:02

    I have been an Apple user for the past 5 years and have the iphone 6 plus. This phone could defentaly convert me over

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